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The Penthouse Season 3 To Begin Filming Soon

The Penthouse season 3
The Penthouse season 3 to begin filming soon

The SBS hit drama The Penthouse: War In Life or The Penthouse is officially beginning to film for its season 3. It’s unlikely for Kdramas to have a second season, but Penhouse proved that it’s not like any other Kdrama. After back-to-back two-hit seasons, Penthouse is ready to gain more popularity with the third one.  According to sources, The team of Penthouse is beginning to prepare for the third installment soon. The cast and crew are gearing up for the third season. And it is just not them. The fans of the show are ready too. With its strong story and brilliant cast, the Penthouse has managed to gather fans from all nations. And the online traffic among the fans of the show proves it all. So, let’s find out more about The Penthouse season 3.

The story of the show centers around a penthouse, a lavish apartment complex, and the people living and wanting to live on it. Just like the tall building, it focuses on society, and how it perceives different people. Primarily, it tells the story of three women who will stop at nothing to secure a future for their kids.

The Penthouse season 3

The leading ladies of Kdrama, The Penthouse (2020)

The Penthouse: War in Life is a South Korean television series. Choi Young Hoon was the creator of season 1, while Park Young Soo is responsible for creating season 2, and the upcoming one. Kim Soon Ok writes the show, while Joo Dong Min directs it. He helmed season 1 and 2 and will be joining as director in season 3 as well.

The Penthouse: War in Life season 3 will be the last of the show. Hence, make sure to get all the details regarding the final ride.

The Penthouse season 3 Production Status

The Penthouse season 3 will begin shooting on April 27, 2021. A source from the drama also confirmed the news. Penthouse season 2 ended on April 2. And the cast and crew of the show decided to take a three-week break before coming back to work. The cast of the show reunited on April 22 for the script reading of The Penthouse season 3. Clearly, the script reading is done, and now the team is all set to prepare for season 3.

The Penthouse: War in Life season 3 is aiming to release in June 2021. We expect the team to shoot in the entire May, and maybe June as well. However, if the show does come out in June, we will get the release date in no time.

Fans are dying to know what will happen in the lives of the residents of Hera Palace. Apart from fans, some Kpop idols are huge fans of the show too. TXT member and Leader Soobin loves the show, he even talked about his favorite scene from season 2 in an interview and said that he can’t stop rewatching it. Just like Soobin, the girl group, ITZY is also huge fans of the show. They were seen enacting the characters from the show in an interview earlier.

It’s no surprise that the show has taken many by storm, and the number keeps growing. If you still haven’t seen the show. Make sure to watch both the previous seasons. you can watch it here on Rakuten Viki for free.

The Penthouse Season 3 Plot And Cast

The Penthouse season 3 will be more terrifying and stronger than the previous two seasons. In the season 2 finale, we saw  Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk) getting into a destructive accident right in front of Shim Soo Ryeon’s (Lee Ji Ah‘s). To increase our curiosity, it also introduced two new characters- Joon Gi (On Joo Wan), who was sitting beside Logan Lee on the plane, and Yoo Dong Pil, husband of Kang Ma Ri (Shin Eun Kyung) and Yoo Jenny’s (Jin Ji He) father.

The Penthouse season 3

A still from The Penthouse (2020)

Will Logan make it? Or will the devil of the show die? And how will the two new characters cause problems in the new season. So many questions. But, we have to wait.

It is said that the plot of season 3 will be more powerful than the previous seasons. Also, the lives of the characters will entangle more in the new season. We are definitely looking forward to it. And, we know you are too.

Stay tuned to get more updates!

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