Preview: The Neighborhood Season 3 Episode 15: Calvin and Johnsons Are Out For A Battle

Families Are All In For Battle In The Neighborhood S03E15
Still From The Neighborhood S03E14 Featuring Calvin, Tina, Gemma, Dave and Grover

The Neighborhood Season 3 is just three episodes away, and we have seen a new Dave altogether recently. Last week’s episode was something as, for the first time; Dave became the big dog of the Neighborhood instead of Calvin. He took on a robber all by himself while Calvin watched. Thus, becoming the Neighborhood’s new hero as well as the lame Batman for the 10-year-old kids. While this caused some rift between Dave and Calvin, with Calvin thinking the incident got in Dave’s head, but things work out, especially when the robber’s cousin comes for retribution and Calvin steps in.

Now, moving on to the upcoming fifteenth episode of The Neighborhood Season 3, we are bound to see a rival of Calvin resurfacing. He is stealing something that’s not his, and Calvin is all set to take him down. Plus, the Johnsons are not backing down either. So let’s take a look at what happened previously on the CBS sitcom. Then we will take a look at what we can expect from The Neighborhood Season 3 Episode 15.

Recap For The Neighborhood Season 3

Previously on The Neighborhood, we witnessed a new Batman in the form of Dave. The episode opened up with an unusual visit to a barber by Dave and Calvin. While Dave bails out to use the bathroom, a robber enters, attempting to rob the store. The Barber runs away, leaving Calvin dealing alone until Dave walks in and somehow manages to take the robber down and saving both himself and Calvin.

When the story is retold to their families, Dave is somehow praised as the new hero. More preferably like a Batman by his son. Dave starts taking the praise more evidently, which certainly gets into his head. On the other hand, Gemma can’t get the incident of her mind and wants something to relax. So Marty invites her to take care of his Vegetable garden, which sometimes helps him the best.

Dave’s The New Hero

The visitors at the barbershop praise Dave for his deed the next time he visits the shop. While Dave tells his stories, building them on another level, Gemma loses her wedding ring in Marty’s garden. Dave’s stories and intriguing person leads Trey to invite him for a Casino Night in the Neighborhood. Calvin warns Dave about it, but he ignores it, leading Calvin to bail out.

Dave Is The New Hero In The Neighborhood S03E14
Still From The Neighborhood S03E14 Featuring Calvin and Dave

Dave joins Trey on the Casino Night. The place looks easy until Dave crosses the path with the cousin of the robber he put down last night. Wanting to leave, Dave can’t because of the place’s certain rules. On the other hand, Malcolm, Marty, Grover, and Gemma are still searching for the ring. Tina scolds Calvin for letting Dave go on his own at Trey’s. Calvin confesses why he is disappointed by Dave’s new behavior, and Tina helps him understand how the hero thing is new for him.

Ending Moments

Gemma comes to reconcile it’s okay to lose the ring until Grover walks in with it telling them he found it near the kitchen sink. Gemma decides to reconcile with Marty and hideaway where she found the ring only because she doesn’t want him heartbroken about his vegetable farm being destroyed.

Dave and Calvin Battle Goons In The Neighborhood S03E14
Still From The Neighborhood S03E14 Featuring Calvin, Dave, and the Robber’s Cousin

Dave is losing all the money he has. That’s when Calvin walks in as he sees Dave being rubbed by the robber’s cousin. Accidentally, Calvin speaks the whole truth out. The Robber’s cousin walks towards to beat him, but Calvin takes charge to save him. The ending moments see Dave and Calvin reconciling with Dave, gifting him a Yahtzee for saving him.

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The Neighborhood Season 3 Episode 15 Release Date and Preview

The Neighborhood Season 3 Episode 15 is releasing on April 26, 2021, and will air on CBS at 8:00 pm. There are a total of 18 episodes planned for The Neighborhood Season 3, with three more episodes coming before the wrap. So expect a new episode every Monday. The fifteenth episode will also be available to stream on CBS’ official website and Paramount+.  The episode will also be available to buy on video-on-demand services such as Google Play Movies&TV and VUDU.

Dave and Calvin Reform Their Freindship In The Neighborhood S03E14
Still From The Neighborhood S03E14 Featuring Calvin and Dave

The Neighborhood Season 3 Episode 15 is titled “Welcome to the Challenge.” The official synopsis of the episode talks about someone stealing Calvin’s very own business. Yes, the owner of auto-repair chain Motor Boys, Victor Alvarez, has been stealing the customers of Calvin. This, in turn, calls for retribution which Calvin will be seeking. So, to shower their support, the Johnson family joins battle two. Now both Butlers and Johnsons are all set to go head to head with Alvarez. All in The Neighborhood Season 3 Episode 15. Check out the trailer of The Neighborhood Season 3 below.


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