The Godfather Part III Ending Explained: The Guilt Trip Of Michael

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Godfather Part III Ending Explained
From The Godfather Part III Featuring Al Pacino as Michael Corleone

The Godfather III might have not been as great as the first and second films in the trilogy. But, we still believe it was fitting to end the story like that. Something we saw with Don Vito, we saw something similar in Michael towards the ending of the film. The film kind of turned around Michael as a person. A gangster who, for the sake of his family, decided to quit all the illegal business and invested in something greater. But as he says, this life finds its way to him. So here we are taking a look at the ending of Michael’s story, as in The Godfather Part III, and getting it explained right.

Godfather III continues the story where it left off in the second part. But with a much older Michael, who is trying his best to reconcile with his family. Amidst this, his own partners betray him and bring him back in the game. Plus, it was time for the introduction of someone new to the throne. Francis Ford Coppola directed the film with Mario Puzo on the writing team. The movie stars Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, and Andy Garcíaa long with Eli Wallach, Joe Mantegna, Bridget Fonda, George Hamilton, and Sofia Coppola.

Plot Summary

The Godfather III tells the story of the guilt of Michael Corleone. Set in 1979, the movie sees him first carrying the guilt of losing his brother Fredo. All for the sake of his power. The one that has drifted him away from his family. After seven years of staying apart from family, he reconciles with them at a papal order induction ceremony in St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Michael’s honor. He realizes how much has changed since then. Michael’s son Anthony instead of law is pursuing a career as an Opera singer, and his daughter Mary is a grownup lady.

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The Plot For The Godfather Part III
From The Godfather Part III

While the family reunion goes okay, Michael also tries to settle a dispute. Vincent Mancini comes with Michael’s sister Connie. Vincent is the illegitimate son of Michael’s long-dead brother Sonny Corleone. He wants to settle a dispute with Joey Zasa, who has invaded the territories of Corleone. But that doesn’t go well when Zasa disrespects Michael leading Vincent to bite his ear off. They cool it down for a while, and Micahel offers Vincent to join forces with him. Zasa tries to take his revenge on Vincent but fails.

Meanwhile, Michael decides to invest all his money in shares in Internazionale Immobiliare. An international real estate company. This comes from selling all his assets. He gives away cheques to all his initial partners from older businesses. Thus closing the illegal ones and starting an all-out white business. Something which helps him to reconnect with his daughter. But amidst this, Zasa doesn’t receive a single penny and leaves calling Michael enemy. Don Altobello also leaves hoping to convince Zasa. But moments later, an attack begins at the place with Victor rescuing Michael out of place.

The Decisions Michael Made In The Godfather Part III
From The Godfather Part III

With the permission of Connie, Vincent kills Zasa and takes revenge. But that doesn’t fit right with Michael, who is now in a hospital with a diabetic attack. He thinks Vincent is topping over much like his father and wants him to cool down. Michael believes there is someone else far stronger behind Zasa since he can’t pull this stunt all alone. Micheal figures out Altobello is the traitor and asks Vincent to infiltrate his place and try to get information by making it look like he is betraying as well. Amidst this, Michael has his son’s first concert debut as well. That too in Sicily where Michael and his father’s story began.

The Godfather III Ending Explained

The New Heir To The Throne

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Vincent follows the orders from Michael and wins the trust of Altobello. In turn, he gives away his plans and introduces him to the chairman of Immobiliare company. They plan to steal away every penny of Michael from the shares he has invested. After all, the pope is sick, and this has kept it all on hold and from Michael becoming an owner. Furthermore, he later finds out that Altobello hires a man named Mosca to kill Michael while he is spending time in Sicily.

Vincent Becomes The New Heir
From The Godfather, Part III Featuring Andy García as Vincent Corleone

So Mosca teams up with his son and starts their killing spree by taking down Don Tommasino, one of Michael’s friends. Vincent, on the other hand, lets Michael know about the coming conflict. Vincent asks for orders, but Michael denies dragging him in this, but Vincent wants it desperately. Michael finally agrees, but in turn, Vincent needs to break off relations with his daughter, which he had initially in the film. The promise is made, and the torch is passed on to Vincent, who becomes the new heir to Michael’s throne towards the ending of The Godfather Part III.

Michael’s Guilt Ends His Story

Before giving the throne to Vincent, Michael decides to clean his sins. He confesses them in a church to a priest. Then also reconciles with his wife confessing all the mistakes in his past. They prepare to attend Anthony’s first opera show as a family. While this goes on, Vincent makes sure to end everyone who was involved in Immobiliare and attempt to eat away Michael’s money. Including Altobello who meets his end thanks to poison from Connie. Plus, Michael’s share invested in the real estate company also gets an in. But, the one person left out is Mosca who Altobello hired.

The Guilt Trip Of Michael Ends His Story In The Godfather Part III
From The The Godfather Part III Featuring Al Pacino as Michael Corleone

Mosca throughout the live show of Anthony tries several times to take a shot at Michael. But fails until the show ends and the whole family comes out. That’s when he takes the shot amidst the whole crowd, which goes crazy. Vincent shoots Mosca down who along with his son, is taken in. On the other hand, Michael is only injured while his daughter Mary gets shot and dies. Michael might have got clean, but his sins were counted, and this led him to lose his daughter. The movie takes us into the future with much older Michael, who sits around in the same house as his friend Tommasino. He waits for his death and falls from the chair to close the film. That’s all for the ending of The Godfather Part III.

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