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‘The King’s Affection’ Episode 3: Release Date, Preview, Spoilers

The King's Affection Episode 3
The King's Affection cr: Netflix

The King’s Affection Episode 3 will be releasing soon. With the release of just two episodes, The King’s Affection has already stolen fans’ hearts.When will Ji Hoon discover Lee Hwi’s secret? How will Ji Hoon win her trust? Are some of the questions that fans hope episode 3 will answer.  Furthermore, The King’s Affection is a new South Korean historical romance drama. It tells us the story of a young princess, who was ordered to be killed at birth, ends up becoming a crown prince. Additionally, The King’s Affection is set up during the Joseon era. During those times, the birth of twins was considered a bad omen,especially twins of royal blood. So when the crown princess gave birth to beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, chaos ensued.

This magnificent drama has been written by the talented Han Hee Jung. Han Hee Jung has previously proved his talent with Clean With A Passion For Noe. Furthermore, The King’s Affection is being directed by Song Hyuk Wook who is know for his work in Another Miss Oh. However, the cast of this drama steals all the spotlight. Furthermore, The King’s Affection has roped in popular faces like the handsome Rowoon from SF9 and Park Eun Bin from Do You Like Brahms? These two will be playing destined lovers in the coming episodes of The King’s Affection. So without further ado, let us tell you all the details regarding The King’s Affection Episode 3.

The King’s Affection Episode 3 Release Date

The King’s Affection Episode 3 will be releasing on the 18th of October. Morever the release date of this climatic episode will fall on a Monday, so make you clear your schedule. Fans have a lot of expectations from Episode 3 of The King’s Affection. Now that we have met our dashing male lead in present times,the one week long wait is becoming unbearable. The show releases two exciting episodes per week. Furthermore, fans are amazed by the talent that the child actors have put forth. Especially, the beautiful child actress Choi Myung Bin who has effortlessly pulled off the role of the majestic young prince and the maid. It is also very interesting to watch Da Mi turn herself into a young prince both physically and mentally.

The KIng's Affection Episode 3 Release Date

The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

What changes will meeting her childhood friend bring for Da Mi? Will she be able to pretend in front of him? Fans have been buzzing with excitement to find out. Make sure you mark your calendars for the King’s Affection Episode 3 release date!

How to Watch The King’s Affection?

You can watch this exciting historical drama on Netflix and KBS2. Furthermore, if you are based in South Korea, then you can easily watch it on KBS2. The first two episodes of the kseries have been nothing short of perfect. The show is cooked up of all the good ingredients like an impactful backstory, a swoon worthy romance, and a badass female lead. As a matter of fact, Park Eun Bin’s quote from the press conference is going viral. The talented actress stated that the thought of a women sitting on a throne during the Joseon era pulled her towards this role.  This drama has taken up 21:30 time slot according to Korean Standard Time on the KBS2 channel. If you are an International viewer, then have no worries because Netflix has got your back.

How to Watch The King's Affection?

The King’s Affection cr: KBS2

Furthermore, Netflix releases the latest episodes of The King’s Affection with subtitles in multiple languages. Now you can watch this royal romance unfold from any corner of the world.

The King’s Affection Episode 3 Preview

After watching the exciting preview of The King’s Affection Episode 3, a week’s wait seems like an eternity. After the bully prince, saw her true form at the hunting, he assumed she is a court maid. Morever, Da Mi is getting an earful from Court Lady for not being careful. Most importantly, Da Mi decides to kill Ji Woon as he has seen her true form. However, when he gets hired as tutor this task seems unattainable. Furthermore, the coming episode may feature an attack on Prince Lee Hwi. There is not one dull moment in The King’s Affection, so do not miss out!

The King's Affection Episode 3 Preview

The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

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