The Green Mile Filming Locations: Everything We Know!

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The Green Mile filming sites
The Green Mile

The Green Mile is a critically acclaimed 1999 film based on Stephen King’s fantasy drama novel of the same name, published in 1996. Frank Darabont directed the film, which detailed the account of prison officer Paul Edgecomb, who witnessed multiple unexplained incidents after death row inmate John Coffey was transported to the prison. In this article, we will see about the filming locations of The Green Mile and everything we know so far.

The film is told in flashback as Paul’s memories as an elderly man living in a retirement home. The movie does not rush to the dramatic or spooky; it takes at least an hour to establish the connections within the prison. Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, and Michael Clarke Duncan played key roles in the picture.

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The Green Mile Synopsis

The film depicts how John’s supernatural abilities alter the lives of the prison personnel. In the process of killing William Wharton, John also manages to kill an abusive guard named Percy.

The Green Mile plot
The Green Mile (1999)

The presence of John Coffey, a guy whose own lawyer claims he “fell out of the sky,” looms over everything. Coffey is illiterate, appears simple-minded, is unobtrusive, and oozes goodwill. Paul seeks legal advice since he has doubts about the prisoner’s ability to murder the little girls.

The film contains some profound emotional passages. There are a few powerful scenes throughout the film. A tame mouse that Delacroix adopts, a violent confrontation with Wharton, and subplots are among them. Stephen King is one of the best storytellers in the industry. Darabont has turned Stephen King’s “The Green Mile” into a story that grows and expands, with plenty of detail and space. It’s one of those films that hits you with all of your emotions at once.

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The Green Mile Filming Locations

The film adaptation of The Green Mile is as gorgeous as the novel. The movie is majorly shot in Tennessee, the United States of America. Many more sites were used in the filming. Here is a peek at where The Green Mile was filmed in detail.

Shelbyville, Tennessee, USA

Shelbyville, Tennessee, is home to the majority of the movie’s filming locations. Also, Shelbyville is the county headquarters and largest city in Bedford County, Tennessee. In 1810, the town was laid out, and in 1819, it was incorporated.

Tennessee State Penitentiary

The beautiful prison seen in the movie is named as Cold Mountain Penitentiary in Louisiana. Although the real name of the prison is Tennessee State Penitentiary. Cockrill Bend Boulevard in West Nashville is where you’ll find it. It was built in 1898 and closed in 1992.

The Green Mile
Tennessee State Penitentiary

Old Train Bridge

The bodies of the two girls were discovered on the defunct Tennessee Central Old train bridge over the Caney Fork River. This location is approximately 50 miles east of Nashville.

College Grove United Methodist Church

College Grove United Methodist Church in College Grove, USA, was used to film the last funeral scene.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina

The Georgia Pines nursing home’s exterior in ‘The Green Mile’ depicts Blowing Rock, North Carolina, in the United States. Blowing Rock is a small hamlet on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina. However, The Blowing Rock is a feature with panoramic vistas of peaks, woodlands, and the Johns River Gorge, which was inspired by the name.

Flat Top Manor

The interiors of Georgia Pines nursing home in the film are based on the Flat Top Manor in Moses Cone National Park in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The National Park Service manages the 3,600-acre estate. It includes Moses Cone’s historic residence, which he owned and built during the antebellum period.

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The Green Mile Filming locations
Flat Top Manor

Warner Brothers Studios

Many sequences in the movie were filmed at Warner Brothers Studios’ 5800 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Hence, this was all we had about the filming locations of The Green Mile. Stay tuned for more!

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