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Preview: The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 9

The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 9 Release date

The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 8, titled “Bug Day Today”, marks the end of season 1. Aired on August 6, 2021, the finale starred Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, MaamYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Gia Sandhu, Mystic Inscho, Seth B. Crr, Emmy DeOliviera, Marta Kessler, Ricardo Ortiz, and Trenna Keating. The official plot synopsis for episode 8 read, “With free will and truth on the line, The Mysterious Benedict Society prepares for a showdown.”

The Mysterious Benedict Society culminated its first season with a blast of a finale. All the storylines finally converged on the island. Benedict finally made it to the island with Rhonda and Number 2. They make their way through the guards to rescue the children. We also saw our main protagonist bunch executing the ultimate plan to take down the Whisperer. However, during their pursuit, Dr. Curtain is catching on to them while putting Emergency into motion.

Will there be a season 2 of The Mysterious Benedict Society

The group plans to raid the tower.

Episode 8 Recap: What Happened In The Finale?

Plans And Hitches

The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 8 opens with Mr. Benedict, Rhonda, and Number 2 flying to the institute in a hot air balloon. At the institute, Dr. Curtain is praising Dr. Garrison for her work. He tells her that he wants to share the credit for the emergency. That’s when Martina storms inside his office. She shows him Kate’s keychain she found at the cliff and says that she wasn’t the intruder. Meanwhile, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance are plotting their plan of finally raiding the tower. Sticky, who will be on another messenger duty, will try and stall the Whisperer. Reynie pitches the group an idea that involves him telling a joke. He claims that since Dr. Curtain is the twin brother of Mr. Benedict, he must also suffer from Narcolepsy.

Reynie’s plan entails him telling Curtain a joke, making him laugh, and triggering a narcoleptic episode that makes him faint. That’s when Constance and Kate sneak up and destroy the Whisperer using Hydrochloric acid. The rest of the group is not as confident of this plan since, as Kate puts it, Reynie is just not funny. While Kate and Constance are on their way to get the acid, Curtain’s security catches Kate. Curtain confronts Kate and Martina. Seeing Martina sitting there, Kate confesses to breaking into the facility. Curtain orders his men to take Kate to the Brainsweeper. Meanwhile, Milligan regains memory of him as a chemist.

The Final Showdown

At the boulder, Mr. Benedict and the company finally find the underground facility. They make their way inside the facility by defeating the guards. Back at Curtain’s office, Milligan arrives and surrenders himself. However, he’s just trying to stall Curtain, which he catches on to. Curtain tells Milligan that he recognizes him as the “chemist with a conscience.” He also reveals that he got his memory swept by his Brainsweeper. Curtain directs his men to subject Milligan to the Brainsweeper again, along with Kate. However, Constance sneaks at the facility and frees Kate. At the tower, Sticky tries to stall Curtain by intentionally lying to the Whisperer.

Curtain catches on to it and calls for backup messengers. Meanwhile, Kate and Constance try to scale up the tower but are stopped by Curtain’s men. However, help arrives in the form of Milligan and none other than Martina, who arrives with her Tetherball team. Milligan helps Kate climb up the tower and the Benedict bunch finally reunites at the tower and confronts Dr. Curtain. Reynie cracks a joke that makes Curtain laugh but fails to trigger a Narcoleptic attack. Curtain reveals that he has conquered his Narcolepsy a long time ago. Reynie tells him that he doesn’t want to do all this and that he thinks he’s not a bad man.

The mysterious Benedict Society cast

Dr. Curtain interrogates Kate and Martina.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Season 1 Ending

This surprisingly triggers Curtain’s Narcolepsy, and Reynie realizes that his trigger is vulnerability. Reynie then asks Kate and Constance about the acid which they haven’t procured. However, Constance has another way of destroying the Whisperer — breaking her through her psychic abilities. She succeeds in destroying the Whisperer. Mr. Benedict arrives at the tower and reunites with the children. He then asks them to depart for the boat while he contends with Curtain on his own. The two brothers confront each other for the first time after separation. They argue and things heat up. However, it is apparent that Curtain does have love and affection for his brother deep in his heart. Curtain tells him about a boy at their orphanage and the punchline makes Benedict laugh and then faint. He wakes to find Reynie and others with him as they see Curtain escaping the island in a helicopter.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 9 Release Date

The Mysterious Benedict episode 9 will not be releasing since season 1 has already wrapped up with episode 8. The final episode saw the Mysterious Benedict Society finally defeating Curtain’s plans for an emergency. Mr. Benedict regains access to his mansion and everyone gets a happy ending. Reynie tells Ms. Perumal that he wants to stay with her. Sticky tells Mr. Benedict that he wants to go to the Boatwright Academy. Constance decides to stay with Mr. Benedict. Meanwhile, Milligan and Kate share a tender moment and it seems like he would adopt her.

Is There Going To Be A Season 2 of The Mysterious Benedict Society?

Currently, there exist no official announcements regarding The Mysterious Benedict Society season 2. However, there are a couple of reasons a second season is likely to receive a green light. The show is based on the books of the same name and season 1 covered the first of four. That means we can at least have three more seasons. Additionally, season 1 has aggregated positive reception among the audiences. As to what we can expect from season 2; we will be seeing Dr. Curtain again. Season 1 finale saw Dr. Curtain escaping the island and off to a new location. At the end of the season 1 finale, we saw Dr.Curtain on a ship with his son and Dr. Garrison. We also get a clue as to what the next season will entail. Dr. Garrison tells Curtain that she has a new plan that’s bigger than the Whisperer.

The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 8 review

Contance, Reynie, Sticky, and Kate at the tower.

You can stream The Mysterious Benedict Society on Disney+ Hotstar.

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