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Preview & Recap: The Penthouse 3 Episode 6

The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 Release Date
Promotional poster for The Penthouse 3 (Credit: SBS TV)

The Penthouse 3 will start another chapter with the death of Oh Yoon Hee and the entrance of a new character. Now, the viewers eagerly await The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 release date and preview, as it will introduce a new character. So, who could be a new character? Furthermore, we also see Yoon-Chul receiving orders from someone. Who is that person? Is it Logan Lee or Na Ae-Kyo or altogether someone new? Moreover, Is Oh Yoon-Hee really dead? The creator of the show has a good way of reviving characters. Oh Yoon-Hee knew many secrets of Dan Tae that lead to her death.

The relationship between the characters will undergo massive changes with the opening of the Pandora Box. Can Seok-Kyun be brought to the right path by separating from Dan Tae? Will she accept the truth? What happened to Seo Jin killing her father in season 1? Will her secret get revealed before everyone or not? Furthermore, will Joo Dan Tae get his fair share of punishment or not this time? He is continuing with his crimes and escapes while blaming everything on someone else surrounding him.

The Penthouse 3 Episode 5: Highlights

The Penthouse 3 Episode 5 begins with how the dead body of Yoon Hee is found in the walls and the events that lead to the same. Joo Dan Tae throws her into the water while she fights for her life. He is in search of the actual parentage report of Seok-Kyung. He finds the same. However, it was not the original one. Furthermore, Joo Dan Tae purposely sets up Dong Pil for Yoon-Hee’s murder. The case even turns into an ugly one when Yoon-Hee is accused of kidnapping Eun Byeol. Ro-Na is in pain after the death of Yoon Hee.

Seok-Kyun leaves her home after fighting with Yoon Hee and Seok-Hoon. Baek Jun-ki secretly takes the ten billion dollars which were left for Su Ryeon by Yoon-Hee. The ending of the last episode made a big revelation. We only know that Joo Dan Tae and his secretary found Yoon Hee in the water. However, Seo-Jin also has a significant role to play in her death.

What is the release date of Episode 6 of The Penthouse 3?

Some of the scenes from The Penthouse 3 (credit: SBS TV)

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The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 Release Date

The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 release date is July 9, 2021, at 22:00 KST on the SBS TV. Thus, episode 6 of The Penthouse 3 is coming in five days. It will air on the coming week’s Friday. The show is reaching mid-season in the next week with the airing of episode 6.

The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 Preview

The Penthouse 3 Episode 6 has a preview of 36 seconds. The preview shows Eun-Byeol survive. However, she is in the hospital. Her condition does not seem much nice. We hear Cheon Seo Jin saying to Eun Byeol that she must be able to save herself because she is Seo-Jin’s daughter. The preview also depicts how Shim Soo Ryun receives some kind of report from the investigator. She is shocked by seeing the report. It could either be Oh Yoon Hee’s autopsy report or Soo Ryun’s real relation to Seok Kyung. Soo Ryun accuses Seo Jin of trying to kill Yoon-Hee. However, she replies that she is a victim too.

In the preview, we see Baek Jun-ki saying to Seo Jin about saying everything to Soo Ryeon. Furthermore, he says she is his first love. It could be that Jun-ki knows everything about Seo Jin and threatening her. We hear Bae Ro-na saying to someone that her doing everything is that person’s fault. Soo Ryun shouts, saying Yoon-Hee. The preview shows Ha Yoon Chul in the operation room and speaking to someone that no one wanting to save her no more than he does. It could be Yoon-Hee. Kang Marie says to someone that she used to be a big shot in Jincheon. Joo Dan Tae again thinks of eliminating and killing someone.

The preview also shows Su Ryeon planning revenge with someone. She says she will take vengeance on everyone and go to the bottom of the murder. Su Ryeon also says only a demon can handle a demon. Thus, we see someone making an entrance. Her hairs are short, and she has a tattoo on her back. Lee Kyu-Jin is celebrating with someone and says Cheon-Soo district is for free.

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