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What To Expect From The Morning Show Season 2?

When will The Morning Show Season 2 Release? Filming Details Revealed
The Morning Show Promotional Image - credit Apple TV+

The Morning Show was one of Apple TV+ big hits as it first aired with the release of Apple TV + in November 2019. This show brought Jennifer Aniston back to TV as she is cast alongside her former Green sister from Friends, Reese Witherspoon. That’s not just it, as we also have Steve Carrell in a modern TV Drama. After the end of the first season of The Morning Show, Apple had much faith to renew the show for a second season. So, after nearly 2 years since The Morning Show first premiered, Season 2 is on the way. And if you ask us. The wait has only made our anticipation higher for the upcoming installment. The show even earned multiple award nominations, with awards being won by Billy Crudup and Jennifer Aniston.

The Morning Show Season 2. Created by Jay Carson and developed by Kerry Ehrin, The Morning Show is based on the book ‘Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV’ by Brian Stelter. The show takes the viewers through the insides of world television Journalism. Here, the cast members work in the imaginary UBA network’s breakfast show, “The Morning Show.” In this, we follow the personal and professional lives of Alex Levy. After the firing of her co-anchor Mitch Kessler on the allegations of sexual misconduct, Alex takes his place as the primary anchor. While her place is taken up by an up-and-coming field reporter turned co-anchor, Bradley Johnson. Alex, who feels threatened by Bradley, tries to desperately retain her place as a new rivalry is forged between them. Meanwhile, she also tries to stay relevant in a male-dominated industry, which believes her time is coming to a close.

When will The Morning Show Season 2 Release?

The Morning Show Season 2 is set to be released in late 2021. The Morning Show Season 1 was released back on 1 November 2019. And just one week after its premiere began, Apple renewed the show for a second season. The second season just like the first season, was set for 10 episodes. And according to what the showrunner Kerry Ehrin said in an interview, the filming for season 2 was to be done in the summer of 2020. So, that it could be aired on a date similar to the previous season in the same year. So, while the fans kept asking for Season 2 updates, production did begin on it from 24th February 2020. But just then, the COVID-19 cases kept ramping up. This led to the production being halted on 12th March 2020 after filming two episodes in 4 weeks.

The Morning Show Promotional Image

Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram post with her hairstylist. Chris McMillan.

Witherspoon even said that shooting would resume as soon as they are allowed to do so. Luckily the filming did resume back on 19th October 2020. This was evident even from a few cast members sharing their excitement on social media as well. Reese tweeted a video of her back in the set of The Morning Show on 12th December 2020. This was along with her declaring, “And We are Bacccckkkkk!” Later, in January 2021, even Jennifer Aniston posted a behind-the-scenes selfie with her hairstylist Chris McMillan from her trailer. She even posted at the end of February 2021, as she uploaded a video of her making coffee on the set of The Morning Show. So, considering how the posts from the set have been consistent, we could say that if everything goes according to the plan, The Morning Show Season 2 should air in Fall 2021.

What will be the Plot for The Morning Show Season 2?

When will The Morning Show Season 2 Release? Filming Details Revealed

Alex Levy and Mitch Kessler – credit Apple TV+

At the end of Season 1, we were left with a bunch of bombshells. Bradley heads to meet Hannah to see if her story about Mitch’s sexual harassment corroborates. Here Hanna breaks down as she recalls the incident. Chip is the one who leaked the news about Mitch to The New York Times. So. He knows that he is about to be fired. Therefore he tries to act fast, getting Mitch in the Morning Show for a live interview. Later as Claire shows up at Hannah’s apartment, she finds Hannah died from an overdose. This news travels fast, and as a result, Bradley cancels the interview. This leaves Alex to finally snap as she, along with Bradley, goes on about the sexual misconduct and the toxic work culture in the UBA. This goes on as a live feed which gets cut off after Bradley asks people to speak out more.

According to what the showrunners had planned, Season 2 of the Morning Show had much to do with transitions. While things are still going on, there are new beginnings with the form of reset the network has. Reese even described it as a “new world order”. No one truly knows who is in charge. Who is taking up the role of a leader? What does leadership even mean at this point? What is the new normal? These are some of the questions which were set to be answered in The Morning Show when Season 2 was set to release.

The Changes

Showrunner, Kerry Ehrin

The Morning Show delves into the contemporary matters of the world. Season 1 dealt with elements of the #MeToo Movement. So, there was something seemingly missing as Season 2 was being planned. According to Jennifer Aniston, the showrunners had successfully made six or seven outlines of the show. Nevertheless, it seemed like something was missing. Then occurred the Global Phenomenon of the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus the showrunners went back to the drawing board as they started to reimagine the script within the pandemic. This incorporation of the pandemic has made the story exciting. Jennifer Aniston goes back to mention how the situation wasn’t interesting in itself but how it affected the story would become an interesting watch.

Mark Duplass has revealed that even though two episodes of the season were already filmed, the script has begun to be rewritten. The Morning Show tries to depict real-life morning shows, therefore the show to be covering real-life events was important. Similar was the case for season 1, where the script was rewritten to encapsulate the #MeToo Movement as well. The show will be dealing with all the ills that occurred throughout the year, including the pandemic, racism, injustice, and everything that had become part of our daily morning routine.

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Who will be in the Cast of The Morning Show Season 2?

When will The Morning Show Season 2 Release? Filming Details Revealed

The Cast of The Morning Show

According to what we know, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will reprise their role as Alex Levy and Bradley Johnson in the next season as well. Joining them will be the Emmy Best Supporting Actor Award Winning Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass. There are even reports suggesting that Martin Short will also be playing a guest appearance in the show. Other returning cast members include Nestor Carbonell, Bel Powley, Karen Pittman, and Desean Terry. Earlier, it was said that Steve Carrell would not be returning for Season 2. Nevertheless, just before Season 2 filming began, he signed up to the cast as well.

New incoming cast members include ER and The Good Wife Actress Julianna Marguiles. She will be playing Laura Peterson, who is an anchor at UBA News. Hasan Minhaj joins the cast as Eric, a charismatic rising star who joins The Morning Show. Greta Lee will take on the role of Stella Bak, an ambitious leader of an online media company that caters to a millennial and Gen Z audience. Lastly, Ruairi O’Connor joins the cast as Ty Fitzgerald, a charismatic and savvy YouTube star.

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Where to Watch The Morning Show?

Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Johnson

The Morning Show is available to watch exclusively on Apple TV+. Here, the first season with 10 episodes is already available. And when Season 2 drops, it will also release on the same platform. The first season had the first three episodes released on the first day, with the rest of the episodes releasing per week. The Morning Show Season 2 release will most likely follow the same format as well. And considering Apple TV+ has a free trial period of seven days, you can watch the first season within that time. If you want to continue the subscription to watch the second season as well, it will cost you $4.99 a month. Also, considering that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc., are all Apple TV+’s direct competitors, the chances Of The Morning Show arriving on these platforms are slim to none.

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