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The Hunt Ending Explained: Who Shot Lucas?

The Hunt(2012) Ending Explained

Today, we will have The Hunt (2012) Ending Explained. In today’s article will be about The Hunt and its ending explained. We will also dive into the details of the story and the plot. The Hunt, released in 2012, was a masterpiece created by the director. The crew has done an amazing job in portraying the darkness that still dwells in society. This movie portrays narrow-mindedness and how society was being led astray. The Hunt, originally named “Jagten,” is a Danish movie. Thomas Vinterberg is the director of this movie, and Mads Mikkelsen starred it. It is one of the greatest open-ended movies where the viewers have several questions about the ending. 

The movie received worldwide recognition for the acting, the plot, and the story. “Jagten” is basically about the life of a kindergarten teacher, Lucas, portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. In the storyline, Lucas is wrongly accused of pedophilia, and even after he is proven innocent, society doesn’t accept him. The entire society shunned him except a few of his friends. The ending scene of the movie showed Lucas getting shot, but it missed him. So, this leads us to the question, “Who was the shooter?”. To know about The Hunt (2012), keep following the article till the end.

The Hunt "Jagten"(2012) Ending Explained

Mads Mikkelsen as Lucas in The Hunt(2012)

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The Hunt Plot

The Hunt is about the life of a kindergarten teacher, Lucas, and how he handles the false accusations made on him. Lucas, played by Mads Mikkelsen, who is divorced, lives with his girlfriend Najda. He has problems maintaining a good relationship with his son. Klara, a student at the kindergarten who also happens to be the daughter of Theo, Lucas’s good friend, develops a crush on Lucas. When not accepted, she accuses Lucas of exposing himself to her, remembering the pornographic clip from his brother. Lucas got accused of being a pedophile sexual predator based on Klara’s testimony. Theo ended his friendship with Lucas, which made him break up with Najda. Later he was proven by the court, though the people were suspicious.

The Hunt "Jagten"(2012) Ending Explained

Mads Mikkeslsen as Lucas

Later Theo apologizes to Lucas, understanding Klara’s lies, and they try to rebuild their bond. A year later, he was back with Najda, and his son got accepted into the hunting community. In the end, an unknown person shoots Lucas, but he misses. Being unidentified by Lucas, the attacker reloads and escapes.

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The Hunt (2012) Ending Explained

Things were going great for Lucas. The severed bonds with his friends were getting better. He was at peace with his personal life. He got back with his girlfriend, and his son became a member of the hunting community. Things seemed to be perfect from the outside. He was restained by the prejudice of society. The ending of the movie showed Lucas hunting in the woods after two years of his trial at court. Out of nowhere, a bullet was shot at him, but it missed. The bullet hit the tree beside instead of him. Later in the scene, Lucas sees the shooter reloading his rifle, but rather than shooting him, he runs away. The director chose to keep the shooter’s identity secret.

The Hunt "Jagten"(2012) Ending Explained

 Lucas hugging his son.

These events have raised several assumptions among the viewers. There might be a possibility that the shooter is Theo’s son aka, Karla’s elder brother. The ending cleared the fact that Lucas was still guilty of pedophilia, according to society. Despite being proven innocent by the court, Lucas was still guilty in the court of the people, and the shot was a sign that the people would make his life more difficult and miserable. It was a sign that he should leave the neighborhood as soon as possible.

Jagten gives us the message about the darkness that still dwells in society. How easily an innocent man can be framed guilty. Just because Klara was a kid, only her side of the story got accepted. The main culprit is her elder brother, who was showing, pornography, which had lead Klara to accuse Lucas of something he didn’t even do. The movie also portrays the harsh reality that the main culprit moves freely, and the innocent and the framed are held guilty.

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