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The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 1 Trailer Revealed

The Princess of Snow and Blood

In the year is 1931, a history of Japan took place where Yoshinobu Tokugawa maintain power. They created their own source of energy called the Dragon Vein. They manage to make a great development that mixed science with the Edo period. But the Kuchinawa group is working behind the scenes to overthrow the government. Kuchinawa is trying to use smoldering flames of revolution to destroy the government. The Princess of Snow and Blood is also known as Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood.

The Nue is known as the Tokugawa government’s black-ops organization, is given of mission to eliminate the Kuchinawa group. Sawa Yukimura faced the tragedy at a young age where her parents were killed. Sawa Yukimura becomes the new executioner of the Nue. Sawa wants to avenge the death of her family from a group called Snake Eyes. The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 1 is scheduled to be released on 7 April 2021, but it was delayed due to the pandemic. We will give more updates below.

The Princess of Snow and Blood Summary

Sawa Yukimura is one of the members of the blue-blooded clan and possesses special powers. Sawa has the abilities and skills of the executioner. She has great physical and mental strength; she also owns the Antiquarian Bookstore. But during the dark hours, she changes her job and works as the executioner of Nue. Sawa wants to work alone for her secret not to be exposed.  Makoto Tsukishiro also joined Sawa as an executioner for Nue and a bandoneon player.

Makoto deceives other executioners if they are in danger and exposes the truth. He always switches sides and changes his personality. But he tells lies to get what he wants. Elaner has also become the executioner for Nue and allies with Sawa. Elaine pretends to be a novelist hiding her true identity since she is a prostitute. She prefers to be around more man who has more money. She doesn’t like to hang around a woman. But she doesn’t hide her will to other executioners.

The Princess of Snow and Blood

The Princess of Snow and Blood

The Nue Organization

Jin Kuzuhara is the leader who controls and directs Nue’s executioners. He is responsible for getting rid of executioners who have completed their tasks or committed crimes. Jin has been taught to protect Yoshinobu Tokugawa for eternity as his value of life. Asahi Nakamura is an innocent lonely girl that Sawa Yukimura took her in to live with. Asahi got found of Sawa and considered her as a big sister. She loves Sawa dearly and helps with cleaning ad running the Antiquarian Bookstore when Sawa is on her executioner duty.

The Nue organization was started to fight against the Kuchinawa group that is against the government. The executioners of The Nue Organization want to execute the rebellious group and the criminals. Every executioner has a goal except for the Nue Organization goal. Sawa works hard, and she is tracking the Snakes Eye group that she suspects killed her family. She hard childhood since she grew up without parents or family’s love. She trains hard to avenger their death.

Sawa is the only strict member of the Nue Organization to make the criminals pay for their crimes. She also had a good heart and took care of Asahi, who she just recently met with. Sawa had struggled during her first time at the Nue Organization. She had so much to learn and do in a short period of time. But with her hard-working skill and effort, she manages to keep up with her work. She vows not to die not, and Jin told her to get rid of her emotions and forget about her past.

Princess of Snow and Blood

The Princess of Snow and Blood

The Princess of Snow and Blood

Sawa couldn’t forget that her parent was burnt alive when she was young. But Jin is the one who helped her to get over it. He told her that she would nullify the Nue, and they will both get their revenge. The Nue members started to execute the monsters and threats that come on their path. They started to show their true powers, and other powerful organizations started to fear the Nue.

The title Nue became popular and brought fear to the enemies. But there are hot-headed- punks that always challenge the Nue. Sawa proved to the Nue that she is the princess of snow and blood. Her powers surprised the whole organization since they are fuel by revenge and anger. When Sawa is angry, her other side of her face is possessed by snow, and she will be aiming to see blood. We will find more about Sawa and the Nue in the upcoming episode. ee

The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 1 Release Date and Official Trailer

The Princess of Snow and Blood Episode 1 was supposed to air on 7 April 2021 at 1:29 AM JST. But due to some interruption, only the ADV is airing will update you as soon as the new episode is released. You can watch The Princess of Snow and Blood online on Crunchyroll. You can watch the trailer below.

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