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The Penthouse Season 3 First Teaser: Witness Betrayal and Loss In The Final Season

The Penthouse season 3The Penthouse season 3
The Penthouse season 3 has a brand new teaser

The Penthouse season 3 has released a brand new teaser. Filled with betrayal, grief, and revenge, the characters of the hit Kdrama are ready to elevate your expectations. The Penthouse has always been on the top ever since it debuted its first season. And now, after two seasons, the curiosity among the fans is higher than ever. Besides the teaser, fans are also curious to know more about the new installment. The cast of The Penthouse recently gathered to attend the script read. And unlike thier reel selves, they all were excited to be together.

The brand new teaser of season 3 might also give you some spoilers from the upcoming installment. So, gear up to emerge into drama. And this time, things will be three times scarier, evil, and dangerous. According to some information, it was revealed that the kids of the show will also showcase thier evil side in the new season.

The Penthouse season 3

The cast of The Penthouse (2020)

But, whatever it is, we are sure that it will not disappoint us. The Penthouse is not only famous in South Korea but, it also has a huge fan following in other foreign countries. Moreover, many K-pop stars are religious fans of the drama.

The show comes from writer Kim Soon Ok (The Last Empress). She has also written the previous two seasons. Meanwhile, Joo Dong-Min (Take Care Of Us Captain) helms it.

The Penthouse Season 3 Teaser

The video starts with a loud explosion, and Shim Soo Ryun (Lee Ji Ah) then narrates that Logan has died. Soo-Ryun later visits a place to honor the memory of the late Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk). She further reveals that there was definitely someone there. Meanwhile, we hear Joo Dan Te laughing like a  psycho in the background.

Out of nowhere, Joo Tan Te (Uhm Ki Joon) appears on the screen and tells Shim Soo Ryun that he has missed her. Moreover, Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) ensures Bae Ro Na (Kim Hyun Soo) that they will never separate again.

We also see the new characters in the teaser. Baek Joon Gi (On Joo Wan) is the person who came to Korea with Logan Lee. On the other hand, Chun Seo Jin’s (Kim So Yeon) voice comes in the background as he says “Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) couldn’t be secretly communicating with Joo Dan Te, could she? Beware of that woman.”

By the end, we find Joo Dan Te angrily stabbing someone as he says that Shim Soo Ryun will die. Later,  Yoo Dong Pil (Park Ho San) looks like he is planning something evil. Also, Shim Soo Ryun is punching someone off the cliff?  Who could it be?

The Penthouse season 3

A still from The Penthouse season 2

The teaser definitely makes us hungry for more. This was the first teaser, and we expect the show to drop more before season 3 releases.

The Penthouse season 3 Script Reading

As usual, the cast of the show was excited to reunite once again. However, they did feel sad as the third season will mark the end of the show.

Newcomers Park Ho San and On Joo Wan introduced thier characters and shared thier thoughts on the upcoming season. Besides the script reading, the cast members also celebrated  Uhm Ki Joon’s birthday. Following the celebration, the cast transformed into thier roles as they started reading thier lines. Moreover, shock from the season 3 storyline was definitely sensed in thier voice.

They also individually shared thier thoughts on the new season. Lee Tae Bin and Han Ji Hyun told the viewers that season 3 will be more fun, dangerous, and exciting. Kim So Yeon shared how good it felt to meet everyone after such a long break. Moreover, she said that when she read the script at home, she was shocked. But, after reciting it with others, she is more excited for people to see it.

Eugene said that they have new characters this season. So, it was really exciting for them to read the scripts. Also, she said to wait for them as they will start filming soon.

The Penthouse season 3 will release on on June 4 at 10 p.m. KST. For the people living in foreign countries, you can watch it here on Viki. 

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