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The Outlaws Season 1 Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5
The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

When seven different individuals —from quite distinct backgrounds— must get together to pay a sentence for community service. Things get complicated —and funny. This BBC production is chock-full of comedic situations. Moreover, it is also backed by a star-studded cast, with performers like Christopher Walken, Rhianne Barreto, and Gamba Cole. Furthermore, this BBC show was produced by a notorious veteran in the business. Stephen Merchant, responsible for shows like The Extras and The Office. This is The Outlaws season 1, episode 5.

In 2020, the BBC stated that they were working on a new humorous criminal thriller series, which will be directed by Stephen Merchant. However, the series was originally named The Offenders when it was initially announced. In addition, the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic prompted the show’s production to be halted in March 2020. The filming was resumed in February 2021. And after its conclusion, the show is embarked on its airing, and making us laugh out loud! Now without any further ado, let’s begin covering The Outlaw’s upcoming episode.

The Outlaws Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5 will release on Monday, November 22, 2021, on BBC One at 9:00 PM, United Kingdom time. Additionally, each episode has a runtime of 60 minutes. Furthermore, this episode’s title is simply “episode five”. Moreover, Stephen Merchant did the directorial work for this episode. Lastly, Stephen Merchant and Elgin James penned the script for this chapter. On a side note, James is a musician and a filmmaker who directed Little Birds back in 2009.

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

Where to watch The Outlaws?

If you want to watch the Outlaws season 1 episode 5, simply tune in to the BBC One at the airtime of the broadcast. If you reside within the United Kingdom, you can enjoy the benefits of BBC iPlayer, which is totally free to use. All you need is your email address and your television license, and you can log in. With that subscription, you can watch The Outlaws, as well as access the entire catalog of the BBC online, which consists of movies, series, documentaries, and concerts.

The Outlaws Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Wilder (Sam Troughton) speaks to a gathering of community service members, including Diane, as the fifth episode of The Outlaws starts (Jessica Gunning). When Diane is ordered to get rid of her bubblegum, she acts out and spits it on the ground. Wilder threatens her with five more hours if she doesn’t pick it up. In the present, she visits Wilder to inquire about Christian’s situation and if she can deliver the papers to Lucy Haines. He tells her she must let it go. Following the introduction, DS Haines (Grace Calder) and Selforth visit Spider (James Nelson-Joyce) in the hospital. They debate whether or not it was a hit since Spider was a member of the gang. Selforth said they’re examining the bullet to determine whether it fits the rifle from the community service activity. Myrna (Clare Perkins) visits the grave of Colin Denison, a police officer who was slain in the line of duty. Tom (Guillermo Bedward) gives Frank (Christopher Walken) the cold shoulder at home.

Rani (Rhianne Barreto) retrieves her phone from her parents and discovers a message from Esme. Lady Gabby (Eleanor Tomlinson) is preparing for a visit with her father. Rani contacts Esme, who is dissatisfied with her. Christian (Gamba Cole) observes as his sister instructs Rani not to contact them again. Spencer (Tom Hanson) discovers Greg (Stephen Merchant) printing documents before their boss arrives and informs Greg of how he has assisted them in gaining new business. He also discovers that people upstairs are now screaming his praises. His employer has even brought up the possibility of Greg becoming a partner. Without acknowledging or listening to Greg, John (Darren Boyd) takes up the documents and rushes away. Frank and John are getting ready for their appointment with John Senior. As he rapidly impresses John Senior, Frank introduces himself as Howard Cherry. While that debate is going on, Greg and Lady Gabby are getting ready to meet with her father, an Earl.

Greg’s woes

Before sniffing cocaine, she teaches him how to approach her father. They meet him seconds later and immediately begin their festival presentation. Meanwhile, Frank continues to attempt to gain points with John Senior, and things seem to be going well until Frank displays his ankle monitor. John spills his drink to get Christian to wipe it up before realizing Christian is watching him. He gets a boxcutter and approaches Christian, who tells him he doesn’t need it. Christian attempts to persuade him to untie the money and hand it up. When Frank and John Senior arrive, they conceal their talk. When John is alone with Frank, he informs him about Christian’s desire for his money to be returned. Gabby’s father dislikes the name of the event, “PRYVET”. He goes through the documentation and provides his approval. Gabby flees after her father says he needs to speak with Greg regarding legal matters. He accuses Greg of having intercourse with his daughter right away, but Greg denies it.

Then he tells Greg to cancel the event because he doesn’t want a juggler or his daughter messing up his yard. Greg suggests informing her herself, despite her father’s assertion that this is why he hires people like him. He reveals that he covers Gabby’s expenditures and that Greg works for him. He wants this to go away, and he doesn’t want his name associated with it. Marcus informs Malaki (Charles Babalola) that he has been unable to locate Christian. Haines and Selforth come to discuss Spider. Christian and Esme attempt to enter their apartment, which is watched by two gang members. Esme phones the cops and claims to be a little girl in order to report about the weird males outside. When the cops arrive, the two guys slip inside. Myrna refers to Rani as a grass when she arrives at the community service meeting. Frank persuades Greg to inform Christian that he faces a minimum of five years in prison for weapons possession. Diane walks in and leads Rani into her office.

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

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Rani and Diane

Diane admits that she maintains paper documents in a file cabinet. Then she attempts to figure out how Rani found out about the run. Ronny comes in to collect his mop bucket. Diane asks Rani if she knows where Christian is after he left, but she doesn’t. Before he finds her crying in her room, Christian and Esme grab their belongings from the flat. She is concerned that she may have murdered Spider, but Christian reassures her that she most likely did not. Esme wishes to go to the hospital, but Christian thinks it’s not a smart idea. Rani calls Christian and leaves a message saying she’s heard he’s in trouble and wants to help. Greg tries to persuade Gabby to abandon her festival plans in a subtle way. Rani interrupts to tell everyone that she’d like to find Christian and would appreciate their assistance. Gabby is the only one who is eager to assist.

The problematic gun

We get a flashback of Wilder discovering her smoking marijuana with two other community service people as Diane breaks them up to order them to go back to work. He informs them about his profession and the pay he receives. He claims that they may be the person observing someone pick up trash or the one picking up trash. John and Frank inform Myrna about Christian’s money and how desperate he is right now. Frank and John agree that letting Christian be caught with the gun is a good plan since he will be out of their hair for five years. Despite their heartfelt talk, Myrna is unsure what she will do. Greg tries once again to persuade Gabby to cancel the entire event. He informs her of what her father said. When she questions why he wouldn’t tell her, Greg suggests that he might not be the best father in the world. She tells him everything her father has done for her and everyone else, but Greg questions whether he has ever given her his time.

Gabby’s rage

She becomes enraged with Greg and fires him. When Myrna attempts to summon her, Gabby encourages her to take a look at herself instead of teaching everyone else how to live. Gabby goes off on them when John snickers, claiming they’re identical. When Diane wants to get involved, Gabby curses her and is sentenced to five extra hours. Outside, Rani tries to persuade Greg, Frank, and Myrna to assist her in obtaining Christian’s file so that they can assist him, but they all refuse. Later, Myrna pays Yvonne a visit and asks if she may come inside. She finds Terry inside and apologizes quickly for preaching to them earlier. She asks Yvonne whether she should attempt to assist one person right now or many others in little ways afterward. Yvonne believes she must question herself whether she can live with herself if she abandons this one individual.

Frank and Holly

Gabby becomes inebriated, tears up the festival papers, and decides to have a party. Rani expresses to her mother her remorse for what she done to Christian. She acknowledges he’s her buddy and that they’ve hung out outside of CS, but her mother believes she shouldn’t become involved. Her mother believes it is childish to believe that by waving a magic wand, you can solve all of Christian’s problems. Gabby gets high at the party before deciding to leave. Frank approaches Holly (Isla Gie), who is painting a portrait of her family. When Frank smells smoke, he runs outside and discovers Tom on fire with his money. Tom encourages him to come and receive the money, although he knows he can’t due to the ankle monitor. Frank says he won the money gaming. Tom questions him about the ticket. Frank reveals he planned to reward himself when the tag falls off, but Tom destroys the ticket.

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

The Outlaws season 1 episode 5

Tom’s problem

Tom wants to know whether Frank is going to forsake his daughter once again. Frank first denies it but finally concedes it is real. He is certain that his daughter will be able to live without him in the future. Frank claims he has spent the previous 18 months in a jail cell and does not want to spend the next several years in another. As Frank attempts to smooth things up, Tom wonders if that is what they are to him. He smashes the money box down and declares that his mother was correct in saying that Frank has never placed anybody ahead of himself. Tom enters the house. Greg receives a phone call from Gabby, informing him that she is in prison.

Gabby tells him about the first time she was at the police station when she was little and the fact her mother hanged herself and she discovered the corpse. She felt very alone, but her father wouldn’t even come to soothe her and instead sent his groundkeeper. Both believe nobody would miss them if they vanished from the face of the world. Gabby isn’t pleased with the millions of followers. She argues she doesn’t do anything or create anything; thus, no one genuinely needs her. Greg reminds her that she promised to assist Rani.

Spencer complicates things

Greg informs Gabby that her father will not press charges despite firing Greg. Gabby then goes to the community service group and informs everyone that she and Greg are ready to assist in the search for Christian. Frank and Myrna join them, but Rani refuses to participate at this time. Rani is reminded that Christian is their buddy, and if she doesn’t assist, she may not be able to live with herself. She agrees to accompany them. Spencer receives a call from John Senior and learns about Howard Cherry’s forged documentation. Diane asks John where they are. She tells them she applied to be a police officer while missing the plans under her feet. In a dream sequence, we see that Diane changed her views and squealed on her pot-smoking friends. In the present, she calls Lucy Haines to tell her about applying for the job.

The final part

Haines informs her that Christian has been removed off their list of potential candidates. When the conversation is over, Selforth informs Haines that the pistol found in the community service facility matches the one used to shoot Spider. When John Senior arrives at the community service facility, he notices Frank and his kid at work. While Myrna distracts John, the others carry out their plan. Spencer decides to rummage through Greg’s belongings at the workplace and discovers a treasure trove of paperwork he never filed and screwed upon. While Selforth and Haines arrive, Greg and Rani proceed downstairs to the conference room. As Rani searches for the correct key to Diane’s office, Greg covers the security camera with his head. Gabby stalls Diane by saying her phone was stolen.

After Rani gains entry to Diane’s office, Wilder escorts the investigators to the conference room. Rani sees something strange in Christian’s file. Wilders informs Diane that the cops have arrived and want to speak with everyone. When Diane arrives, Haines requests a quiet conversation in her office. Gabby and Myrna divert attention by claiming Greg grabbed Gabby’s buttocks and attacked him. Frank alerts Rani, who rushes out of Diane’s office. Haines informs Diane that she talked with Christian Taylor and that he had an alibi for the whole day. When she is asked for a photo, she pulls his mugshot from his file. She is astonished to see Malaki’s photo in Christian’s dossier and acknowledges that it is not the same guy.

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