The Me You Can’t See Documentary: All You Need To Know

The Me You Can't See
The Me You Can't See

We can officially say that the last two years have been extremely difficult for the Royal Family of England. Prince Harry, the former prince of England, recently completed his new project, a documentary named The Me You Can’t See. The documentary talks about mental health and the stuff people go through, but they never talk about it. Prince Harry was inspired to work on this documentary after the very bold Oprah Winfrey interview where he revealed that his own family ill-treated him not only as an adult but also as a child. He said he lost his mother, Princess Diana, in very mysterious circumstances, and at her funeral, he and his brother were forced to walk behind her coffin in front of the whole country.

He said it was a very ugly thing to do to a kid who just lost his mother. Then he said his wife Meghan was slaughtered with racism when she birth to her firstborn, and Queen’s first question was, “Is the kind Black?” He said he felt insulted and vulnerable that he cannot protect the only family that matters.

The Me You Can't See Based On A True Story?
Prince Harry And Oprah Will Discuss About Mental Health In The Documentary The Me You Can’t See.

He said that was the day he decided that we will leave the “Toxic Royal Family.” However, Harry said leaving the source of toxicity is the process of healing, but you can’t get over it so easily.

What To Expect Prince Harry’s New Documentary From The Me You Can’t See

The documentary’s official trailer starts with a sequence where Oprah and Harry are sitting together for an interview, and Oprah says mental disorders are addressed with some really weird names like “He has gone nuts,” “He has completely lost it.” The documentary features celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rashad, DeMar, Hussain, Oprah, and many more renowned people who have suffered from mental disorders. And one thing is common amongst all the celebrities that they hid their mental problems from the world.

The documentary is a very crucial step towards the awareness of mental health. It tells us it will not make us weak or vulnerable if we seek help to feel better. In the trailer, Lady Gaga said everyone knows when she records and when she is walking the red carpet, but no one knows when she is in her self-service. Rashad said He wore a smile everywhere, play with sarcasm, and for the world, he is this happy-go jolly man but deep inside, he was just empty and deserted.

This is a much-needed documentary. Mental Health has to be taken seriously. Any mental health issue is as chronic as a physical health issue. We can’t take such issues lightly not anymore.

What Made Prince Harry Take A Step Towards Mental Health Awareness

Prince Harry has himself faced a lot of anxiety issues, and he even had PTSD. And he stated in one of his interviews that if he had seemed helpful before, his life could have been a lot different than it is now. He said he talked to many people about their cognitive issues, and one thing was common amongst all that they didn’t want anyone to know. And on being asked why they said we would be judged. People feel guilty and bad to seek help. So, let’s make it a never-ending trend to make it okay not to feel okay.

He said seeking help should not make you feel bad; Instead, you should feel proud. There is no shame in talking about your mental state. Harry said people don’t feel secure talking about their mental problems, so this is just an attempt to make this world a safe place to talk about your problems. He said Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but it is a sign of sheer bravery.

The Me You Can’t See Release Date

Prince Harry’s documentary The Me You Can’t See was released on 21st May 2021 on AppleTV. As the name suggests, you will see celebrities you have never seen before. Singers, princes, and anchors will talk about when they were not feeling themselves. But they still put on a smile and faked it just because they didn’t feel safe. So this is gonna hurt, but we will hurt together.