The Last Kingdom Season 3: Bernard Cornwell To Make An Appearance?

Oh my God! This has to be the most significant news for fans of The Last Kingdom since BBC2 disowned it. Bernard Cornwell is going to make a cameo appearance in Season 3 of the series. Bernard Cornwell is the creator, the writer of the books upon which The Last Kingdom is based. This announcement was made on the official Twitter handle of the show just a couple of hours ago. The Last Kingdom Season 3 will pop on Netflix later in 2018. We saw Cornwell’s first look in which he styles shoulder length hair, kind of like a long Bob.

Cornwell has been called as an extraordinary guest, and indeed, he is. For Season 3, the creators also gave a spoiler in that Cornwell and Uhtred are coming face to face. We all heard rumors of Cornwell doing a cameo, the Author himself on his official site teased it once. But finally, we have an official confirmation. We do not have a name for Cornwell’s character or the role he’ll play except coming face to face with Dreymon.

The Last Kingdom Season 3: Release Date

Coming soon is what makers, Netflix and producers say. Season 3 of The Last Kingdom shouldn’t be that far away. You may expect a winter 2018 release. The official release date should be out soon. Looks like after revealing Dreymon’s (Uhtred) first look, Cornwell’s first look, this is the only pending news. All episodes to Season 3 will release in a go on Netflix and this Season is supposed to be the longest. Season 1 and 2 had 8 episode each. Season 3 to The Last Kingdom takes from Cornwell’s fifth (The Burning Land) and sixth (Death of Kings) novels from The Saxon Stories. The Saxon Stories contains a total of 11 novels.

For Season 3 of the series, Ragnar is to share a more prominent role. Actor Tobias Tobias Santelmann plays Ragnar. Since Season 3 is based upon The Burning Land, you will see Uhtred of Bebbanburg reunite with his friend, also his brother Ragnar the Younger. Not that Ragnar hasn’t made an appearance until now. But for Season 3 he will share a lot of screen space with Uhtred. Season 3 of The Last Kingdom will have ten episodes for us to binge watch on. The last Kingdom talks about the birth of England. For Season 3, Uhtred will land in deeper trouble as him, and King Alfred (David Dawson) haven’t been on the best of terms. So Uhtred for majority part will spend time with his friend brother.

The Last Kingdom Season 3: Cast
For Season 3 you see expect the following:
Uhtred of Bebbanburg / Alexander Dreymon
King Alfred / David Dawson
Ragnar / Tobias Santelmann
Amongst the new cast members, you will see:
Bloodhair / Ola Rapace
Skade / Thea Sofie Loch Naess
And finally, in the cameo, you may see
Bernard Cornwell as Unknown.

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