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The Jolt Movie Ending Explained

Once again, in the previous month, Amazon Studios was back with yet another film venture, which thus far is well received by the audiences. We’re talking about none other than The Jolt movie starring actress Kate Beckinsale (from Serendipity) in the lead role. For those of you living under a rock, Jolt is a 2021 American action-comedy that’s been adapted from a screenplay by writer Scott Wascha and directed by the brilliant Tanya Wexler. Besides Kate Beckinsale as the lead, the film stars Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci, and Jai Courtney. It was released on July 23, 2021, by Amazon Studios.

Even though the movie was praised by the audiences, its ending still has left many unanswered questions. It’s hard not to wonder about certain plots… (spoiler alert). If you are one of those still wondering if Lindsey gets her revenge, please keep reading down below.

Jolt Movie: Plot

Before we move ahead with the ending explanation, it’s imperative to understand the basic plot of the movie, on which rest the various (confusing) B-plots. The lead of the movie is Kate Beckinsale’s Lindy Lewis. She plays a young woman who has been diagnosed with the intermittent explosive disorder. This leads us to burst into anger, much to the discomfort of her family and friends. And even though her parents try to institutionalize her on account of anger, eventually, she registers in the army since she feels it’s a perfect outlet to vent out the inbuilt rage in her.

Biologically speaking, Lindy Lewis bursts into fits of violent rage because her body has an unusually high level of cortisol, which in turn makes her stronger and faster than normal. Even the tiniest transgression can anger her and lead to abnormally scary outbursts.  The Army, too, is unsuccessful in controlling her rage, and now she must find a new way to help stabilize herself. This, of course, leads to a kind of self-administered shock treatment, which, even though it almost takes her life, makes her somewhat fit to live a normal life. Here’s the trailer of the movie to helo you understand the perplexing plot.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the ending and the big question of whether or not she is able to get her revenge. After the treatment by psychiatrist Dr. Munchin, Lindy is somewhat living a normal life. She’s doing well for herself, and that’s when the trouble kicks on her door. At the advice of Dr. Munchin, she dates a bar bouncer named Justin. They are all in love and happy, and before you know it, Lindy gets a call from the police informing her about Justi’s murder.

With all that anger hidden inside her, it’s quite obvious she has found a vent and a reason to seek revenge. She wants to find Justin’s killers and harm them at any cost, and so she sets out on her mission. The police chase, in the end, is a sign that Lindy has to mislead the officers on Justin’s murder case and took the law into her own hands. Though the officers try to stop Lindy from killing Justin’s murderers, she gives them the slip and escapes from the scene. These two officers would be detective Vicar and Nevin, and before Lindy is on the run, she steals Justin’s phone from the evidence room. While Nevin and Vicar can be seen arguing about Lindy’s choices, expressing their conflicting opinions about the situation, Lindy, on the other hand, has forced Justin’s boss, Barry, to reveal the name of his killers. Barry tells her his boss, Gareth Fizel, was involved in illegal businesses, which ultimately had something to do with Justin’s murder.

Lindy Lewis (Kate Beckinsale) plays a woman afflicted with explosive disorder.

Just when he manages to get hold of Fizel and confronts him, the shocking secret is revealed. Justin was never dead and had used Lindy as a decoy so he could kill Fizel. He and Dr. Munchin were in on the deal together, and this alone is enough to send Lindy into another fit of rage. In the end, she obliterates Justin, and Dr. Munchin is arrested for malpractice.

The last shot shows Lindy’s swollen face and eyes, thus setting the plot for another sequel.

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Seher Mir is a grad student who prefers to spend her time judging fictional characters. She inhales pop culture in many forms, from being an Oscar junkie to still bingeing episodes of Seinfeld. Mir is thrilled to be at OtakuKart.

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