The Haunting Of Hill House Season 2: Will It Come Out?

Hey guys! Today we’ll talk about the Michael Huisman starrer The Haunting of The Hill House which is a current sensation on the internet. Everyone seems to be loving it. THOTHH is based upon 1959 Shirley Jackson’s novel by the same name. The series recently aired its Season 1 on Netflix. This show talks about a creepy house on the hill where a family spent their summer back in the 1990’s and are still haunted by the events today. Back in the day, Crains move to their dilapidated property to renovate it and sell it for a profit, but that isn’t what’s meant to be. The course of dark, creepy and mysterious events that follow sends chills down our spines. Ordinarily, it did leave many questions unanswered, and one would think maybe the makers have plans to do Season 2. But is that so? Keep reading.

THOTHH Season 2: Will It Return?

The show just came to Netflix. And by just I mean October 12. It’s only been a week since it made waves, so expecting it to be back in the form of an official conversation would be stupid at this point. Let’s just give the makers some time to bask in their glory before the digital giant (Netflix) and the heads decide what’s to do with it. It’s too soon IMO at this point in time. Many cast members want to make a comeback for Season 2. Oliver Jackson the actor who plays Luke Crain has suggested that at the point that THOTHH holds immense potential as a show, they (Crain family) could be shown moving back to the hill house, the show could be on air for years just to show how the Crains are dealing with ungodly events. Huisman wants to be back at the hill house too, and so does Kate Siegel, the actress who portrays Theodora. Huisman wants to do an anthology, become a gate keeper for Season 2 whilst Theodora wants to run back to the haunted house. Maybe the show will be back for Season 2. We’ll update this page as soon as we have some information on it.

The Haunting Of The Hill House Season 2

THOTHH Season 2: Cast

Since the show shows Crains in two different timelines, the actors for each character are two different people. We could see the following people return for Season 2:
Hugh Crain (Henry Thomas/Timothy Hutton) Olivia Crain (Carla Gugino)
Steven Crain (Paxton Singleton/Michiel Huisman)
Shirley Crain (Lulu Wilson/Elizabeth Reaser) Theo Crain (McKenna Grace/Katie Siegel)
Luke Crain (Julian Hilliard/Oliver Jackson-Cohen)
Nell Crain (Violet McGraw/Victoria Pedretti)

THOTHH Season 2: Trailer
Given it’s too early at this point, we shan’t see a trailer (if the show gets renewed at all) for another year. At best expect Season 2 to be out in the fall of 2019 with a trailer out a week before it. More as we have it.

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