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The King’s Affection Teaser: A Look At Netflix’s New K-drama

The King's Affection teaser
A still from teaser of The King's Affection.

Last Updated on September 22, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

Another period K-drama is on its way, and the fans can’t keep calm for its arrival. Netflix has made the announcement that it will once again be collaborating with KBS on one more project. The upcoming K-drama is “The King’s Affection,” and to tease the fans a little bit, KBS has also released a new teaser for the show. As for the release date of the K-drama coming closer, the channel is taking its time to reveal more and more details about the drama. And fans are already very much hyped for the upcoming show.

After releasing the leading cast members of the K-drama, two teasers for “The King’s Affection” are out. The teaser, beautifully shot, gives a look at the perspectives of both the characters. With its release in the upcoming month of October, the show stars SF9’s Rowoon as the male lead, Jung Ji Woon. While casting Park Eun Bin as the female lead, Lee Hwi. Rowoon, along with being an idol, has some great acting skills. Popularly known for his K-drama”Extraordinary You”, he was last seen in “She Would Never Know”. Park Eun Bin was last seen in “Do You Like Brahms?”

The King's Affection teaser

The King’s Affection: Park Eun Bin and Rowoon

What Is “The King’s Affection” About?

The upcoming K-drama, “The King’s Affection,” is based on a manhwa of the same name. Going back into time, in the royal palace, twins, a boy, and a girl, are born to the queen. While the palace is preparing the boy to take up his father’s place when he grows up, the girl has been abandoned in the palace. But when fate strikes, the real prince dies of an illness. To save the people from panicking, the king’s daughter is dressed as the crown prince and is now being prepared to take the thrown as Prince Lee Hwi.

Learning everything she can, like the future prince, Lee Hwi, is quite talented and skilled at the literary and martial arts. Knowing that she can’t reveal her identity to the world, she maintains a distance from anyone who tries to get close to her. No matter who they are.

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The Perspective of Jung Ji Woon

Giving a look at the K-drama, the teaser for “The King’s Affection” shows the crown prince, Lee Hwi, sitting along with the royal teacher, Jung Ji Woon. As teacher Jung Ji Woon offers the crown prince some tea to drink. He sees the shadow of a beautiful woman drinking tea in the mirror that is kept to the side. But looking straight in front of him, he sees the prince as he is. As the crown prince, Lee Hwi stands up to leave to room; his eyes follow the prince. And he sees the shadow of a woman through the door. But running out of the room, he sees no one, but prince Lee Hwi himself, walking down the hallway. As the teacher and student spend time together, Jung Ji Woon starts looking at Lee Hwi’s face. Finding features similar to a feminine face.

The King's Affection teaser

A still from the teaser from The King’s Affection.

And with the passing of time, he finds himself smiling as he looks at Prince Lee Hwi, laughing and enjoying himself with the others. Thinking about who the crown prince is, Jung Woon is lost in his thoughts and questions. And as he is lost in his trance, Prince Lee Hwi snaps him out of the dream. Not being able to take the confusion and his doubts anymore, he finally asks the prince who the high grace is?

The Perspective of Lee Hwi

While in the second teaser released by the channel, takes the perspective of the prince himself. Or, as we should say herself. We see Lee Hwi in the hanbok, dancing softly and enjoying herself through the open hallway. And as she makes another turn in the middle, her attire changes into the one of the crown prince. Making a few more rounds as the prince, her back hits something. Looking back, it was the royal teacher, Ji Jung Woon. And Jung Woon holds her, not knowing who she actually is, as both of their heartbeats thump together.

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