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Spoilers & Recap: The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6

What To Expect From The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6?
From The Good Fight S05E05 Featuring Diane

We are five episodes into the latest fifth season of The Good Fight. Things are quite boiling up with the new staff and the older staff leaving. Apart from that, Diane is working towards a case that may land her husband in jail for a simple phone call. The one which has a connection to a person responsible for an attack from January 6 attack on the Capitol. The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6 might pick up the traces of the same case as we saw recently, it has developed. For the time being, Cain, Kurt, and Diane have figured out a way to save Kurt.

Apart from that, this week, The Good Fight brought quite an emotional case as well. The one which in turn also saw Jay reminiscing some painful memories from the time he was in a hospital. The place had him sent to die. All because of Covid until someone came to his rescue.While he works on Moyo’s case of a father fighting the hospital for not saving his daughter. He uncovers those memories to help with the case. How did it all go down? Well, let’s find out.

Recap For The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 5

Previously on The Good Fight, we opened with a grieving father Mr. Rivi filing against a hospital for not saving her child. Disputes against racism in the hospital were raised. At the same time, Diane is trying to prove Kurt is innocent to Cain. Jay leaves to verify if the video leaked by Dr. Darby about the hospital’s mistreatment is real. Meanwhile, Cain tries to talk to Kurt. He also reveals to Diane that the Feds want Kurt’s head. Jay finds some key details about the video being shot again and again while Madeline from the feds pays a visit to Diane.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6

From The Good Fight S05E05 Featuring Diane, Kurt, and Cain

Ricardo Diaz the new lawyer for the hospital case and tells Moyo who is working on it that they are about to file a defamation case. Meanwhile, back at Diane’s, they figure out a way to take Dylan down. It is to get the people around Kurt to back him up during the time he mentioned bullets. Mr. Rizvi and his mute wife think Moyo is not capable to handle Diaz and complains of people making fun of her husband. This leads Liz to take the case herself.

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Ricardo starts getting a hang of Dr. Darby’s video defaming the hospital. It slowly starts turning true with Jay’s investigation that she was only looking for popularity. Jay is also haunted by the memories of the past and visions that help him later in the case by revealing that the hospital might have switched numbers of covid with pneumonia deaths. Especially for the people of races. But sooner, Ricardo manages to turn things around bringing up Mr. Rivi’s history that actually scares the hospital staff.

Recap For The Good Fight S05E05

From The Good Fight S05E05 Featuring Jay and Moyo

The personal interrogation from Ricardo soon boils Rivi who in turn attacks him. Especially when he reveals it’s his mute wife running his drug empire. Rivi leaves with a warning. Diane meets with one of Kurt’s friends who she sent Marissa spying off asking her to come clean. Jay on the other hand dealing with visions of history where he was sent to die with Covid but someone saved him. Well, he tried to figure out the whole episode and in end found out it was David to close the episode.

The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers

The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6 is releasing on 29 July 2021 and will release on Paramount+. Following the sixth episode, expect four more for the fifth season on The Good Fight coming every Thursday. At the moment, the Paramount+ streaming is the only viable option to watch the fifth season. The past four seasons of the show are available to stream on  Amazon, iTunesVUDUMicrosoftYouTube TV, and Google Play Movies&TV.

Paramount+ has not released any promo or synopsis for what we can expect from The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 6. But looking at what we see in the previous episode, we may see if this friend of Kurt. Well does she really agrees to come clean for Kurt or not? Especially after the talk, she received from Diane. Kurt is gonna live up to the code but he doesn’t realize this may soon land up him in 20 years for jail. Timing is running out. Lastly, we may have a new case at a firm or probably we can expect Rivi to retaliate as well.

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