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The Ideal City (2021) Episode 18: Release Date & Preview

If you are a Chinese drama fan, you must be aware of the very famous Chinese drama The Ideal City. It’s a 2021 drama series, directed by Liu Jin. It premiered on and from 12th August 2021 on the CCTV, Dragon TV, iQiyi networks. In today’s article, we shall mainly focus on episode 18 of the drama The Ideal City. Besides that, we shall also discuss the plot of the television series. Those who weren’t aware of The Ideal City, through this article you will get an idea and might get interested to watch. It’s a drama on business, romance, and life at the workplace. If you haven’t watched the series yet, I highly recommend you to watch it once. The series is currently airing and it has 50 episodes in total. The fans can’t wait long for the upcoming episodes to get released.

The cast of the C-drama The Ideal City has also been mentioned in this article. You will not regret watching the Chinese drama. It includes romance, career growth, life, business facts,  understanding facts, and many other things. So what are you waiting for? If you are a big-time C-drama fan, please do watch it. It’s a meaningful series with high values. Most of you are excited to know about the upcoming episodes. So, go ahead and get into this article to know about the release date, cast, and plot of The Ideal City.

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The Plot and Cast of The Ideal City in brief:

When it comes to the plot of The Ideal City, the story is centered on a girl, Su Xiao who is a cost engineer. She joins and faces various problems related to life, work, and romance in the male-dominated architecture firm. The entire drama is based on her career growth.

While, when it comes to the cast of The Ideal City, several well-known actors have played different roles. The two main characters of The Ideal City are Su Xiao and Xia Ming, played by Betty Sun and Mark Chao respectively. There are many supporting actors as well, like Chen Ming Hao, Yu He Wei, Gao Ye, Liu Yi Chang, Yang Chao Yue, Zhang Shu, Feng Xin Tian, and Cheng Zi Ming. They have played the roles of Wang Yang, Zhao Yu Kun, Wu Hong Mei, He Yi Rong, Du Juan, Ma Liya, Yu Can, and Dong Lin respectively.

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The Ideal City: Episode 18 Release Date

The Ideal City: Episode 18 release date is 19th August 2021. The Chinese drama The Ideal City has been started premiering on from 12th August 2021. It is likely to finish by the end of August 2021, that is on 31st August 2021.

The C-drama fans who have already started watching The Ideal City (2021) can’t wait long for the rest of the upcoming episodes. This article shall mainly focus on the 18th episode of The Ideal City as most of you are still not aware of its release and somehow have missed it. Well, those who have watched episode 18 of The Ideal City, thumbs up for them. But for those who haven’t watched Episode 18 of The Ideal City, here is good news. So what are you waiting for? If you didn’t know or missed out on some purpose, do watch it. I highly recommend you to watch The Ideal City. You will surely not regret it.

The Ideal City Episode 18 Release date

The Ideal City

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Where can you watch The Ideal City?

Well, there are many online streaming platforms where you can watch the episodes of The Ideal City. Those platforms are iQiyi, YouTube, and many more. If you have missed out on this C-drama series and somehow have missed out, then what are you waiting for? Without dawdling, if you want to spice up your week, do watch The Ideal City. You will surely love the drama series, even if you are not a Chinese drama fan.

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