The Last Kingdom Season 3: Reasons For Delay, Release Date And Spoilers

The Last Kingdom is a historical drama that was owned by BBC/Netflix previously. The historical Vikings show shifted to Netflix, wholly and solely for its Season 3. Technically by now, the show should have aired its third season. But that, of course, didn’t happen. The only reason for the delay is the marketing strategy for Netflix. Since Netflix is the sole boss, nobody can really question that decision. For streaming services like Netflix, two factors are to be taken into account, timing and which show/movie to air in that timing.

Firstly, summers for Netflix this year saw a heavily dominated movie Season and a number of big TV show premieres. So the sole motive behind The Last Kingdom’s delay is not to let the show get lost in the shuffle. An October-November premiere makes all the sense in that regard. Secondly, by following the above strategy, The Last Kingdom will face less competition, cooler temperatures attract more viewers that will, of course, be interested in checking live programming. Finally, all of this means The Last Kingdom will stay for more Seasons.

The Last Kingdom Season 3

The Last Kingdom Season 3: Release Date

Now, since I beforehand mentioned October-November premiere date for The Last Kingdom, one should know that we’re only looking for the period of a month for official notification to come out. Netflix is the kind of streaming service that likes to hold on the premiere date of a show to just a month or two before it actually comes out. This gives the viewers to build their excitement.

By the end of Season 2, BBC decided on canceling The Last Kingdom. It aired previously on both BBC2 and Netflix. And so the show landed into Netflix’s arms and turned Netflix from a former co-producer to an owner. We have heard multiple statements saying either “in the autumn” or “later this year.” And that’s all we know for now. But that doesn’t stop us from guessing the release date. Expect The Last Kingdom to air by the end of Autumn.

The Last Kingdom Season 3: Spoilers

Last we saw Alfred the Great defended his Kingdom from Norse Invaders. Uhtred is a Saxon by blood but is raised by Vikings. So Uhtred seeks to claim his ancestral birthright in the next Season. Season 3 of The Last Kingdom will pay attention and derive from Cornwell’s 5th and 6th novels; this period is roughly described as from 892 to 893. We’ll see Uhtred fighting the Norsemen for his right; we also know Uhtred defeats them to become the chief warlord.

The Last Kingdom Season 3: Cast

The cast of Season 3 will include:
Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg.
Emily Cox as Brida.
David Dawson as King Alfred the Great.
Eliza Butterworth as Aelswith.
Millie Brady as Princess Aethelflaed.
Toby Rego as Aethelred.
Henrik Lundström as Rollo.

If all goes well for James Northcote as Aldhelm, his character might appear too.

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