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Preview & Recap: The Penthouse 3 Episode 7

The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 Release Date
Official Poster for The Penthouse 3 (credit: SBS)

The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 brought many revelations and secrets as usual. Nevertheless, the series once again made to the highest ratings with their unique plotlines. The present article is all about The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 release date and preview. The last episode shows the Cheong-A Arts Center’s Director as Cheon Seo Jin again. A press conference is held wherein she attends. Joo Dan Tae comes and congratulates her. However, she is not so happy with his presence. But, they are shareholders and has to bear him. Eun Byeol seems to be recovering in the hospital.

However, so is not the case as Yoon-Hee’s death is still haunting her. Furthermore, she sees her mother, Seo Jin pushing her. Eun Byeol wants to forget everything and asks Seo Jin for a drug for the same. Seo-Jin, at last, gives her the drug after giving in to her tantrums. Meanwhile, Rona is hell-bent on finding out what happened with her mother and also shows Soo Ryeon a board which is made by Yoon-Hee. On the other hand, Ma-Ri suspects her husband after he begins acting weirdly. Finally, she says the truth to her about how Dan Tae is blackmailing him. Mi-Rae went to Su-Ryeon and says the truth. But, Su-Ryeon also curses Dong-Pil. 

Now, Ma-Ri also intends to bring Dan Tae to justice and begin gathering evidence against him using the contacts from her bathhouse. Seo Jin is also a living as Bun Hong comes and continually taunts. Furthermore, Su-Ryeon realizes about Dan Tae working together with Bun Hong. On the other hand, Su-Ryeon starts to suspect Jun-Ki and begins to follow him. He was with Seo Jin at that time. Furthermore, Jun-ki also has a bad habit of gambling. Dan Tae also came to know about his weakness. Eun-Byeol is shown to lose her memories and stick to the story about Yoon Hee trying to kill her. Furthermore, she says the same to Ro-Na. But, Ro-Na doubts her somehow. Soo-Ryeon adopts Ae-Gyo’s persona once again for exacting revenge from everyone. She carefully draws the butterfly tattoo on her back.

The Penthouse 3 Episode 7: Release Date

The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 release date is July 16, 2021, at 22:00 KST on the SBS Tv network. Thus, there are five days left for the release of episode 7. It will be airing on the Friday of the upcoming week as usual. After that, five more episodes will get left for the completion of episode 7 of the third season. 

What is the release date of The Penthouse 3 Episode 7?

Actress Shin Eun Kyung as Kang MaRi And Yoon Joo Hee as Go Sang Ah in The Penthouse 3 (Credit: SBS)

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The Penthouse 3 Episode 7: Preview

The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 has got a preview of 26 seconds. The preview shows Cheon Seo Jin becoming strict with Eun Byeol. She says to her that Eun Byeol has to do better than her. We also see Seo Jin playing the piano and Eun Byeol practising hard. Furthermore, everything is taking a toll on Eun Byeol with Oh Yoon Hee’s death and her mother pressuring her. In one instance, she falls down thinking she has to win the auditions no matter what. She also takes some medications for calming herself down. On the other hand, Joo Dan Tae says Seok-Hoon to accept him as his death. 

The preview also shows the anxiety of Ha Yoon-Cheol and hitting the wall angrily. In another instance, Seok-Hoon is also trying to distance himself from Bae-Rona. She tries to hold his hand. However, he pulls out the same and says that they should break up as he cannot do this anymore. Kang Ma Ri is shown fighting with her husband. She says that she is not a moron like him and not afraid of Joo Dan Tae at all. Chairwoman Song Hee-Soo is seen meeting with Joo Dan Tae regarding some deals. He asks her what will be her collateral to which she says The Penthouse. 

Then, in another case, we see Bae-Rona and Seo Jin fighting with each other. Seo Jin tries to raise her hand on Bae-Rona. However, Rona stops and says to her about Seo Jin knowing the reason why Yoon Hee died. Furthermore, she asks what is the truth of the day? Yoon-Cheol is further working on making Logan Lee coming to sense and says he have something urgent to tell him. Shim Soo Ryeon appears and says about her being the lobbyist for The Dohae Construction. 

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