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What To Expect From The Grand Tour Scotland Special: The Lochdown?

The Grand Tour Scotland Special release date
Jeremy, Richard, and James — The Grand Tour Scotland Special.

The Grand Tour Scotland Special will see Jeremy, Richard, and James celebrating the great 70s American cars. A new trailer for the special recently dropped, and it promises a new round of four-wheeler madness. The former Top Gear trio will be traversing the captivating scenery of Scotland in this special. The reason for this special not to take the usual route of more exotic locations is the Covid-19 lockdown. That’s also where the title of the special, “The Lochdown,” comes from. The filming for this special took place during the pandemic lockdown. That resulted in the blokes having to ride it out on the home turf. However, while it might not be a non-British location, the special looks like the usual dose of banter and laughs. In the trailer for the special, May describes the journey as “the most beautiful drive we have ever done.”

That much is evident by the scenic beauty we get a brief look at in the trailer. Don’t let the serene panorama deceive you, though; we’re still gonna get the classic chaos that comes with this trio. The great 70s cars are going to be the focus in this special. And with the 70s cars, come the 70s cars’ issues. From excessive heating to maneuverability issues, there are hitches aplenty. And with hitches come banter and laughs. Suffice it to say; the special can’t arrive sooner. Let’s now take a look at The Grand Tour Scotland Special release date and other details.

When is the grand tour special releasing

This special was shot during the Covid-19 lockdown, amidst Scotland’s beautiful scenery.

The Grand Tour Scotland Special Release Date

Thankfully, there’s not much time left before the fan-favorite trio makes another perilous journey on wheels. The Grand Tour Scotland Special will be dropping on Amazon Prime Video very soon. The release date for the special is Friday, July 30. So brace yourself for another spell of adventure on wheels, stacked with the blokes’ humor and banter.

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What To Expect From The Grand Tour Scotland Special?

Iconic Rides Of The 70s

The Lochdown special will see the three musketeers heading off to another drive. Jeremy, Richard, and James, confined to the UK by Covid, will be embarking on a Lockdown Special. What does this special entail? Well, the three will be celebrating the great 70s American cars they saw in TV shows as kids, and to find out just why it was, given their dads were all driving terrible Austin Allegros, that these amazing vehicles never took off in Britain. At the wheel of a Cadillac Coupe De Ville, as driven by Elvis, a Lincoln Continental as driven by Jock Ewing of Dallas fame, and a Buick Riviera as piloted by Clint Eastwood, the three hosts will each take their iconic Detroit rides on a road trip across the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Scotland.

The Grand Tour Scotland Special watch online

This special will see the trio testing the waters with iconic 70s cars.

High-octane Showdown

Jeremy, Richard, and James will be swerving on home turf during their lockdown journey. However, this ride will be, as the trailer suggests, hilarious, action-packed, and one of the most charming adventures in years. Their journey will be packed with a lot of chaos, as should be the case with our three chaotic hosts. They will subject chaos to Edinburgh’s ancient streets and enjoy a hilarious, tire-torturing, high-octane showdown with Abbie on the racetrack. And this comes before they stage an epic Cold War shootout between the worst Soviet and American cars ever made.

Pizza Express Journey And Bridge-making

The trio will also find itself homeless in the Highlands after a series of housing-based crash bang wallop catastrophes. However, they’ll still find time to use classic muscle cars to put an infamous Pizza Express journey to the test. The next phase will see the trio receiving a text from Mr. Wilman. Following that, they’ll modify their cars and head to the Outer Hebrides for one of their toughest challenges yet. The trio must also build a homemade floating bridge across the Hebridean sea, capable of supporting their massive cars on a dangerous journey to their ultimate destination.

Where Can You Watch The Grand Tour Scotland Special?

You can catch The Grand Tour Scotland Special on Amazon Prime Video, which will be streaming it exclusively. You can sign up for a subscription to the platform and get the first month for free. Amazon Prime Video houses thousands of popular movies and TV shows and award-winning Amazon Originals. Users can also avail of one-day delivery on millions of items. You can stream all the previous Grand Tour specials on the platform as well. Watch the trailer here;

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