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Spoilers & Preview: The Honor at Magic High School Episode 5

The Honor at Magic High School
The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School Episode 5 is soon about to release. The students continue to learn and train to use magic at the Academy. Miyuki has recently become a student council member while the president is keeping an eye on Tatsuya. The Honor at Magic High School follows the story of a brother and sister and their clan. The episode begins with Shizuku and Honoka heading somewhere but Miyuki calls them. Miyuki asks the two where they are going, and Honoka told her that they would see her later. The two leave Miyuki alone in the classroom. On their way, Honoka reveals that they are doing this for Miyuki and Tatsuya.

Miyuki met with her brother and apologized that she couldn’t get anything from Honoka and Shizuku. Tatsuya told Miyuki not to worry about those two since they are friends and will soon open up. Mibu Sayaka confronts the two and introduces her to them. She said that she is in Class E, the same as Tatsuya. Sayaka thanks Tatsuya for saving her at the dojo and asks him to hang out with her. Miyuki wonders what Tatsuya will say since she doesn’t want anyone to be around her brother.

Miyuki decided to give the two time to talk and wonder what they will speak of except for school. Meanwhile, Sayaka went to the restaurant with Tatsuya and spoke about the first moment they met. Miyuki wonders if Sayaka will propose Tatsuya and realizes that women are attracted to Tatsuya. Miyuki realizes that when she is at home, she wants Tatsuya to belong to her. Tatsuya came back and heard Miyuki screaming, and heads to her room. He finds Miyuki naked on the floor and realizes that she tripped while changing her clothes.

Previously on The Honor at Magic High School Episode 4

The next day at school, the president summons Tatsuya and asks him if it is true that he verbally abused second-year Sayaka Mibu yesterday at a cafe. The other members wanted to know more about the rumors. Tatsuya gets annoyed since he is not the kind of man who will mess with women. Tatsuya told Mari that it is a false accusation, and Mari replies that she witnessed Sayaka blushing red and looking embarrassed. Miyuki can’t believe that the girls are accusing her brother and realize that they are talking about verbal abuse.

Miyuki gets furious, and her powers begin to freeze everything while asking what happened between Tatsuya and Sayaka. The student realizes that she is using freezing magic without a CAD. Mari comments that Miyuki’s interference power must be unusually potent. Tatsuya told Miyuki to calm down since he will explain everything to her. Miyuki withdraws her spells and apologizes that she got carried away. Tatsuya explains that Sayaka asked him to talk to her and thank him for the dojo incident. But from what he heard from her, she was seriously biased against the Disciplinary Committee.

The Honor at Magic High School

The Honor at Magic High School

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International Anti-Magic Political Organization

Sayaka wanted to score points for the Disciplinary Committee. But Tatsuya told her that she was mistaken about them scoring points. Miyuki realizes that Sayaka keeps on imagining things, and Tatsuya said Sayaka’s strong displeasure with the way students get discriminated against based on their magic grades. Non-magic-oriented clubs are getting discriminated against, so they have united and are planning to present their argument to the school that magic isn’t everything.

Tatsuya realizes that he asks Sayaka, an upper-classwoman, to show her argument to the school and what she plans to do. He told the students members that he didn’t get time to hear Sayaka’s answer but commented about scoring points. Tatsuya said that Sayaka seems to be wildly delusional, and Mari agrees. Mari thinks Sayaka might be getting manipulated by someone. Miyuki realizes that Watanabe looks uncomfortable, and the student council knows something.

Miyuki notices that Nakjao is feigning ignorance and Tatsuya wonders who is manipulating Sayaka. Tatsuya asks if the organization Blanche is responsible for Sayaka’s case. Other members wonder what that is, and Mari said it is an international anti-magic political organization. Miyuki realizes that she talked about the schools that got attacked by Blanche with Tatsuya. Later the students of Course 1 and Course 2 had meetings with the president, and they try to resolve their difference.

The Honor at Magic-High School Episode 5 Release Date

The latest episode of The Honor at Magic High School Episode 5 release date is 31 July 2021.

Where To Watch The Honor at Magic-High School Episode 5?

You can watch The Honor at Magic High School Episode 5 online on Funimation and Bilibili,

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