‘The Good Place’ Season 3: Release Date, Cast And Updates


‘The Good Place’ has a unique position in the list of present-day Sitcoms. It’s built on moral philosophy. The Good Place Season 2 had the massive task of living up to the potential of the first. Though the first couple episodes weren’t all that great, the show finally picked pace in later episodes. More plot twists were seen in the ending episode, again.

Today, I am here to discuss ‘The Good Place’ Season 3 with you. I’ll let you in on everything I have. So let’s get right into it.

‘The Good Place’ Season 3: Release Date

We know that NBC renewed the sitcom for a third run. Season 3 of ‘The Good Place’ will have 13 episodes for audiences to savor upon.

Season 1 of the show was aired on September 19′ 2016 and Season 2 was aired on September 20′ 2017. NBC is committed to following the same pattern as in Season 3.

Hence Season 3 of ‘The Good Place’ will make it to audiences on September 27th, 2018; this isn’t just some speculation, but official confirmation from Netflix UK and Ireland on it’s Twitter page.

The Good Place Season 3 release date episode 1

‘The Good Place’ Season 3: Cast

The regular cast of the show includes:

Eleanor (Kristen Bell)
Tahani (Jameela Jamil)
Chidi (William Jackson Harper)
Jason (Manny Jacinto)
Michael’s (Ted Danson)

Two new faces are slated to join the cast. Mike O’Malley will play The Guard, and Kirby Howell-Baptise will portray Simone. The Guard, of course, guards the door protecting the afterlife. Simone works at the University In Australia.

‘The Good Place’ Season 3: Trailer:

You may want to keep your eyes on the lookout for the trailer release of the show. Since the premiere date isn’t that far away, I am guessing the trailer shouldn’t be either.


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