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The Hunt Ending Explained: The Hunters Got Hunted

The Hunt Ending Explained
From The Hunt Featuring Betty Gilpin as Crystal Creasey

The Hunt was the most controversial movie, which was supposed to come out way too early but delayed. It came from the backlash it received from U.S. President Donald Trump and right-wing media for the portrayed bias. Especially the context it represented of elites” hunting “deplorable.” The hunters referred to the hunted as Deplorable, basically. So the outraged followed in for the portrayal of pitting right-wing against left-wing. Anyway, it’s been a year since The Hunt is making a presence digitally, and we believe the movie is away from that. The Hunt is still basically a slasher we know of. So here is our take on getting The Hunt and its ending explained right.

The message The Hunt wants to give is probably of the way social media can exaggerate things to the point victim needs to take desperate measures. At least that’s the motivation our antagonist has. But at the same time, it can mess things up for them as well. Even though it’s all easier with the internet, it’s not correct at the same time. So anyway, here is The Hunt with ensemble characters that follow a number of people hunted who eventually die, and the main story is passed on to different characters until the most badass one takes the enemies down.

The Hunt Plot Summary

The Hunt basically tells the story of a group on the verge of killing 11 different individuals from different walks of life. Why? The people getting hunted will need to figure this out. The answers lie within the film’s opening minutes, which sees a group chat on the phone signaling the coming Hunt. A year later, we see the hunters flying away after capturing individuals they seek to kill until one of the captured manages to set himself free, only to be killed by a mysterious woman.

Next, the hunters drop the eleven captives on open ground with a mysterious box in the middle of the field. Their mouths are tied until they encourage themselves to come near to the box. Opening the box, they see a pig walkout and a number of weapons lined up inside. Upon picking them up begins a massacre when someone starts shooting at the captives. They struggle to survive as, one by one, they die.

The Hunt Ending Explained

From The Hunt Featuring Emma Roberts as Yoga Pants

Among the 11 individuals, three survive and reach a shop where two old couples reveal they are in Arkansas. But they are fooled, and those three also meet their end either by poisoning or by a bullet from the shotgun of the old couple. The killing spree of hunters stops with Crystal coming into the picture, who seems to be a trained militant. She has a knack for survival and manages to kill the old couple. She later teams up with a man Gary, another captive, and finds herself in various steps to survive.

They come across a train full of refugees than the Croatian army and people who they can trust and people they cant during this game of survival. What’s next is more massacres, with only Crystal being the one to go level head. But does she end the mastermind behind this game? Let’s find out.

The Hunt Ending Explained

Ending The Last Remaining Hunters

When Crystal and Gary land at the Croatian army’s camp, they come across a man who reveals that he is one of the hunters. All other refugees and soldiers are real, but Gary’s anger fumes, leading him to kill the man with a grenade. Hope comes alive in the form of a man named Don, who, much like them, escaped the massacre of hunters. This conversation goes on until a mysterious man comes telling him he is there to take them home. The man’s interrogation doesn’t fit with Crystal leading him to push from a car during the drive and crush his head with it. Later they find Gary’s body in the trunk.

The Hunt Ending Explained

From The Hunt Featuring Betty Gilpin as Crystal Creasey and Ethan Suplee as Gary

The duo circles back to the ground, where it started all in the dark. With the help of the pig seen initially in the movie, Crystal and Gary infiltrate the camp of Hunters. The one from where they shot down the other captured in the opening minutes of the film. Once they are finished, a woman named Athena, who is revealed to be the leader of Hunters, calls and asks if Don has killed Crystal or not. This leads Don and Crystal both to turn guns against each other to figure out the real mole. It ended with Crystal taking the first shot.

If Don was a mole or not remains a mystery. Probably just a way Athena wanted to trick Crystal. Lastly, the trainer of the hunters was heavy breathing. Crystal interrogates him for the location of Athena. Upon giving away, she kills him too.

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Revelations – The Reality of Situation

Before we see Crystal meeting Athena we are driven back to a year ago. Back to the group chat that suggested hunting people. Unfortunately, it was a joke among the group. But its screenshot went viral, and many of the individuals around the internet made it sound serious and some diabolical plan. This led the government to get to the bottom of the situation and saw the people involved losing their jobs and getting their lives ruined. That’s when these guys decided to make it up and make sure the ones who made their simple fun chat real will pay. Thus they will actually make all of this Hunt come true for them and hunt them down for real.

Crystal Reveals Herself

Crystal reaches the location given and comes face to face with Athena. They have a standoff, and Athena makes sure Crystal surrenders by stating she has files on everything about her, including her family. But with that, even Crystal reveals that the information she has is of a different Crystal. She is different, and she made a big mistake by letting an ex-militant come in.

Who Wins Crystal Or Athena?

From The Hunt Featuring Betty Gilpin as Crystal Creasey and Hilary Swank as Athena Stone

Athena was looking for the girl with the social media ID of Justiceyall. That girl’s name is Crystal May, and the one they actually brought in is Crystal Mae. They are from the same town and have got emails mixed up but definitely not the same person. Athena doesn’t believe it, and a brutal showdown between them begins. The battle ends with Crystal winning and Athena dying off her wounds. But as she dies, she still doesn’t admit that they are different Crystals.

Although Crystal reveals she is a different person, there are chances she might have just used it to outsmart Athena. That remains a mystery, but anyway, Crystal ends the hunters once and for all. She later eats Athena’s dinner, takes her dress, her private jet, and holds her crew captive to enjoy her properties to close the film.

What Does The Pig In The Film Mean?

The Pig was one of the major parts of the film and why Athena used it. According to her, it was a reference to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a book that tells the story of farm animals rebelling against their owner for creating a society where they are treated equally. Towards the end of the film, during the confirmation between Crystal and Athena, the latter calls Crystal Snowball. A character from the same book who is a great leader but has always put pig over. A thing that drives him crazy to take desperate measures. But Crystal turns everything around by stating even she had read the book and revealed how Athena actually is the snowball here, not her, when she took desperate measures to take them down.

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