The Old Man And The Gun Release: David Lowery’s Tribute To Robert Redford

The is the story of heist. The central character is Forrest Tucker, a bank robber who has a record in huge robberies. From the ages 13 to 83 Tucker is in and out of banks, each time making a successful escape, only to be caught again till he eventually dies at 83. Besides all this, the story in a way tilts towards Redford’s life on screen. Because Robert Redford just announced that he was retiring from the world of movies, The Old Man And The Gun serves as a farewell bid to an Oscar-winning director as well as an actor. He confirmed back in the August of 2018 that The Old Man And The Gun was going to to be his last venture. But his retirement news is also accompanied by the short anecdote of never say never. To be fair, the man has been doing this since he was 21. And also, he hasn’t ruled out directing movies. He may not act, but he sure will direct ventures. He’s very much going to consider all of that just like he said.

The Old Man And The Gun is director by David Lowery. Forrest Tucker’s story isn’t a real life. Talking about his transition from real to reel Redford reminded us how wonderful it was to play him. Well, that’s the least that you can say about a man who got caught 17 times and was sentenced to prison for 17 times! And it’s kinda obvious, if the dude got in prison a total of 17 times, he did manage to successfully escape 17 times too! And they say, Forrest did it for the sole thrill of it.

The Old Man And The Gun Robert Redford

The Old Man And The Gun: Reception

Fox Searchlight Pictures distributed the movie. It runs for 93 minutes. As of now, the movie has done a moderate business. It holds an approval rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s been reviewed favorably by the audiences in general. On Metacritic, the movie has scored 80 out of 100 based upon 29 critics. Originally scheduled for October the 5th, The Old Man And The Gun made it to screens in the US on September 28th. But it’s yet to release in the UK. For UK Release, the date is going to be December the 7th.

David Lowery on his part said that while making and scripting this movie, he could only think of Robert Redford for the part and no one else. It was only Robert Redford that he concentrated upon. Many drafts, scripts and ideas later, he did successfully manage to build a Forrest Tucker centered around Robert Redford. It is also said that Robert Redford didn’t inform Lowery that Old Man And The Gun would be his last performance on screen. Redford only informed him days before the production resumed. Lowery on his part says Forrest Tucker is a Spiritual successor to everything Redford has done on screen.

The Old Man And The Gun: Cast

The movie co-star Casey Affleck as Dallas police detective, John Hunt who’s looking to nail Tucker somehow. Sissy Spacek as Jewel, Forrest’s life partner. Members of Over the Hill gang include Danny Glover as Teddy Green, and Tom Waits as Waller. Others include Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Detective Gene Dentler Keith Carradine as Captain Calder John David Washington as Lieutenant Kelley.

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