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The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3: Release Date & Cast Members

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 Release Date
The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 Release Date

MTV’s ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ reintroduced some of our favorite characters from the ‘The Hills’ series. Set against a Californian background, the program follows the lives of these free-spirited people who make the most of the money of youth. However, in the second season, the group attempted to find their footing in life as adults. And a couple of them wished to settle down even more as the season came to a close. Now people wish to know about The Hills New Beginnings Season 3 release date.

The progressive change surprised us since we had mainly observed them in their natural, carefree state. You must be looking forward to the resumption of the show now that the second season has ended. But beware, there are many caveats. And the production crew faces them, and we will tell you all about them in this article. If you’re curious about whether the series will return, here’s everything we’ve learned about the third season! Let’s begin unraveling this plot.

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 release date

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 might return in mid to late 2022. Firstly, this is major speculation. And we are going to explain why. On the one hand, like the previous season, the second season depicts the highs and lows of friendship in its most authentic form. Here’s all we know about the third season. MTV has not officially announced the show’s comeback, and shooting for the first two seasons had also been delayed significantly, placing the series in a bind.

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 Release Date

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 Release Date

The Hills: New Beginnings cast unenthusiastic about season renewal

On the other hand, Spencer Pratt, one of the cast members, expressed unenthusiastically about the show’s future prospects in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I would think that if there was a season 3, it would be with an all-new cast because, after this season. I don’t see how everyone could be in the same room after this airs,” he added. Heidi Montag said, “This group, I feel like, carries grudges until the end.” Pratt went on to say that the production company has decided not to renew the show for another season because the cast members opted to be hesitant on-camera regarding most aspects of their life.

Caroline D’Amore, on the other hand, came out in support of the program, stating that it has seen an increase in viewing. Furthermore, the program is very popular among young people. According to estimates, the program was the second most-watched cable series debut within that age range in 2019. If the second season achieves the same level of viewing as the first, the network may decide to air another season. If the network approves it, shooting should begin early next year. Given the possibility of unforeseen delays, we may anticipate ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ season 3 to premiere around mid to late 2022.

What could season 3 encompass?

Brody confessed in the second season finale that he wanted to fall in love again. And Audrina simply said, “It’s all about time.” If destiny is on their side, they may end up together. Brandon was lonely without Dani, as Heidi and Spencer reached an agreement with Ashley and Jason. Although the Pratt Daddy Crystals retreat was beneficial for most of them, Heidi was disappointed when her pregnancy test came back negative.

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Brandon may eventually come to enjoy his new existence or at the very least realize that it is acceptable to be 25 and unmarried in the next season. Kris seems to be on his way to becoming a permanent member of the group, and his connection with Kaitlynn may provide her with all she desires. Brody may finally consider marriage, but will he fall in love with Audrina? She’ll have a lot to think about with Justin in the picture!

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 Release Date

The Hills: New Beginnings Season 3 Release Date

The Hills: New Beginnings cast

Season 2’s main cast is mainly made up of emerging stars from the ‘The Hills’ series. With the exception of Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge, none of the original series’ major cast members returned for the revival. Instead, the focus was on the supporting cast, which included Brody Jenner, Jason Wahler, Spencer Pratt. Justin “Bobby” Brescia, Frankie Delgado, and Kaitlynn Carter. Brandon Thomas Lee and Ashley Wahler debuted as newcomers in the first season and have remained ever since. Jennifer Delgado, Daniela Beckerman, and Caroline D’Amore are regulars. As of now, all of the major cast members are anticipated to return for the next season. Although Daniela, the recurring group, may not return due to her split with Brandon.

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