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Spoilers: The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 59

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 59
The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 59

The Max-Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 59 will release soon. We talked about the last chapter a few days ago, but the manga has released the latest one, let’s take a look at the recent updates of the next chapter. Davy and Amy have found two little girls inside the mansion, and Davy realizes that they emerged from his blade and he has contact with them. In the morning, Davy’s sister arrives, sees the kids, and asks who the kids’ father is. Davy replied that they are the kids he is taking care of, like his daughters.

Davy’s sister realizes that Davy keeps on doing something new all the time she meets with him. She told him that she was troubled when he told her that he would go to a territory that was a wasteland. Davy’s sister also talked about Davy’s Moongrass Busines, and she is impressed that the business is a success. She adds that she met with the dwarves in the village, thinking that they didn’t show themself to the outside world. The dwarves have been helping Davyi’s sister before she arrives at the mansion.

The dwarves told her they would like to serve her but were worried about the territory, and she told them not to worry about it. The trio had fun and play with the little kids. Davy’s sister is glad that she saw her brother, and they had fun together. The two realize that they have been busy and didn’t get to see each other or visit. They both enjoyed traveling around the village and decided to head back to the castle. Davy told Amy to join them, and Davy’s sister told the kids to play with the older sister.

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Previously on The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 58

The two enter the living room, and Davy asks about Varice, wondering how his sister gets time since she has a busy schedule. Davy’s sister reveals a decrease in the number of bandit attacks and the territory has become peaceful, and they can travel with no worries. She told him that she came here because she has a request for him. Davy’s sister asks her brother if he knows to use the power of a stigma. Davy wonders why she is asking that, and she replies that she is relying on him.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The Max Level Hero Has Returned

Davey wonders why Winley is crying and insist on knowing about that power. Winley apologizes, and she falls asleep. Davey took her to a guest room and decided that he will talk with her in the morning. The butler realizes that it is bothering Winley, and he told Davy that there is a distance between the Ordem Territory where Winley and Varice live and this place. They know that Winley has traveled for days without taking a rest. Davy realizes that her people are vital to her.

The following day, Winley opens up and reveals that her friend is currently on the brink of death, and the doctors and priests have given up on her. Ponta is Winley’s bodyguard who took a poisoned arrow from bandits for Winley. If Ponta didn’t take that arrow, Winley would have died. The dark blue spot appeared on Ponta’s body after the poison got detoxified. Ponta keeps showing abnormal symptoms, and Winley heard that maybe the highest priest with a stigma could help Ponta recover. Winley wonders what she has to do, and Davy consoles her. Winley went to sleep, and Davey talked with Persek about how they could help Ponta.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 59 Release Date

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 59 will be released on 22 August 2021. The new chapters of  The Max Level Hero Have Returned will be available every week on Tuesdays. But The Max Level Hero Has Returned delay the new chapters. We will update the upcoming chapter after The Max Level Hero HasReturned releases its latest chapter. For now, we don’t have the official platform to read the manga, but the new chapter will get releases every week.

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