The Last Jedi Filming Locations: Where is the Movie Shot?

The Last Jedi Filming Locations
The Last Jedi Filming Locations

If you’re a Star Wars fan and want to know The Last Jedi filming locations, look no further! This movie was filmed all over the world and some of the places will impress you. From Europe to South America, the filmmakers chose these exotic locations from these great countries to bring us the ambiance that only the Star Wars world can give us to tell that story.

Since the first Star Wars movie, we’ve been transported to a galaxy far away, a long time ago. But these places are right here on planet Earth. It’s incredible how storytelling as deep and intricate as the Star Wars world can find inspiration here on Earth while taking us on an otherworldly journey. Let’s begin covering the Last Jedi filming locations without any further ado.

The Last Jedi Filming Locations
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

The Last Jedi Filming Locations

This Star Wars movie was filmed in Croatia, Ireland, Bolivia, and the United States. Each location has an ambiance and setting unique to it. So whether you’re just curious or want to travel there for a Star Wars-theme globe-trotting vacation, let us take you on a trip worldwide!

Croatia, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is our first stop in Croatia. This Mediterranean coastline city has served for other mega-productions, like HBO’s Game of Thrones —remember King’s Landing? Well, that’s Dubrovnik! In the case of Star Wars, the filmmakers chose the city for its red roofs made of clay and its beautiful coastline to create the ambiance of Canto Bight, a gambling capital in the galaxy akin to Vegas.

The Last Jedi Filming Locations
The roofs of Dubrovnik in Croatia

Bolivia, El Salar de Uyuní

The breathtaking scenery of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is enough to take anyone to another dimension. The mineral planet of Crait is given a prominent part in The Last Jedi as the salt flats. The crimson mineral hiding beneath the white surface of the Star Wars planet gives it a startling appearance during an epic fight scene. While the real-world location lacks the gorgeous red inside, it is nonetheless visually stunning. The world’s largest salt flat gets transformed into a gigantic mirror when it rains. When dried, it resembles the moon’s surface.

The Last Jedi Filming Locations
This is a very lunar-looking surface, right in the landlocked country of Bolivia’s altiplano.


We now must stop in this great land of shamrocks, leprechauns, pints, and great people to admire the several locations chosen by the filmmakers to recreate some iconic places in the Star Wars saga. In Ireland, three places were chosen for photography. Firstly, we have County Donegal, known for its green hills. Then some other shots were taken from Ceann Sibeal.

Skellig Michael

Soon after the release of The Force Awakens, the rugged Irish island of Skellig Michael had already caught people’s imaginations. In the film’s last moments, Rey finally met Luke Skywalker, who’d been hiding in self-imposed seclusion on the planet Ahch-to, or Skellig Michael. While the new film will undoubtedly teach audiences more about the planet – and its beautiful residents – the island has a fascinating history, having served as a home to Christian priests from the fifth to the 12th centuries.

The Last Jedi Filming Locations
This is where Luke was hiding out.

United States, Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a vast and lonely place in the Utah desert. The flats cover an area of 30,000 acres and stretch for more than 100 miles. They are made up of a thick layer of salt that is nearly 12 feet deep in some places. To this day, it is still one of the flattest places on Earth. The Bonneville Salt Flats have been home to many speed records over the years. Car and motorcycle enthusiasts use them for land-speed record runs because the salt surface allows vehicles to reach very high speeds without losing traction easily.

In 2009, a British man named Andy Green set the world land-speed record on the flats when he reached a speed of 763 miles per hour in a car called Bloodhound SSC. The Bonneville Salt Flats are also popular with photographers and filmmakers. The vast, empty landscape provides the perfect backdrop for all kinds of creative shots. In 2015, the TV show Westworld used the salt flats as a filming location for its western-themed scenes.

The Last Jedi Filming Locations
The Bonneville Salt Flats

So what do you think of these places? Maybe you have visited these places. Or maybe after reading this piece, you satisfied your curiosity. Perhaps after reading this, you’ll include some of these fabulous destinations on your schedule. That’s up to you. We’re singing off here from Otakukart. See you soon!

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