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The Lookout Kdrama Review: Tragedy Behind Crime Fighters

K-drama Lookout 2017
The review of 2017 Kdrama, Lookout

There is no doubt that Kdramas are huge at the moment. People from different nations and regions are developing interests in Korean entertainment. Today, we’ve decided to throw light on another one of the Kdrama, The LookoutThe Lookout or The Guardians is a 2017 Kdrama that achieved great comments and reviews from viewers and critics. The Lookout is an MBC original. The audience can also stream the show via streaming services such as Rakuten Viki and Dramacool. 

The Lookout, also known as The Guardian, is a South Korean drama. It made its debut in May 2017 and concluded in July 2017. With 32 episodes, the show managed to entertain people with its thrilling concept. It has been four years since the show bid us goodbye. However, it is still the talk of the town. Moreover, with its new addition to the Netflix content library, The Lookout is definitely back on track.  Let’s check out all the major details regarding the 2017 Kdrama, its reviews, and why you should watch it. 

The Lookout Storyline and Concept

The Lookout/The Guardians are one of the Kdramas which have the most appealing yet different storylines. Where most of the Kdramas focus on getting the lead couple together, The Lookout had other plans. The show describes the reality of society and how justice perceives in one.

2017 Kdrama, Lookout

A still from Kdrama, lookout (2017)

The show follows the lives of a group of people who unfortunately fell into chaos due to family tragedies. These people are responsible for keeping an eye on the criminals 24 hours a day. Hence, the guardians. Apart from monitoring the criminals, they also work to save the potential victims way before the crime is done.

These people fight the corrupted humans working in the crime and justice department and embarrass them. In the end, their main goal is to get the criminals inside the jail, where they belong. Among all this, these five people also fight their own battles. Friendships, love, and humanity are tested as the story moves forward. In all, the show makes sure to send done a shiver of chill while the audience witnesses the Tv show.

The Cast and Crew

The Lookout has some of the best actors. The main lead cast comprises five people- Lee Si Young plays Jo Soo Ji, Kim Young Kang plays Jang Do Han, Kim Tae Hoon plays Kim Eun Jung, Kim Seul Gi plays Seo Bo Mi, and Key (Kim Ki Bum) plays Gong Kyung Su. Altogether, they lead the show. Moreover, actors like Choi Moo-sung, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Sun-young, Jung Suk-Yong, Park Joo-Hyung, and Seo Jae-Hyung are also part of the show.

CAst of 2017 Kdrama, Lookout

The cast of Kdrama, Lookout (2017)

The leads of the show carry intense and bold features throughout the show as they fight the bad guys to achieve success. The performances delivered by the cast are phenomenal and one of the best traits of the show. But, let’s not forgot about the people working behind the cameras as well.

The 2017 Kdrama is directed by Song Hyung Suk (Two Weeks, Personal Taste) and Park Seung Woo (Kairos, Spring Turns to Spring). Kim Soo Eun has written the screenplay of the show. Sadly, Soo Eun hasn’t participated in another drama after The Lookout.

“The Lookout”- Strong female Lead

Most of the Kdramas have soft, shy, and dreamy female characters. In short, the lovable ones, which are meant to fulfill their dreams but with love. Whereas in The Lookout, the females are badass, strong, who are meant to break your bones.

Lee Si Young plays Jo Soo Ji, and we cannot think of any other actress to play the part. Considering that Si-Young used to box earlier, her fighting scenes don’t look very surprising. The actress knows how to throw a good punch. Jo Soo Ji is mean and knows how to get things done. The female lead in the show rocks a leather jacket and rides a motorcycle with the coolest expressions. We are looking forward to seeing other actresses in such roles as well.

2017 Kdrama, Lookout

Lee Si-young as Jo Soo-ji in Lookout (2017)

The Lookout might not have glazed its magic onto the masses, but it definitely has the potential to. With a great story, concept, acting, and idea, The Lookout deserves more recognition. Probably after watching it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t binge-watched The Lookout before.

Go ahead and check it out now. And if you like it, you will also enjoy Ji Chang Wook’s Healer, which you can stream here.

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