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Recap and Preview: The Penthouse Season 2: War In Life Episode 8

The Penthouse 2 War In Life Episode 8

Here, we will talk about the upcoming Episode 8, The Penthouse Season 2: War in Life. Penthouse Season 2 is a sequel to the popular South Korean suspense drama. Choi Young-Hoon created this series for the South Korean television network SBS TV. Whereas Kim Soon-ok wrote the original story and the screenplay. The first season premiered on 26 October 2020 and aired 21 episodes till 5 January 2021. The show gained tremendous popularity and premiered its second season on 19 February 2021. Unlike the first season, Penthouse Season 2 will only air 12 episodes and will end on 27 March 2021. The Penthouse Season 2: War in Life Episode 8 will air on 13 March 2021. The show airs every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 (KST) on SBS TV.

The series follows the problems of the wealthy families in a residential-commercial complex called the Hera Palace. Also, the children in the families study at one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea called the Cheong-ah Arts School. The first season mainly revolved around two women Shim Su-Ryeon and Oh Yoon-Hee. The two of them are completely different from one another. Shim Sy-Ryeon is a wealthy woman with a high status in society. She is an elegant woman but has a tragic past. Meanwhile, Oh Yoon-Hee comes from a humble background and is a famous soprano whose father is the head of Cheong-ah Arts School. She works hard to singlehandedly raise her daughter, taking any jobs she could find.

Continuing the dramas of the first season, The Penthouse 2: War In Life also revolves around revenge, schemes, and mysteries. One of the main focuses of the season is Yoon-Hee revenge. Moreover, the second season also delves into the past secrets of Shim Su-Ryeon and the mystery behind her possible death. Additionally, this season also features the Hera Palace youngsters who are trying their best to win the grand award by becoming the best at the school.

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The Penthouse 2 War In Life Episode 8

The Penthouse Season 2: War In Life Episode 7 Recap:

Episode 6 ended on an interesting note with Logan’s arrival. While Yoon-Hee was planning to end her life in front of Bae Ro-Na’s grave, Logan Lee stops her in the nick of time and also tells her about the murderer. Episode 7 showed important events of the story as the murder case was finally progressing somewhere. The episode aired on 12 March 2021.

Logan Lee revealed having a spy at Cheon Seo-Jin’s house. He is also working closely with the private tutor of Ha Eun-Byeol. The tutor gave him information about  Ha Eun-Byeol’s Cheon Seo-Jin’s suspicious behavior when Bae Ro-Na was hospitalized. This confirmed Logan’s doubts, and he proceeded to gather evidence against Ha Eun-Byeol and her mother. Moreover, he is also trying the truth about Shim Su-Ryeon’s death and her real killer.

The Penthouse 2 War In Life Episode 7

We see Ha Eun-Byeol getting more and more agitated with the fear of getting exposed for her crimes. Moreover, Seo-Jin is now an accomplice and spares no effort to save herself and her daughter. She calls Yoon-Chul for help when he arrives to attend Bae Ro-Na’s funeral.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Hee runs to Cheong A Medical Center after learning the truth of Bae Ro-Na’s death. We can expect some enthralling actions on her part to take revenge for her daughter, Bae Ro-Na’s death. Also, a mysterious woman shows up at Dan Tae’s penthouse to see him. Her identity is puzzling as her face and voice match that of Shim Su-Ryeon’s. However, considering how the first season showed her death, it can’t be possible that she came back to life. Fans are under the impression that it may be her twin or that Shim Su-Ryeon faked her death somehow. Whatever it is, only the upcoming episodes will tell us.

Now coming to the second part of the episode, Ha Eun-Byeol wakes up in the hospital after losing consciousness. Seo-Jin and Yoon-Chul finally take some breather after seeing her recovering. However, Yoon-Chul feels sorry for Yoon-Hee and worries about her. Meanwhile, taking the opportunity of Seo-Jin’s weakness, Dan Tae tries to gain more power and wealth for himself. Moreover, he also tries to use Yoon-Hee’s secrets to bring her down and take revenge on her. You can stream Penthouse Season 2 Episode 8 online on Viki.

The Penthouse 2: War In Life Episode 8 Preview:

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