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The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 63: Release Date & Spoilers

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The new hero’s journey begins with The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 63, with Davey the Hero treating Ponta, hospitalized from a deadly disease that kills millions. The Max Level Hero Has Returned reveals Davey’s life a the hero who ruins his territory. From the latest Max Level Hero Has Returned chapter, Davey and Persek return to the mansion and finds Ulysse chatting with Winley. Winley is surprised that Davey is back so fast. Davey askes her if she can’t communicate with Barisse. Winley replies yeas and adds that their situation has worsened.

They talked about the treatment center, and Davey revealed that they are doing their best to help Ponta recover. Ulysse told Davey that he had discovered something about the disease management corps officials that recently visited this territory. He adds that the two are Count Lington and Baron Gerneo. But their nobility titles are from the past, and their current titles are officials of the central diseases management corps. Winley is surprised that those two are officials, and Ulysse admits that. Ulysse took a paper and pen and began to draft something. He wrote the ranking system in the central management corps.

In the rankings, there are three chairmen and the president, including fifteen officials.  But under them, countless humans belong to the knights or medical groups. Davey realizes that the three chairmen are the three emperors and takes the ranking paper to analyze it. Ulysse realizes that Davey is fast in understanding things. Davey finds that the president is the pope of the Holy Kingdom Valshas. Ulysse explains why the group got created and how they can fix things and heal the diseases.

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Previously on The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 62

Ulysse told Davey that the fifteen officials possess great medical skills. But they have concealed the details of the officials to avoid personal conflicts. Ulysse also said that those guys are authorities of three emperors and the alliance of kingdoms. Count Lington supports that idea since he thinks it makes sense. Ulysse reveals that the Rown Kingdom has also joined hands, and they become part of the alliance. But if they oppose them, they will become enemies with the Empire and recognize them as traitors of the alliance. Winley reminds Ulysse that the citizens are afraid.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

Ulyse reveals that those guys have arrived, but it is not long since they came, and they can sit and watch what will happen. The dispatched knights’ captain is Count Coleo, and they are wealth destruction knights. Davey wonders if Count Coleo is from the Eastern Territory of the Randis Kingdom. Ulysse admits that and says Coleo is one of the royal knights. But there are rumors that he retired a few years ago, and it seems like he has been around. Ulysse thinks that they can allow those guys to handle things since it is not a bad idea.

Winley realizes that this might be dangerous and wish she has not brought the two of them here with her. Davey told her not to worry since it would be okay, but it may trouble Ulysse, and he replied that he would be good. Ulysse adds that Ponta is a mage possessing a red tower. Davey wonders if Ulysse is the elder of the red tower. Persek thinks that Ulysse is here for some reason, and they can’t trust him because of his appearance. Davey wonders if Ulysse is here to help them.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

Illustration from The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 63 Release Date

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 63 will be released on 19 September 2021. The new chapters of The Max Level Hero Has Returned will continue to release every Sunday, but the latest update of the manga chapter will be available during the weekdays since The Max Level Hero Has Returned release the latest chapter late on Sunday. The Max Level Hero Has Returned gets delayed when the manga takes a weekly break. Let’s find Ulysse’s motive in the next chapter of The Max Level Hero Has Returned, which will release this coming weekend.

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