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The One and Only New Teaser Shows An Unexpected Meeting Giving Rise To Questionable Relationships

"The One and Only"
The One and Only

As the release date of JTBC’s new emotional k-drama “The One and Only” is coming closer. The drama teasers and posters are being released to give us a look at the inside of the drama. They are doing a very good job keeping us curious about what we will be getting ourselves into. “The One and Only” will be following the lives of three terminally ill women who meet at a hospice. Knowing that they are only waiting for the death to come and just take them, they want to take down that one person who has ruined their life the most.

But in the process of the revenge, the women end up meeting the person whom they never thought would become so precious in their lives. In the recent video teaser, we saw the main characters meeting at the hospice. The meeting wasn’t a pleasant one, but we saw the things working out. As they went to have an outdoor picnic and girls’ night at the bar. With the recent still release by the production team, we have gotten a bit more idea about the characters and their revenge plan.

"The One and Only" teaser

Woo Chun looks up at the people he wasn’t expecting to be standing there staring back at him.

The Accidental Meeting

The recent teaser showed the first meeting of the three women and a man which none of them was expecting. In Sook, Se Yeon, Mi Do, and Woo Cheon are standing in front of each other and staring with caution in their eyes. But what is their accidental meeting place? It’s a murder scene! And as we saw in the previous trailer In Sook and Woo Cheon fall in love with each other and passionately kiss in front of everyone at the hospice. None of the women seemed to be having the idea that a man works as a hitman. Until now.

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As the stills can’t speak, the emotions of the characters have tried saying some things. We can see Woo Cheol looking up with a confused look on his face. While In Sook gives him a “What The Hell” look. Her friends can be seen, kind of getting disgusted and crept out by the scenario in front of them. While the theories in our minds start building up, this could be the way the love started in the first place? But it is just a guess. Along with releasing the pictures, the production team released some explanations from their side too. They have pointed to the relationships that are hidden because of them being in public.

"The One and Only" teasers

In Sook, Mi Do, and Se Yeon weren’t expecting anybody to be there either. But looking at the unexpected, they weren’t pleased either.

Where To Pay Attention According To The “The One and Only” Team?

Pointing out the In Sook and Woo Cheon are going to be together, how their relationship forms and progress is one of the things the viewers need to focus on to enjoy the show. As all of them are going to be entangled in a murder mystery without having any relationship with each other. Some bonds are supposed to build between them. As the first episode of The One and Only is going to release soon, the production team is very excited to show their work. Asking for the viewers’ interest and anticipation, they hope to present a high-quality work and meet the high expectations. The show is written by writer Jung Min Moon who has worked on globally hit k-dramas like ‘The Best Divorce’, ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and ‘Two Cops’.

The fans have been waiting for the k-drama ever since the announcement. And looking at the teasers, they are already shipping In Sook and Woo Cheong. While a lot of the audience is expecting the show to be amazing looking at the all-female cast. The One and Only Episode 1 will be released on December 20. The upcoming episodes will be available to stream on the streaming platform, Rakuten Viki.

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