Preview: The Honor at Magic High School Episode 4

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The Honor at Magic High School
The Honor at Magic High School

Today we’ll be talking about The Honor at Magic High School Episode 4. The students in the Academy use the powers as tools to fight against their enemies. Let’s take a looks at Miyuki and Tatsuya’s life in The Honor at Magic High School. The episode begins in the morning at school, and the students are happy that they settled the matters with the cocky first-year students. Honoka visits Shizuka, and Miyuki arrives, greeting the girls. Miyuki wanted to talk about what made her happy today, and the cocky crew comes with Mori leading them. Mori comments that it is not surprising that he will get picked for the Disciplinary Committee, and he mocks the course, two guys.

Miyuki’s mood changes after realizing that Mori is talking about her brother Tatsuya; Mori said that a course two students have authority over them and won’t allow such things to happen. Mori’s crew comments that the guy from class two must not get in their way. The girls listened to the boys continuing with their dramas and wonders why they can’t get over it since they got defeated. The boys continue to mock the course two students and get inside Miyuki’s nerve.

Miyuki gets furious and casts a spell that froze the boys and told them that it is a warning for calling course two students Weeds. Miyuki also said she wouldn’t overlook that matter since she is a member of the student council. She froze them and left their faces, and told them to take care of themselves. One of the boys apologizes that they will never miss behaving. Miyuki withdrew her spell, and the two realize that Miyuki loves her brother dearly. Later the students went to the sports fields, and the boys cheer as they see the girls’ thighs.

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Previously on The Honor at Magic High School Episode 3

The students realize that it is that time of the year where the freshmen shine for both the Student Council and Disciplinary Committee. Meanwhile, the president decided to stay in her office with the vice president. The Student Council members as glad to have Shiba Miyuki as their recruit. They both gathered and decided to chose what they will have for lunch. Miyuki learns how to handle things around the school.

The Student Council members talked about the safety of the students. Meanwhile, the students enjoy their day at the spot ground and eating different snacks. The students realize that the school wants more people to join the club to do better in the Nine Schools Competitions. The Student Council members also spoke about the Disciplinary Committee and how they operate. The president comments that if they see any violence or rule-breaking involving magic, they intervene on the spot.

The Honor at Magic High School
The Honor at Magic High School

Nine Schools Competition

The team realizes that stubborn students won’t play the fair game during spots, and they might try to use magic. The girls also talked about Miyuki’s brother, and Miyuki said her brother would be useful to them. The president is looking forward to seeing how Tatsuya will deal with it. The girls realize that it might be hard for the freshmen since their entrance exam scores secretly circulated.

The freshmen are fighting for the top rank, and they will get chosen in Nine Schools Competition since it is essential for the Academy. The president told Miyuki that there not in a position to interfere with the selection. Miyuki wonders if her friends will make it to the top rank since they target only top-ranked students to win the competitions. Meanwhile, Shizuku and her friends are deciding the club that they join. Honoka and Shizuku talked about different clubs.

Shizuku said she would join the one that will get her picked for the Nine Schools Competition team. Honoka suggests the SS Board Biathlon team. The others students saw the name of Honoka and Shizuku online and said it is those students. The students said Shizuku and Honoka are both top-tier phenoms, and they are joining their club no matter what. Differents teams gather around them, asking them to join their groups. Later at home, Miyuki enjoyed drinking tea with her brother and talked about a note. When to expect The Honor at Magic High School Episode 4?

The Honor at Magic-High School Episode 4 Release Date

The latest episode of The Honor at Magic High School Episode 4 release date is 24 July 2021. You can watch The Honor at Magic High School on Funimation and Bilibili; you can also look at Preview: The Honor At Magic High School Episode 3.

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