Jungkook All-Rounder Moments: The Golden Maknae

Jungkook All Rounder Moments

Jeon Jungkook has been nicknamed the Golden Maknae of the industry for a reason. The reason is that Jungkook has managed to be an all-rounder in every aspect of almost every field he has stepped into. He has made his name by being not just the Jack of All Trades but also a master in them. Jungkook from BTS is the youngest of all the members. He has been in the K-pop industry ever since the age of 15 and has learned the way of life from his six older teammates. Jungkook is good at learning anything quickly, which makes it easy for him to grasp things easily. This factor has got him a lot of fame and talent and continues to do so.

Jungkook goes on to remain one of the most talented K-pop idols. He has mastered the art of learning skills. From being skilled professionally, like learning a dance routine in record time, to perfecting something unexpected like archery. Jungkook is a phenomenal singer, a very proficient dancer, and the token visual of the group. Jungkook seems to have a fanbase of his own, despite the huge number of fans the group already collectively has. His astonishing looks, paired with his excellent set, have acquired him the title of the Golden Maknae. Jungkook’s skill set is not just because of his natural talent and abilities but also because of the immense amount of hard work he puts into everything he wishes to achieve.

Jungkook Golden Maknae
Jeon Jungkook

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Jungkook All Rounder Moments

We are going to trace back to the first time he was called the Golden Maknae and why he has coined this name. Every category in this list is proof of how close Jungkook is to be perfect in everything.

1. Jungkook can sing

Jungkook has a  very wide vocal range, meaning he is able to hit high notes with ease and sing the low notes effortlessly as well. Jeon Jungkook has shown his excellent vocal skills through his live performances of Euphoria. During the performance, he hangs off of a swing on a zipline and is taken across the stadium in which they are performing. Even under these extremities, the all-rounder Jungkook effortlessly belts out the most perfect notes, one can even say mid-air.

Jungkook Golden Maknae performing Euphoria live
Jungkook performing his solo “Euphoria” live

2. Jungkook can Rap

In their first few albums, Jungkook had a big part in the rap parts of BTS’ songs. Despite being the lead vocal of the group, Jungkook is skilled in rap as well. During their latest performance of the Rap Line’s song “Ddaeng”, Jungkook effortlessly reminded us that the Golden Maknae has still got his mad skills in rap with him.

Jungkook Golden maknae performing ddaneg live and rapping
Jungkook performing Ddaeng Live

3. Jungkook can dance

He is an extremely skilled dancer, taking in second place as a lead dancer after JHope. Jungkook’s body movements leave the fans, and the general audience amazed every time, no matter what song he is dancing to and what kind of dance he is doing. Jungkook even has a hand in choreography, and he is exceptionally good at it too. We can see the all-rounder’s choreography skills during Jungkook’s performance of My Time during their online concert back in October.

Jungkook golden maknae
Jungkook dancing to My Time

4. Jungkook is super athletic

We were able to see Jungkook’s athletic side as an all-rounder when BTS used to take part in the ISAC before they were banned. From wrestling, relay races, archery, and basically every category he took part in, Jungkook always came out victorious. Apart from these competitions, we see his athletic skills in full swing in the BTS Run Series. In the episodes when the members are competing against each other in sports and other such outdoor activities, Jungkook almost always wins the games. Tennis Matches, Timed Rock climbing, and other such competitions are where Jungkook is usually in the lead. We see that he has even been taking Boxing classes lately and has posted videos of him practicing before concerts.

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5. Jungkook Can Play Multiple Musical Instruments

Jungkook’s skill set as an all-rounder also includes being able to use a variety of organs and instruments. He’s seen practicing the guitar in the episodes of “BTS: In The Soop”. Jungkook has played live drums during their performance of Dynamite for their Music on a Mission concert. We see Jungkook working the drums again in their campaign video “Your Seoul Goes On”. Jungkook plays the drums to the beat amidst Korean traditional accents in his background as a showcase of his heritage for their Seoul tourism campaign.

jungkook golden maknae drummer
Drummer Jungkook

6. Jungkook is very artistic.

Showing extraordinary talent in the artistic genre as well, Jungkook really is an all-rounder. He has made art pieces that have been showcased in their official music videos. Jungkook has been a skilled artist, and we see that ever since his debut. For the music video of his solo, “Begin” Jungkook made a painting that is supposed to be a self-portrait to fit the storyline. He’s seen drawing it live from scratch in one of the Bangtan Bomb videos. Jungkook has recently shown us that he still has his artistic abilities during his time in the mountains. We see his beautiful scenery paintings in the episodes for “In the Soop” when he paints alongside Namjoon.

Jungkook All Rounder Moments
Jungkook’s painting from In The Soop

7. Jungkook Makes His Own Little Vlogs

On Youtube, Jungkook releases short edited videos under the name GCF, Golden Closet Film. He records his time with his bandmates, who are basically his family ever since he was fifteen. Jungkook captures sweet moments and memories and edits them into videos that could mimic music videos. His editing skills are also something that stands out about him as a K-pop idol. Jungkook spends not only so much time editing the little clips into artistic renditions of his point of view but also buys permission to use certain songs in his videos. For the background music in his GCF in Tokyo video, Jungkook bought the rights to use Troye Sivan’s “There for You”. The perfection in his videos once again shows how skilled he is in almost every field he sets foot in.

Jungkook GCF Osaka
Jungkoo’s Osaka GCF featuring V and Jimin

8. Jungkook Directs Videos

He has a fair share in directing a few clips in music videos and is also solely responsible for the direction of his GCF videos. We see his skills both in front of the camera s well as behind it. Jungkook has been named the director for their “Life Goes On” music video. All the videos and music videos that he has directed have a slow vibe to them, something that is calming to watch and makes one feel warm when viewing it.

Jungkook has a knack for making simple everyday moments into important parts of life, like we see in the “Life Goes On” music video. In the video, we see the boys spending time with each other doing mundane daily tasks with each other. The message could be that no matter how small something seems when with the right people, everything we do could be more interesting than it seems. This could be taken as a close topic to Jungkook, seeing how he has been with the boys ever since his early teenage years and has learned everything about life through them.

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9. Jungkook writes and produces songs

It was quite expected of Jungkook to be involved in the production of songs the band puts out, seeing how he has a hand in almost everything else related to the band. Jungkook has been included as producer and songwriter in their latest album. He has released some singles which he wrote and composed himself, like the single “Still With You”. Jungkook has also talked about releasing his own solo album soon, which he will probably have a huge hand in, being it his own album. Jungkook’s skills as a producer are seen in songs like “My Time”, “Magic Shop”, “Film Out” and so many more.

Jungkook All Rounder Moments
Jungkook as a Biker for a photoshoot

All of these are just some of the many skills Jungkook has. Although he is viewed as a natural talent, it’s not all true. Jungkook has stated that his image as that of a “Golden Maknae” is one of the most difficult ones he has to uphold. He works way harder than he should in order to meet the public’s expectations of him. There have been instances when he’s passed out as soon as he gets off stage due to the exhaustion in trying to perfect everything. Jungkook’s skills are nothing but hours and days’ worth of hard work. He works himself to the point of enervation so he could continue living as the Golden Maknae, as to how the world views him. Jungkook truly is a one-of-a-kind idol, and the hype that he gets is all justified.

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