The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 2: All We Know So Far

Without any exaggeration, there are people that say ‘The Haunting Of The Hill House’ is the best TV show of 2018. The show that aired Season 1 on Netflix belonged to the Horror genre and consisted of 10 whole episodes that came out on a single day, i.e., October 12′ 2018. The Haunting of The Hill House is an adaptation of the 1959 novel by Shirley Jackson by Mike Flanagan. It deals with the story of Crain family who lived in the haunted Hill House with their parents. Later the house was parents refurbished to be ultimately sold by the Crain family.

The paranormal events continue to haunt Crain family’s children till date, in their adulthood and it turns out Hill House has far deeper mysteries than appeared on the surface. By the end of Season 1, Crain story wrapped up finally, and now we’ve reported that the biggest horror hit on Netflix may or may not have a Season 2. Today, we shall discuss the same. Keep reading.

The Haunting of The Hill House has been 2018’s biggest hit both commercially and critically, and there should be no surprise as to why it won’t be getting Season 2. The Haunting Of The Hill House was touted as Netflix’s best-reviewed series of all time. Besides that, literary genius Stephen King called it “Close to work of Genius.” Alright, with the status of the show out of our way, let me tell you that The Haunting Of The Hill House is sure to see Season 2! After Season 1 aired, fans were left clamoring for more and more. So yeah, brace up for Season 2, you guys.

The Haunting of The Hill House Season 2: Plot

Thought Crain family mystery wrapper up by Season 1, Episode 10, Mike Flanagan says that there’s a ton more that has to be told. The story will involve the Hill House again but the subject residents will be different. So the second Season won’t focus at all on Crain family but new cast members will be roped in. Mike has made it very clear that he’s done with Crain family and the story has been thoroughly told. But Actress Carla Gugino, who played mother Olivia Crain says that The Haunting Of The Hill House may follow the story of American Horror Story and turn into an Anthology.

But Mike Flanagan has no interest what so ever in continuing with an anthology, but some actors may come back to play new characters.

The above discussion should make it clear that The Haunting Of The Hill House will have new cast members. However, the old cast includes:
Crain (Henry Thomas/Timothy Hutton), Olivia Crain (Carla Gugino), Steven Crain (Paxton Singleton/Michiel Huisman), Shirley Crain (Lulu Wilson/Elizabeth Reaser), Theo Crain (McKenna Grace/Katie Siegel), Luke Crain (Julian Hilliard/Oliver Jackson-Cohen), and Nell Crain (Violet McGraw/Victoria Pedretti).

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