The Other Side of the Wind: Release Date And Cast

In this post, we are going to talk about the upcoming film The Other Side of the Wind release date, cast, updates. The movie has a long history, dating back to 1970. The film was under production, and it was even being filmed at various locations, started in 1970. The film experienced many pauses and resumed in its production, but major shooting somehow completed in 1976.

Nonetheless, the film could not make its way to the box office due to several issues. The film then was sidelined, and there was no progress being made until we got to see its announcement and premiere at 75th Venice International Film Festival, which was held on 31 August 2018. So, let’s talk more about it ahead!

The film was premiered on 31 August 2018, but it is going to hit Netflix on 2 November 2018. There are several fans who are deliberately waiting for the film. The movie is majorly focused on an aging Hollywood director, dies on his 70th birthday in a car accident.

The Other Side of the Wind

As we know, the film was shooted with many interruptions, and that has resulted in a fusion film having black and white and color parts. This is a totally new concept; although it was just a mistake, it can still make a good impact. Not to forget, many trends were started as a mistake initially.

The main star cast of The Other Side of the Wind is as listed below,

John Huston as Jake Hannaford
Bob Random as Oscar “John” Dale
Peter Bogdanovich as Brooks Otterlake
Susan Strasberg as Juliette Riche
Oja Kodar as The Actress aka The Red
Joseph McBride as Marvin Pister
Lilli Palmer as Zarah Valeska
Edmond O’Brien as Pat
Mercedes McCambridge as Maggie Fassbender
Astonishingly, Netflix is going to be the distributor for the film. So, it means that it will be a Netflix exclusive film. All the fans will have to go on Netflix to watch the film and satisfy their long-awaited hungriness for the film.

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