The Members Of Omega X: Meet Spire’s Boy Group

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Meet Omega X
Meet Omega X

Last month, Omega X made their first ever comeback, and fans are here for it. Releasing their first single from their comeback album,  “What’s Goin’ On”, they have got fans dancing to the beats. Spire Entertainment debuted it’s eleven-member boy group in Summer 2021, and they are already on their way to having a huge fanbase. All the members of Omega X have already had their debut with other companies but have disbanded due to issues. With the idols getting another chance, they are already putting it to good use.

Omega X released their first single album as a part of their comeback, and within a week, the album’s sales went to 49,000 units. Making their debut in June 2021, with the hip-hop single “Vamos”, they also released their mini debut album. That is straight-up double from how their mini-album performed. And the numbers are still growing. The idols are already up on stage, performing their new music. While the fanbase grows and the new fans go on to the internet to dig up information about their bias from the group. So here is everything you need to read as you steam Omega X’s new album.

Meet Omega X
Meet Omega X: the eleven members of Spire Entertainment’s new group.

Who Is The Leader Of Omega X?

As every Kpop group has positions fixed for their members along with a leader, fans want to know who leads Omega X. To answer that, Omega X themselves revealed that there are no fixed positions for the members. And all of them do their best in showcasing their talents and skills to make their fans and team happy. Jaehan and Xen are the two members who can be found mostly in the studio writing and working on compositions for songs. While Jung hoon is the one who works on the choreographies for the other members and leads the way. For their debut back in June, he was the one who prepared the dance routines and staging them.

Omega X: Get To Know More About Your Bias!!

Here is everything you should know about your favorite member from Omega X!!!


Hangyeom’s full name is Song Han Gyeom, and his birthday is on July 17. Before joining his current group, Hangyeom used to be a part of “Seven-O-Clock” under the stage name A-Day. He was the all-rounder member as he used to be the leader, main rapper, and visuals of the previous group. Hailing from the capital Seoul, he graduated from Dongguk University and has participated in a survival show. Produced by YG, “MIXNINE” was one of the controversial survival shows, where many companies backed out later because of the contract. He was ranked in 6th position and was ready to debut but got cancelled. Hangyeom has been a leader since his school time as he used to run the school band and dance club. He joined V Spec Academy and trained there for three years after debuting with his first group. He was the first member to join Omega X.

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Junghoon’s full name is Han Jeong Hoon, and his birthday is on February 14. His priority is the fans and family members who love him for who he is. Before joining the group, he used to be a part of K-pop group “ENOi” with the stage name J-Kid. He used to be the lead dancer and main vocalist. As he loves to dance, he was also the main choreographer for his previous group. His friends call him ham or bubbly as he is very fun to be around. Junghoon terminated his contract with Kithewhale Entertainment and went on to join Omega X. He loves to eat Wolnam Soup and Rice Noodles, and his go-to drink is Ice Americano. He was the second member to join Omega X. And later, some of his former group members also followed his path.

Meet Omega X: the members during a virtual fanmeet through Reddit.


Jaehan’s full name is Kim Jae Han, and his birthday is on July 1. He made his idol debut under WYNN Entertainment with the K-pop boy band “Spectrum”. He used to be the lead vocalist in the group. Training under MMO Entertainment, he was a part of the musical duolingo “Onevoices”. Leaving the duo, he made his debut in 2018. The group disbanded because of the covid-19 consequences. After taking a much-needed break, Jaehan signed a contract with Spire Entertainment. Making his other debut with “Omega X” in March 2021 as they released their teaser. The thing that keeps him going in life is that he’s not afraid of failing and giving things a try. Before making his debut, he was also the part of M-Net’s Produce 101 season 2. His overall rank on the show was 75, as he was eliminated in episode four. He was the third member to join Omega X.

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Yechan’s full name is Sin Ye Chan, and his birthday is on May 14. Before making his debut, he participated in the survival show Under 19, where he got the 4th position. The show went on to for a group of “Top 9” contestants and named them “1THE9”. The group disbanded in August 2020. He used to be the tallest member on the show. His nickname is “Classical Schooler”. His favorite thing in the world is his MacBook that his parents gifted him, as he started his music journey from creating music on the device. He calls himself a neutral person, as he thinks neither fun nor serious. He became popular on the show for how he used to introduce himself, saying, “I’m Yechan who wants to entertain people with my sweet voice”. Before joining Omega X as the fourth member, he used to be under “Top Media”.

Meet Omega X
Meet Omega X: Omega X new comeback cover


Taedong’s full name is Kim Tae Dong, and his birthday is on November 7. One of the laziest members; he is the guy who likes to have everything within reach from the place he’s lying at. Or he won’t need it anymore. Before making his debut, he used to work as a part-timer at a café. Till now, he has participated in two survival shows. One being BOYS24, and the second being Produce 101 season two, along with Jaehan. Like Sebin, he is also the mother of the group, as he pushes his friends to be clean and keep their surroundings clean. Before joining Omega X, he used to be a part of “GIDONGDAE” and used to be the main dancer of the group. He spent his trainee period under The Vibe Label, where he was going to debut under JBJ. But he discontinued the contract as he was being mistreated at the agency. He looks up to  EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun for inspiration. He was the fifth member to join Omega X.

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Hyuk’s full name is Yang Hyuk, and his birthday is on March 15. Before joining Omega X, he made his debut under Kithewhale Entertainment, with “ENOi”. His stage name used to be GUN, and he used to be the lead rapper and visualist of the group, along with being the maknae. He didn’t really want to join the previous group but did because he was offered the position. After his debut, he went on to terminate the contract and later joined Omega X. His friend usually calls him Darren Wang or Alpaca. Hyuk loves to work out and play sports, but he sleeps a lot too. He also plays a really nice guitar. He was the sixth member to join Omega X.

Omega X


Kevin’s full name is Park Jin Woo, and his birthday is on January 12. He loves his blanket from when he was young and called it his most prized possession. He is really athletic and great at pull-ups and high jumps. Before joining Omega X, he used to be a part of “ENOi” under Kithewhale Entertainment in 2019. With the stage name Jinwoo, he used to be the sub-vocalist of the group. He only joined the group because he was good friends with the leader Laon and trusted him with his future. But he went on to terminate his contract and leave the group to join Omaha X. He loves playing computer games, cooking, and watching movies and was the seventh member to join Omega X.

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Hwichan’s full name is Lee Hwi Chan, and his birthday is on April 18. Before joining and releasing music with Omega X, he used to be a part of the K-pop group “Limitless”. His stage name used to be Raychan, and he was the lead vocalist in the group. The group is currently inactive. Hailing from Gimje in Jeollabuk-do, his friends call him the “Handsome Man”. He is one of the laziest members of the group. He loves to sleep and hates working out. But nobody can match his energy when the group performs on stage. Working his way into the industry, he looks up to the other members of the group for inspiration and works hard. He is also one of those people who prefer pineapple on pizza and likes it. He was the eighth member to join Omega X.

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Meet Omega X
Meet Omega X!!


Sebin’s full name is Jang Se Bin, and he was also a part of a K-pop group that is currently inactive. His birthday is on April 24. He made his debut under Widmay Entertainment with the K-pop group Snuper. But the band is currently not working due to other members serving their time in the military. Currently, being a part of Omega X, his friends call him “Burdock Prince”. According to other members, Sebin is full of positive vibes, and everybody loves having him around. He’s also the “mother” of the group, as he is the one mostly cooking and making sure everyone is taking care of themselves. Not just limiting himself to K-pop, he has had cameos in movies like “Cart” and “Mourning Grave” to show off his acting skills. He was the ninth member to join Omega X.

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Jehyun’s full name is Moon Je Hyun, and his birthday is on April 20. He also considers their fans his most prized possessions. He is known as the “Prince Wink” of the group. Jehyun has always wanted to do something with music or dance, hence went on to become a K-pop idol. Before joining Omega X, he used to be a part of “1Team” along with fellow member Xen. He was the main dancer and the vocalist of the group. He had been dancing throughout his high school days before becoming a trainee. From performing in festivals to polishing his dance skills in training. His strongest point is Urban style of dancing and adaptability. He was the tenth member to join Omega X.

Meet Omega


Xen’s full name is Lee Jin Woo, and his birthday is on February 20. Born in Daegu, he moved to Gyeongsan in Gyeongsangbuk-do and grew up there. Before joining the group, he used to be the part of “1TEAM” under the stage name Jinwoo. He even has a tattoo on his arm, paying tribute to his debut group. Putting himself before his work, Xen prefers not to burn himself out from work, as his body and mind are his greatest assets. His love for music began through his family as they used to sing in the church choir. Growing up, he became a huge fan of ballads, hip-hop, R&B soul, and Film Music. He loves to eat and even falls into a binge eating cycle when he’s under stress. If it wasn’t for being an idol, he wanted to be a Mukbang YouTuber. He was the last and eleventh member to join Omega X.

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