The Promised Neverland 97 Release Date, Spoilers

The Promised Neverland 97

In this post, we will be talking about The Promised Neverland Chapter 97 release date and spoilers. The latest chapter of the Promised Neverland saw the humans finally bringing down Goldy Pond, which had been the hunting ground of the demons. Before we go any further, I would like to warn you that the post has spoilers. So, please read ahead at your own risk.

The Promised Neverland 97 Spoilers and Release Date

The demons had killed so many people in Goldy Pond. For Lucas and Yuugo in particular, the place brought back just bad memories. Lewis was finally brought down after a bitter struggle. However, Emma was injured brutally in the process. It looked that Emma might die, but Yuugo took the job of getting Emma back to the shelter in time so that her life might be saved.

In the chapter, we saw Yuugo finally arriving at the base, and he immediately started treating Emma. Emma was saved due to the combined efforts of the children and Yuugo. Yuugo, who was changed now introduced himself to Emma and told her his name. Emma used to call him Mister because she didn’t know his name. Then we also saw that Ray and the others had arrived at the shelter. Emma was unconscious for four whole weeks.

The Promised Neverland 97

Finally, towards the end of the chapter, Emma got up and asked to gather everyone. She said that she has a plan to rescue Phil and others. The mysterious pen is the key to saving them. In chapter 97, we will see Emma and the children using the pen to get more information about the demons and their shelters. We might also get to know more about how to get into the human world or the “other side.”

It will be interesting to see how Minerva intended on getting the humans across to the other side. I can barely contain my excitement as there are still a lot of mysteries that need to be unraveled. I’m certainly excited about the upcoming chapter.

When Is The Promised Neverland 97 Coming Out?

The Promised Neverland 97 raw/scans will be coming out on 28th July. We will keep you updated if there are any changes to this.


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