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Preview: The Penthouse 3 Episode 3

The Penthouse 3 Episode 4 Release Date
Official Poster for The Penthouse 3 (credit: SBS)

The Penthouse 3 Episode 2 left everyone hanging whether Joo Dan Tae saw Baek Joon-ki and Shim Su-Ryeon together. We only saw him smiling in the end. Well, The Penthouse Episode 3 release date and preview will give a short glimpse into what the future episode holds for the audiences. Furthermore, the next episode is soon making its way in the ongoing week. The latest season of The Penthouse is going at a rapid speed. It seems there is a huge skipping going for many things. The future episodes of the series may leave everyone shocked. 

The third season of The Penthouse also saw the appearance of Logan Lee. However, this time he assumes the role of his brother and not as Logan Lee. His character is the only one that is undergoing huge changes from season one. So, is he really Alex, Logan Lee’s brother, or Logan Lee himself? Then again, it is not a new thing for the creators of the series to bring a dead character alive, as seen in the previous seasons, like Shim Soo Ryeon and Ro Na. Moreover, his latest portrayal of the character in season 3 is facing huge backlashes in reality. 

The Penthouse 3 Episode 2: A Glimpse into the Episode

The Penthouse 3 Episode begins with Cheon Seo Jin rescued from the water. However, Shim Su-Ryeon and Yoon-Hee kidnapped her for a reason. They want her to work together with them to take put Joo Dan Tae. It seems everyone came out of jail due to a lack of evidence. Seo Jin goes to meet her daughter, Eun Byeol, after returning. She even threatens Miss Jin. However, Eun Byeol seems happy without her and accuses her of destroying her life.

What is the release date of The Penthouse 3 Episode 3?

A glimpse into some of the scenes of The Penthouse 3 (credit: SBS)

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The most interesting thing is the return of the cast, Park Eun Seok. However, he is returning as the character Alex, brother of Logan Lee, in the latest season. He came to investigate the missing ten million dollars and Logan’s death. The episode ends with Baek Joon-ki trying to kill Joo Dan Tae. However, Shim Su-Ryeon comes and intervenes him from the same. 

The Penthouse 3 Episode 3 Release Date

The Penthouse 3 Episode 3 release date is June 18, 2021, at 22:00 KST on the SBS channel. Hence, there are three whole days until the coming of the next episode. It will get released on the present week’s Friday. 

The Penthouse 3 Episode 3 Preview

The Penthouse 3 Episode 3 will be back with more revenge and confrontations. In the preview for episode 3, we see how Shim Soo Ryun is attacking Joo Dan Tae. Furthermore, she says to someone there you are and angrily says about him saying killing Joo Dan Tae. Then, Baek Joon Ki confronted Joo Dan Tae and says to someone that his heart still beats like crazy whenever he sees that person. Jenny is seen going to the rooftop of the school and, seems she is thinking of killing herself. Furthermore, she asks her father whether he killed someone.

In another instance, we see Jenny’s father confronting Joo Dan Tae and saying that he will kill a million more times because he is a father. Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin are together again, and we see in the preview how Ha Yoon Chul is picking money thrown by Dan Tae. Furthermore, Cheon Seo Jin taunts him. He says that he is the dog of Joo Dan Dae, and it suits him. The preview also shows Ha Eun Byul sitting alone in a park with Yoon Chul watching from afar. Yoon Chul says to someone about not needing to worry about Yoon Chul’s family or house. 

Shim Soo Ryun asks Yoon Hee about the missing million-dollar Logan Lee. However, Yoon Hee replies she does not know anything about the same. Someone comes while Joo Dan Tae is sleeping, asking for Mr. Baek. Joo Dan Tae thinks him to be Logan and also calls him as such. On the other hand, Shim So Ryun sees the ring which Logan brought before his death. Mr. Baek says to her about Logan caring for her a lot. However, someone calls to her, and she turns back in shock. Well, apart from everything, the youngster’s drama will also take place in the upcoming episode. 

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