The Meg: DVD/ Blu-ray Release Date And All We Know

Based upon Steve Alten’s ‘Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror’ comes the sci-fi thriller called The Meg. Directed by Jon Turteltaub, The Meg traces adventures of a group of scientists. These scientists are in a bid for their lives while facing a 75 foot long Shark of the Megalodon species. All this takes place on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. The Meg released on August 10′ 2018 and grossed above $500 Million. This 113-minute long movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It stars Jason Statham and Ruby Rose beside others. Meg novel came out back in 1997, and it was only in the 90’s that Walt Disney Studios acquired rights to it. But that, of course, didn’t happen. And after being in paralysis for years, novel rights finally were acquired finally by Warner Bros.

The Meg: Plot

The movie is as terrific as the damn poster suggests! It gave me a real water scare after I finished watching it. Meg is short for Megalodon shark. It was/is a breed of prehistoric shark that seemed to have gone extinct.

Meanwhile, the group forms an international undersea observation program. In a misadventure, their deep-sea submersible is attacked by Megalodon shark. The team is now helpless at the bottom of the Pacific and thus begins their rescue mission. While they Await help in the Pacific, Meg is bloodthirsty and looking to wipe them all out.

Jason Statham plays Jonas Taylor the rescue scientist. He is awakened after years of slumber by Dr. Zhang. Zhang, the Chinese is an oceanographer (played by Winston Chao). Suyin (Li Bingbing) plays his daughter who’s reluctant to let Jonas on the team. But in the end, all three must save the group of scientists at the bottom of the ocean. The reason why Jonas Taylor leaves his place is that he already encountered Megalodon Shark five years ago. But as fate would have it, no one believed him then. The rest of the movie is jaw-dropping/ thrilling action.

The Meg: DVD Blu-ray Release Date

Coming to the most important question, will The Meg ever make it to DVD. The answer is yes. Prepare to be haunted in the cosy comfort of your home. The Meg Home entertainment will released on November 13′ 2018. But the digital version will be available much before, October 30′ 2018. There also the Special Edition (4K UHD Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, and DVD) that will contain:

1 Chomp On This: The Making Of The Meg
2 Creating The Beast

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