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The Invisible Man Ending Explained: How The Movie Ended?

The Invisible Man Ending Explained
The Invisible Man

Occasionally, the ending of a movie can be challenging for a moviegoer to comprehend. In addition, we would need to watch a Youtube video or article to understand the movie’s final scene. It is the same thing with The Invisible Man movie. There are many viewers who may have difficulty understanding the ending of The Invisible Man. Further, in this article, the Invisible Man ending will be explained. Additionally, the movie details will be discussed as well.

A science-fiction horror film, The Invisible Man, was released in 2020. The film was written and directed by Leigh Whannell. It is based on the novel by H.G. Wells of the same name. It tells the story of a woman who believes she is being stalked and gaslit by her wealthy and abusive ex-boyfriend. After his apparent suicide, she still believes this and concludes that he has acquired the power of invisibility. Michael Dorman, Harriet Dyer, Aldis Hodge, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen star in the movie.

The development of Wells’ 1897 novel as the basis for a new film started as early as 2006. In 2016, Universal attempted to revive the project as part of its Dark Universe. In the aftermath of The Mummy’s disastrous 2017 release, all development on all projects was halted. Studios switched from serialized universes to individual stories, and the film reentered development in early 2019. Principal photography took place in Sydney, Australia, between July and September 2019. By Universal Pictures, on February 28, 2020, The Invisible Man was released in the US. Positive reviews of the film were offered by critics. Moss’ performance was also praised.

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

The Invisible Man

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The Plot

Cecilia Kass escapes an abusive relationship she was trapped in with her fiendish and violent husband, an optics scientist named Adrian Griffin. With the help of her sister Emily, she escapes in the middle of the night. Adrian has been drugged with Diazepam by Cecilia. While Cecilia escapes, their dog gets loose, setting off the car’s alarm and causing Adrian to pursue her furiously. Cecilia leaves Emily’s drug bottle behind as she escapes, which Adrian finds lying on the road.

Cecilia lives in hiding at the house of her best friend, James Lanier two weeks after her disappearance. Sydney, James’ teenage daughter, lives in the house with him. A recluse who is afraid to leave the house, Cecilia freaks out when Emily visits, believing Adrian will harm her if she leaves the house. However, Emily tells Cecilia that Adrian committed suicide after she left the house. Tom’s late brother leaves Cecilia the fortune and estate of his deceased brother. Cecilia accepts this only to fund Sydney’s college tuition and James’ living expenses.

But Cecilia is filled with an uneasy feeling that someone is watching her. In addition, she believes that in the night, an unseen force stalks her, a force that only she recognizes. In the middle of the night, as Sydney sleeps next to her, the comforter is slowly pulled off. Light flashes appear several times throughout the night. The blankets at the foot of the bed make Cecilia suspicious when she wakes up. The blankets have not moved when she attempts to move them. Both Sydney and James are awakened by her reaction, but she cannot explain what she thinks she saw.

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

The ending of The Invisible Man has a great impact due to how it conveys the familiar nightmares of abuse survivors through pulpy genre conventions. Cecilia claims again that she was attacked by her violent boyfriend, but no one believes her. There are those who make excuses for Adrian or say that it just isn’t physically possible that Adrian could do something like that. James, on the other hand, seems to be accepting that Cecilia might be right. Adrian’s (and his brother’s) attacks on James’ own daughter led him to believe Adrian was the one who assaulted her repeatedly. Moreover, all the while, he agrees that the law can do nothing to assist her.

It is fair to say that James ultimately proves to be a good ally to her. Furthermore, he assists in arranging the alleged sting operation to catch Adrian. Further, Cecilia attempts to get Adrian to confess by wearing a wire. Even if she put her faith in laws that protect rich and powerful men like Adrian, she knew that it would be an uphill battle. Even though she is hopeful the wire will suffice, revenge killing has always been her first choice in that house. She, therefore, suggested steak rather than sushi or pasta.

James’ wire and Adrian’s camera recording her while going to the bathroom provides an alibi for the slitting of Adrian’s throat. Once she dials 911, she goes on camera to make sure she looks nice and clearly visible. This should be enough to satisfy her patriarchal records. But then she steps out of frame after crying for the lens, effectively becoming invisible. Further, Through The Invisible Man, we see how invisibility can be a powerful tool to reveal one’s true self time and time again.

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