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The Light Between Oceans Ending Explained

The Light Between Oceans ending explained
The Light Between Oceans ending explained

Derek Cianfrance’s cinematic 2016 adaptation of M.L. Steadman’s 2012 novel was a major production between the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Firstly, The Light Between Oceans features a star-studded cast like Michael Fassbender, Rachel Weisz, and Alicia Vikander. Secondly, the movie adaptation narrates the lives of a marriage that takes care of a lighthouse. They rescue and adopt a cast-away little girl. But years after, the couple finds out who the girl’s real parents are and then must face a challenge.

One of the production aspects behind this film that many film buffs might not know is that it is the last Touchstone Pictures film produced prior to it becoming defunct. It also marks the last DreamWorks pictures film distributed by the giant Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Moreover, the film competed in the 73rd Venice International Film Festival in September 2016. Now without any further ado, let’s share with you this film’s plot and ending.

The Light Between Oceans ending explained

The Light Between Oceans ending explained

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The Light Between Oceans plot

In December 1918, Tom Sherbourne, a traumatized and withdrawn World War I veteran, is recruited as a lightkeeper at Janus Rock. An Australian lighthouse off the coast. He falls in love with a local girl named Isabel Graysmark and marries her. Isabel had two miscarriages in two years and thinks she will never be a mother. A rowboat carrying a deceased man and a newborn baby girl washes up near the Lighthouse shortly after Isabel’s second loss. Tom is aware that he is obligated by law to disclose the finding. Isabel, on the other hand. Is concerned that the baby would almost definitely be transferred to an orphanage and convinces Tom to pass the infant off as their own daughter. To which he reluctantly agrees. He buries the guy on the island, and the couple names their newborn daughter Lucy.

As Tom and Isabel prepare to have Lucy baptized on the mainland, Tom notices a lady, Hannah Roennfeldt, kneeling in front of a gravestone with the names of Franz Johannes Roennfeldt and his newborn daughter Grace Ellen, who were lost at sea on the day they discovered Lucy, April 26, 1923. Tom is concerned that Lucy, Hannah’s missing newborn daughter, might be her. He writes to Hannah anonymously to inform her that her husband is no longer alive but that her newborn daughter is secure, loving, and properly cared for.

Tom’s guilt takes over.

Four years later, Tom, Isabel, and little Lucy, who have had a beautiful existence, attend a ceremony commemorating the anniversary of Tom’s Lighthouse. And they strike up a discussion with Hannah and her sister, Gwendolyn “Gwen” Potts. They discover that Franz is German, that Hannah’s marriage to him so soon after the First World War was fraught with controversy, and that he was attacked in the street by a drunken mob. He got into a rowboat and took his newborn daughter with him.

Tormented by his guilt, Tom sends Hannah a tiny grey rattle discovered on the boat with Lucy. One of Tom’s coworkers spots the rattle on a reward poster and reports him to the cops. Tom, who is accused of killing Franz, accepts full responsibility, saying he forced Isabel into submission. Isabel is furious that Tom is ready to give Lucy away and refuses to communicate with him after his imprisonment. The authorities were unable to determine whether Franz was dead or alive when they found him from the distressed Isabel.

What happens to Little Lucy?

Little Lucy is reunited with her original family, but she first rejects and despises them owing to her lack of recollection of them. She refuses to be addressed by her given name. Lucy flees in an attempt to return to the Lighthouse and her “true parents,” and a rescue squad is sent to find her. She is discovered and returned to Hannah, but circumstances cause Hannah to understand that Lucy now belongs to Isabel.  Hannah offers to give Lucy back to Isabel after Isabel testifies against Tom. Just before Tom is going to be transported by boat to Albany for trial, Isabel reads a letter Tom had written her, in which he admits he did not deserve his happiness with Lucy and how bearing the responsibility would alleviate his guilt for surviving the war.

The Light Between Oceans ending explained

The Light Between Oceans ending explained

The Light Between Oceans ending explained

Isabel gets aboard the boat and spills the beans. Hannah agrees to speak on their behalf at trial. Moved by their gesture and reminded by Franz’s remarks to always forgive people. Lucy has finally started to connect with her real mother and maternal grandpa. Who has agreed to name her “Lucy-Grace” as a compromise? Lucy-Grace Rutherford, 27, hunts Tom down in 1950, accompanied by her newborn son Christopher. She hasn’t spoken to the Sherbourne’s in over eighteen years since they promised not to contact her for the remainder of her adolescence.

Isabel had just died, still haunted by remorse over her deeds. And Tom hands Lucy-Grace a note written by her adoptive mother in case she ever made contact. An emotional Lucy-Grace thanks Tom, her only father, for rescuing and nurturing her during the four years she spent on Janus Rock. And she begs if she may return. She and Tom have a last hug before she departs. Tom sits on his rocking rocker, satisfied with his lot in life.

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