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‘The Promise’ Kdrama: Cast, Story, Review & Where To Watch

The Promise Korean drama
The Promise Korean drama

Every Asian drama fan, after completing a series, is often left confused about what to start next. Well, we have a binge-worthy drama for you. For the fans who love revenge dramas, this South Korean series is the best fit. Have you ever heard of the South Korean drama ‘The Promise’? If not, you are about to get introduced to a thrilling story. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about ‘The Promise’ Korean drama’s cast, story, review, and where you can watch it. So, keep reading to know everything there is to know about this revenge drama. Also, the cast of ‘The Promise’ is a big deal among the people who have watched the series. Before diving into ‘The Promise’s’ story, let’s take an overview of the drama. This will help us navigate the reason behind talking about this series.

The thriller revenge drama ‘The Promise’ is directed by Jeon Woo-sung. The director has worked on many other famous projects. One of these projects was ‘The Killer Behind the Old Man’ and he was invited to the 9th London Korean Film Festival to present this film. This was in the year 2014. After this, there are the writers who have made the characters and the story of ‘The promise’ memorable. The writers are Kim Yoon-shin and Heo In-moo. This drama was released in 2016 and had 102 episodes. Even so, many fans followed the drama very closely, some even religiously. And in this article, you will get an idea of why they did so. Now, all there’s left is to talk about this amazing story along with the badass characters.

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‘The Promise’ story

The story of the Korean drama ‘The Promise’ is very interesting and intense. It is a story of revenge and finding the truth. The main character Lee Na-Yeon is an orphan who falls in love with Kang Tae-Joon. At the starting of the story, we can see that Lee Na-Yeon is a cheerful and bright person. When struggles come in life, she is always there to support her boyfriend, Kang Tae-Joon. Even though they are in love, it is not enough. Kang Tae-Joon belongs to a poor family. And due to some reasons, he decided not to attend a University for higher education.

But Na-Yeon’s love was not gonna cut it for Tae-Joon. He had big dreams, and in order to fulfill them, he cheats on Na-Yeon. Finally, when Na-Yeon finds out, the so-called love of her life dumps her. All he did this to be with Se-Jin. She is the only granddaughter of a wealthy company president. Her grandfather is the president of Baekdo Company. Also, because of her status, Tae-Joon sees her as his key to success.

Identical Twin Sister

Later on, it is revealed that Na-Yeon has an identical twin sister who was adopted by a rich family. And the reason they don’t know about each other is they were separated when they were born. Na-Yeon ended up being orphaned, and Do-Hee was adopted. When Do Hee grows up, she becomes a beautiful and confident person. Also, she works as a reporter at a weekly magazine. Not only she belongs to a wealthy family, but she is also the girlfriend of Hwi-Kyung. This name is prominent in ‘The Promise’ drama because he is the successor of the Baekdo Company.

He is related to Se-Jin as he is her step-uncle. When Do-Hee is investigating Tae-Joon, she finds out about her sister and what sin-Jin’s family has done to her. Both Tae-Joon and Se-Jin see Na-Yeon as a threat and lock her up in a mental asylum. When Do-Hee tracks her down, she decides to visit her. Finally, the sisters unite and plan to take revenge.

Lee Yu-Ri in the role of twin sisters

Lee Yoo-Ri in the role of twin sisters

Do-Hee’s death

When Do-Hee finds Na-Yeon, they switch places. Now Do-Hee is living in the asylum whereas, Na-Yeon is adjusting to her lavish life. But one day, there’s a fire at the hospital that leads to Do-hee’s death. After this Na-Yeon takes on Do-Hee’s identity permanently and decides to take revenge for her. In order to do so, she had to be in the inner circle of Se-Jin’s family. So, she marries Hwi-Kyung and finally begins her journey for revenge and justice.

‘The Promise’ Korean Drama Review

Similar to many other Korean dramas, the story of ‘The Promise’ is overused. A revenge story that is set in a definite manner. But what makes ‘The Promise’ drama memorable is the acting of the lead South Korean actress Lee Yoo-Ri. The actress plays a dual role in the drama. The first is Lee Na-Yeon, a simple bright girl who is a victim of the brutal acts of Jang Se-jin’s family. And another is Baek Do-hee. She is the identical twin sister of Na-Yeon but is raised by another couple. Being in different families and situations made their personalities pole apart.

The most popular fan opinion about ‘The Promise’ drama is that the evil role played by Lee Yoo-Ri is better than the victim protagonist. The story was a bit stretched with 102 episodes. But considering that the writers include the backstories and individual characters’ perspectives, it was bound to happen. All over the drama got a lot of love from the Asian drama fans, and even the actress Lee Yoo-Ri won the excellence award for her role.

The cast of ‘The promise’ drama was the highlight among all the other things. Every person that watched the drama either talked about the badass role of Lee Yoo-Ri or how the evil characters made people hate them. The director Jeon Woo-sung has done great work with the script as well as the actors and made ‘The Promise’ memorable for many people. And in the end, the drama concludes with Se-jin’s mother begging Na-Yeon to save her daughter and to forgive her for her heinous acts. So ‘The Promise’ has character development, revenge, and the best cast you have ever seen. Also, the conclusion portrays the metaphor ‘Victory of good over evil’.

The Promise-Do Hee

The Promise-Do Hee

The amazing cast of the revenge drama

After watching the series all anyone could talk about was how amazing is ‘The Promise’ cast. The main lead Lee Yoo-Ri is an amazing actress who did justice to her dual role in the drama. She played the character of  Lee Na-Yeon, a sweet innocent girl, and her twin sister  Baek Do-hee. Even though she was great in the sweet girl’s role, she was unforgettable in the badass role who is out for revenge.

Other lead characters of ‘The Promise’ are Kang Tae-Joon, Jang Se-jin, and Park Hwi-Kyung. The Kang Tae-Joon role is played by the actor Seo Jun-young. He plays the role of a cheating boyfriend who dumps Na-Yeon to be with a rich girl. The actor got a lot of hate for his role. But it only proves what great work he did in the drama. Talking about Jang Se-jin, the role is played by the actress Park Ha-na. She is the granddaughter of a rich and powerful family that owns the Baekdo company.

And the last lead actor in ‘The Promise’ is Song Jong-ho. The actor plays the character of Park Hwi-Kyung, who is the heir of Baekdo company. Also, he is related to Se-Jin as he is her step-uncle. Hwi-Kyung is in love with Do-Hee, but after she dies in a fire, Na-Yeon takes her place. Without knowing that Na-Yeon has taken Do-Hee’s place, Hwi-Kyung marries her, and this gives Na-Yeon a great opportunity to take her revenge.

Cast member of the promise drama

Cast member of the promise drama

Where To Watch ‘The Promise’ Korean Drama?

The South Korean drama ‘The Promise’ was released in the year 2016. And it aired for a period of 4 months from 1st February to 24th June 2014. The story of the k-drama was so interesting that ‘The Promise’ had 102 episodes in total. When ‘The Promise’ drama was released, the official broadcasting network was KBS2. It was a television series, and new episodes were released from Monday to Friday.

As of now, Asian drama fans can stream ‘The Promise’ drama on the KBS World website for free. This is for both South Korean as well as international fans. Each episode is of 35 minutes, so don’t think twice before streaming this amazing thriller series. Also, as the series has already been released in the year 2016, there is no specific time you need to adhere to. You can watch ‘The Promise’ episodes at your convenient time.

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