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The Head Hunter’s Skin-crawling Ending Explained

Ending Explained

‘The Head Hunter’ is an astonishing fantasy horror movie directed by the very talented Jordan Downey. Downey not only directed but also produced, co-wrote, and edited the movie. It is very impressive how ‘The Head Hunter’ was made such that even without many characters, it kept the viewer interested and engaged till the very ending. The movie has only two human characters and innumerable eerie monsters (their head, to be specific). The lead actor Christopher Rygh has given a spectacular performance.

To say, the movie was barely an hour and a few minutes long, but it felt so much longer than that! So much happened in just an hour. Unbelievable! But yes, ‘The Head Hunter’ is really a gift for fantasy, horror, or both genre lovers. This slow pace movie took our breath away every now and then. Almost every scene, fighting or not, gave this skin-crawling formication sense to the viewers.

The Head Hunter

Christopher Rygh as a warrior in ‘The Head Hunter’

What Happened At The Ending Of ‘The Head Hunter’?

The fighter finally kills the eerie monster he was after. He brings with him the head of the dead murderer monster as he usually brings the head of each monster he kills. Later, the head, unfortunately, is found alive, and it starts looking for a body to use as its own.

As we know, there were only two humans in the middle of a dense forest with no sign of mankind. One of them is the hunter himself and his daughter in the grave. Obviously, the monster wouldn’t come for the hunter without the body, so the only way is “Grave of his daughter”. The hunter realizes this very soon too and rushes to the grave, but the skeleton was already gone, and the grave remained wide open.

But it all gets horrific as the fighter goes inside the cave. This entire movie is literally a fantasy novel brought to life. Initially, the hunter had a torch in his hand, but it is sacrificed to a reflex attack he does, thinking the monster is behind him. Now there’s only dark and whisper. And we finally see the monster spider walking towards the hunter. We expected some high-intensity fight, but the hunter easily separated the head from his daughter’s body with barely some hurt.

The head is brought back, and this time, it is thrown on the ground outside the house. After quite a while, we hear some struggling sound, and then a new head is stabbed on the wall of heads; of the HUNTER! The movie ends taking away our breath too.

The Head Hunter

The Eerie Monster’s head attached to the body of Hunter

Why Was The Hunter After The Eerie Monster?

The warrior used to live all alone from the beginning with his daughter. This family of two is miserable from the first scene. The girl is seen sick, and her father was comforting her. After that one part, we see the grave of the daughter throughout the movie. The father lives all alone with his horse, hunting monsters protecting the nearby kingdom. Eventually, the horse dies too. Right after its burial, the horn is heard, which is the call of duty for the hunter. This time he is informed that this monster is the murderer of his daughter. His daughter was all he had, and losing her must have been unbearably painful. He rushes to hunt the monster to avenge his daughter’s murder.

It's cold, isn't it?

Our brave Warrior

Some Of The Most Spectacular Scenes Of The Head Hunter

The movie is full of unexpected turns. With minimal dialogues, we are given space to find the answers that arose in our minds while watching the movie. It is true that all the scenes are interesting but a few just made room in my head. Here are a few of them:

The Head Hunter

The Head Hunter looking for the eerie monster

The scene where the silent fighter cries, “Don’t touch her!” is so freaking anxious for us viewers. No one can tell what they are feeling at that moment. Are we sad? Yes! Are we feeling the fighter’s urge to rip off the monster in the worst way? YES! Are we feeling helpless? Absolutely! So many feelings arouse within that one moment. It is incredible!

The eerie from The head hunter

“Body Mine”

Another scene is when we see the fighter’s own hand pinning his (detached from the body) head on the wall of heads. It seriously gave me goosebumps. As much as I love the horror genre, I felt extremely anxious watching the eerie walk out of the hunter’s house with the jar of grey mysteriously healing matter.


Right after the previously mentioned scene, we are given one last sight of our brave fighter. With all the feelings apart, we wish somehow it turn out false that he’s no more. And then we see a very minute blink of his eyes. It was like an adrenaline shot!

Is The Hunter Dead? The Biggest Question!

In the ending of ‘The Head Hunter,’ even though we see his head pinned on the wall, I don’t think The Hunter is dead. Apparently, the eerie monster’s soul-less head revives due to the grey slurry potion dripping from the irresponsibly kept jar. If a few drops of the potion can bring the dead to life, what can stop us from believing it is powerful enough to make someone immortal? The warrior used the potion too many times, so I believe he is alive. At the very last glance of him, there’s a tiny blink witnessed which makes it even more true that the warrior is not dead!

With that, an even bigger question is if the potion holds so much power and it is in the hands of the monster, even if the warrior survives, will he be able to defeat the monster?

What Is It About The Arrow Which Hit The Already Dead Head Of Other Monster?

In the movie, we see there’s one and only arrowhead the hunter kept with him, which he later aims towards something, probably the kingdom, but it hits the head of some other monster near the lake. The hunter says while speaking to the grave of his daughter that the arrow is from the last Radian City, and it is said that these arrows carry the soul to the afterlife.

The hit, the arrow, and the head; definitely have something to do with the story.

The arrowhead

The significant arrowhead

What Was The Mysterious Potion?

As the movie is almost silent, we don’t know what is the mysterious potion the hunter used to heal his wounds. But it is pretty much sure that it is powerful enough to make someone immortal. Therefore, I would call it the potion, the Elixir of life.

The potion

The Elixir of Life

Will There Be A Sequel Of The Head Hunter?

For some reason, the movie feels insufficient! Fans are left in suspense. Looking at the ending of ‘The Head Hunter’, the demand for a sequel has been made. We all await the response of the producers.


Home Not-so-Sweet Home

Many mysteries are still unsolved, so stay tuned for more content like this one.

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