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Spoilers & Preview: The Goldbergs Season 8 Episode 19

The Goldbergs
The Goldbergs

Currently, the eighth season of The Goldbergs is going on, and we know how much fascinating it has now got. Recently, we saw how Erica is pretty happy and was looking forward to her new date. She finally has landed the cute guy from the coffee shop and is head over heels, excited to go out with him. On the other hand, Geoff has his own story on display. We saw how he got accepted for an episode of The Dating Game. All this while, Beverly was also spotted happily the last time we witnessed her. It was because Murray has now gone on to buy a shore house. The first time this series dropped out on air was the 24th of September 2013 on ABC. Adam F. Goldberg is the one who has created this show and has a cast list that is studded with stars.

The Goldbergs is a pretty insightful series that throws light on Adam’s own family while he was growing up in the 80s. He even has provided the fans with his own childhood version in the series, and we can not be happier to acknowledge how he grew up. Sure there were troubles at times, but what was important is that the whole family stuck together. After much success of the series on ABC, while it has been going on for seven seasons, the network renewed it for the eighth season, which is currently airing. The location of the show is set in Jenkintown in Pennsylvania and provides all of us with a weekly dose of drama for which we can sit back and relax. Well, enough with all the backstory already. Right now, we shall discuss what the future of this series holds for us.

The Goldbergs Season 8 Episode 19 Release Date and Spoilers

A still from The Goldbergs Season 8

The Goldbergs Season 8 Episode 19 Release Date 

The Goldbergs season 8 episode 19 release date has been scheduled for the 28th of April 2021 and is titled Daddy Daughter Day 2. The episode is scheduled to drop out on ABC at 8 pm, according to Eastern Time. For further information, you guys should keep in mind that new episodes drop out every week on Wednesdays. Now, if you are wondering about where you can watch the show because you are not sure, then we have got you covered. The first and the easiest method of viewing the latest episodes of this series is by tuning in to the network at the designated date and time slot, and there you will find your newest episode airing. But if you are someone who does not have a cable cord at home and wants to catch the show online, then it is possible. All you have to do is head over to the official website of ABC, which lets you watch the new episodes shortly after their air on the original network. Also, Hulu has new episodes streaming on their platform, which you can stream with a subscription.

The Goldbergs Season 8 Episode 19 Spoilers

Now, here we will mention the spoilers about what will happen next in the show. For all the fans who do not wish to know the spoilers of the story, please feel free to skip this section. In The Goldbergs season 8, episode 19, we will witness the aftermath of the split between Erica as well as Geoff. Erica can be seen pretty bummed out after the breakup and has trouble moving on. Thus, we will see that Murray will step in and take her out in order to clear her mind and cheer her up. On the other hand, Adam is quite excited to have his part in the school prank. Their friend group has decided to be present for the senior prank, and thus Adam gets anticipated for that. But soon enough, he realizes what he is getting himself into and thus resents the decision.

But well, it is too late for him to back out as the whole plan has already been made, and his peer group will be pretty disappointed in him if she refuses now. Thus, he goes on to seek help from Beverly to get him out of this mess. Next up, we will see that Erica is still pretty sad about the whole breakup thing and wants to clear the air around her. Thus, she decides to have a trip to Los Angeles and visits her best friend. Also, we will see her enjoying an underground poker game.

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