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The Goblin: Review and Plot Analysis


The Goblin is one such drama series that is very hit and trending even after its four years of release. Even now, people love fantasy drama series, and are one of the highest-rated television dramas. The series is popularly also known by its other name, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. There are sixteen episodes in the series that ran from December 2, 2016, to January 21, 2017. The music and songs of the series are also quite good.

The ending theme of Punch and Chanyeol, Stay With Me, is famous worldwide. Goblin was one of the best fantasy series with Gong Yoo, Yoo Sung Jae, Kim Go-Eun, Yoo In-Na, and Lee Dong-Wook in the leading role. Now, let’s have a review and recap all the episodes of Goblin.

Goblin Episode 1

The first episode starts in a green field with a sword sticking to the ground. The sword looks old, rusty, and a bloodstained cloth is wrapped in the hilt. In the backdrop, a narrator is narrating that if the desires of mortal life in a bloodied object which is in his possession, then the person becomes a goblin. The narrator says that there is the blood of thousands in his sword, so how could not it take place? Then a beautiful white-colored butterfly flies and falls at the hilt of the sword. The narrator went on to say that only the bride of the goblin can draw the sword.

The scene moves forward to a vendor and old grandmother, who is actually a fairy godmother saying about the tale of a goblin to a woman who is going through her things. The old grandmother says that even now, the goblin is everywhere and nowhere. But, the woman laughs hearing the old woman. The woman does not believe in grandmother and thinks that it is only a story but still says that the Gods are mean as the Goblin had to find a bride for dying. She gets up to go from there. But, the granny holds her and asks to pray from her heart if there is a life or death situation.

The scene again moves backward to 1968 wherein, Gong Yoo as Kim Shin/Goblin, is shown waiting for a boy. Then, he advises the boy something and went from there. Again, the narrator speaks about Kim Shin, his history, and how he became a goblin. The backdrop featured how the king betrayed him, his people, and also the relationship with the queen. The rest of the episode introduced the main characters, their relationship, and the birth of the goblin’s bride, goblin and the grim reaper staying together, meeting of the goblin with his bride.


A scene from Goblin

Goblin Episode 2

The Episode starts with the goblin’s bride, Ji Eun Tak, following Kim Shin through a door and landing in Canada. She is so excited that she declares her love for him and will only marry him if he can do such amazing things. They spent their time together talking, walking side by side, and catching maple leaves. Kim Shin leaves her afterward in a hotel for the time being and went to the grave of his first servant. He remained there and thought of his curse. While on the other hand, the grim reaper met a hoobae and talks about missing person report. Then they had to go to work when a woman accuses a man of killing her.

Goblin and Ji Eun Tak return to Seoul after spending a day together. He drops her in front of her school. Later on, she thinks about their time in Canada. Kim Shin went back home and pondered over how she crossed over the door with him. He called the reaper and asked to follow him. However, the reaper could not do so. The episode shows the relationship of Eun Tak with her aunt’s family. They abuse her over the insurance money of her mother. Sunny gets introduced in the latter part of the series as an owner of the chicken shop. She also hires Eun Tak as a part-timer in her shop.

In one part, the reaper comes to take Eun Tak as a missing person, but the goblin comes and saves her. He says that no one takes her who says she is the bride of goblin and will marry him. There are also funny moments when Deok Hwa says to his uncle that he already knew about him from the age of six. The episode ends with the kidnapping of Eun Tak by two loan sharks. They were sent by her aunt, who owes money to the loan sharks. In the end, we see that both goblin and grim reaper comes together to save her.

Goblin Episode 3

The third episode starts with the reaper and the goblin saving Eun Tak from the loan sharks. The Goblin strikes the car into two halves by his sword. However, they did not kill the loan sharks. They only left them there unfound for two days. After that, Eun Tak is very angry and scared due to which she nags on the goblin. She said that she did not even call him this time. But, the goblin said that he came because he heard her. The Goblin and Eun Tak went to a restaurant but she only scolds him as he is leaving soon. He also said that she is not the goblin’s bride as she does not see what she is supposed to.

Deok Hwa searches the background of Eun Tak’s aunt and informs the Goblin. Shin tells that he will teach them a lesson while keeping two gold bars before him. The gold bar appears in the room of Eun Tak’s at her aunt’s home. The whole family fights over the bars. Deok Hwa and Kim Shin are sitting at a restaurant and watching a boy’s idol group on TV. The goblin reminiscences about the past and the king he used to serve. He and the goblin also argue about each other past lives. Eun Tak and Kim-Shin are also sad and remembering their moments.

The rest of the episode follows how the grim reaper and Sunny meet each other with the help of the fairy godmother. Eun Tak’s aunt and her family also disappeared. We also see the farewell and sad moments between Eun Tak and Kim Shin. In the end, we see how Eun Tak went to find a goblin in his home. She asked him that will he stays if she says that she really sees what he wants her to see. Kim Shin said that she is bluffing. However, she points to the sword that is sticking right through the chest of the goblin.

Goblin Episode 4

Well, Episode four was rather a romantic one. It starts with Eun Tak pointing out the sword of Shin. The revelation shocked the Goblin. He asks her why not she said before that she saw the sword. Eun Tak replied that at first, she was scared. But, later on, she tried to be polite. Hence, she did not mention anything about the sword to him. Eun Tak asks Shin if he will stay now that she has become useful. He asks her to stay outside for some time and went inside. He went to the reaper and said that she saw the sword and pointed out the same. Eun Tak is his bride and he will die now. The reaper asks him should not he be happy as he was searching for his bride the whole time.

Eun Tak pressed the calling bell again after getting tired of waiting outside. The Goblin and grim reaper went outside. She began telling her emotional story about her aunt leaving and not having a place to stay. Eun Tak asks the goblin to let her stay with him. All the three went inside their house. He tried to make her leave by giving her 5 million. But, she would not take the same after seeing the home and wants to stay with him only. The Goblin said he had a solution and called his caretaker to take her. He booked a place for her in the suite room of their hotel.

The rest of the episode is about how the goblin comes to terms with him finding the bride. He also bids adieu to a soul in place of the reaper whom he saved sixteen years ago. The romance of the grim reaper and Sunny is also progressing as the episode goes on. She waits for the reaper but he is pondering over whether to call or not. The episode ends with both the goblin and Eun Tak going to Quebec again for having lunch. They have their moments there and it seems that the goblin is falling for her slowly.


Goblin Episode 5

Episode five starts in Quebec with Eun Tak smiling and coming from the other side of the street. She runs up to meet Kim Shin who changes the colors of the crosswalk’s lines as she walks over. They return to Seoul and Kim Shin is still in a gloomy mood. However, he experiences severe pain once he reaches home due to his sword. Eun Tak saw a ghost asking for her help when she was walking home. She ignored at first but reluctantly agrees afterward. Sunny and Reaper met once again at the same bridge. She asked him the reason for not calling. The reaper tries to leaves and says that he will go and call now. Sunny became confused with his behavior and pointed out they are meeting just now. The reaper went to greet her. Sunny asks him for coffee and asks his name. However, he runs out as he does not have one.

Later on, Kim Shin visits Eun Tak and asks her to leave with him in his house. She goes and began staying together with the goblin and the grim reaper. The grim reaper is actually rooting for her after knowing that she is actually the goblin’s bride. Eun Tak also decides to ignore the goblin and focus solely on her life. She and the grim reaper also sit together for deciding his name. Their conversation irritated the goblin as he is left behind by both of them. The same led to an argument between Kim Shin and Eun Tak and at one point he said he was her boyfriend.

The rest of the episode is about how the grim reaper ended up calling Sunny. Even, the grim reaper and goblin brought mobile phones and started learning to use them. The episode ends with Eun Tak and Kim Shin going to Quebec again as she was hungry. Furthermore, the goblin saw a glimpse of the future of Eun Tak when they went to the steakhouse. The episode ended with a sad note.

Goblin Episode 6

Episode six starts with the Eun Tak and Kim Shin in their favorite restaurant in Quebec. He sees her future when she became 29 and realizes that her future does not consist of him. He thought that he must disappear for Eun Tak and her smile. Meanwhile, Deok Hwa and the grim reaper go for a double date with Sunny and one of her friends. They began interacting with each other. The grim reaper says his name is Kim Woo Bin. However, he does not have a business card much to his dismay. Deok Hwa produces his and caught the attention of both the ladies.

At home, Kim Shin continuously asks Eun Tak to pull the sword. He said that he wants to stop thinking about his choices. However, Eun Tak being oblivion to everything asks him what he is talking about? The Goblin did not want to take no as an answer. Eun Tak said that she is not ready to pull out the sword as her research over him is completed yet. She began inquiring about his past life which made him remember the betrayal. But, Eun Tak did not pull out the sword.

The rest of the episode is about how Eun Tak and Kim Shin fight over for pulling the sword. It also features the progress of the relationship between Sunny and the grim reaper. The episode ends with Eun Tak deciding to pull the sword out from Kim Shin and went over to his favorite field. They talk about a contract between Eun Tak and Shin. At last, she tries to pull out the sword. However, she could not no matter how much they try. They both began fighting. Suddenly, Eun Tak leans and kisses Kim Shin.

Goblin Episode 7

Episode seven is pretty much an amusing one where Eun Tak thinks that she can pull out the sword by kissing him. She kisses the goblin and left him shocked. The Goblin asks if she has gone crazy to which she replies that she is doing everything to pull out the sword. Moreover, she is the loser as the kiss was her first one unlike him. Eun Tak tries to kiss Kim Shin again thinking that she will take back all the gifts now. But, Kim Shin moves away from her asks what will happen if it does not work. She replies that only one thing is left to do, True Love.

Kim Shin turns and tries to go back to the house and she shouts back that she will do anything to pull out the sword. Eun Tak asks him if he will kick her out of the house now. He shouts and said no. On the other hand, Deok Hwa is crying and asking if his uncle will never return. The grim reaper said that he finally found peace and he is not going to return. Just then, the door opens with Eun Tak and Goblin returning. He began asking all his gifts back from Deok Hwa, grim reaper, and Eun Tak. He also asked the grandfather his portrait back.

The episode proceeds with everyone thinking why the bride cannot pull out the sword. It also features the dates and meetings between Sunny and the Grim Reaper. Finally, the episode comes to an end with Eun Tak and the goblin coming to terms with each other. They were talking when he suddenly felt pain in his chest. Eun Tak could also catch the sword at that exact moment and begins to pull out the same. However, he pushes her and she flies back. But, the reaper goes and catches her before she fell on the ground.


Goblin Episode 8

Episode eight starts with Shin catching Eun Tak before she collides with a truck. Shin came to know that Eun Tak has a great effect on his life due to which he is hesitating to end his life also. The experience was not a nice one for Eun Tak who still seems to be in a daze for a long time. Shin takes her back to the house and places her on the bed. However, she asks the condition of Shin as soon as she woke up. Eun Tak is happy to get proof that she can actually move the sword and is the bride of the goblin. Shin does not know what to say and told at last that it is a good thing.

Later on, Deok Hwa and the grim reaper had to go to the place of accident for solving the goblin’s mess. Many people even recorded the incident and featured in the T.V. Deok Hwa also alerted his grandfather and Secretary about the mess. Everyone thinks that it is the doings of Deok Hwa. Secretary Kim took the job of taking down all the video footage from the internet. Deok Hwa went to the scene to give money while the reaper took the job of erasing memory.

We also see how the goblin prevents a whole accident just because of Eun Tak traveling on it. The episode ends with Fairy Godmother appearing before Shin and asking him to die. He asks if he is not her son. She says that she is saying it for the good of everyone. It is either his life or Eun Tak’s life. Until and unless the goblin dies, Eun Tak will continuously face death. He has to make a decision. Meanwhile, Eun Tak also came to know about the death of the goblin if she ever pulls out the sword. The revelation left her surprised.

Goblin Episode 9

Episode nine follows how Eun Tak came to know about the death of the goblin if she ever decides to pull the sword. The grim reaper confirmed her and said that it is their fate. The bride of the goblin can only kill him by pulling out the sword. Meanwhile, the goblin also came to know if their fate in the bookstore that one must die for the other to live. A cruel twist of fate for both Kim Shin and Eun Tak when they had only just fallen for each other. Eun Tak cries knowing the truth and thanks to the reaper for sharing the truth.

Ji Eun Tak packs her bag and leaves Shin’s home. In the bookstore, Shin is angry and sad from knowing the truth. He implores the heaven that one day he can finally say that Eun Tak was his first love. He went home but finds that the room does not have anything and she left. Shin could not find her anywhere and rushes to the grim reaper. He asks the reaper of the work address. However, the reaper said that it’s his fault that Eun Tak went missing. Shin got angry with him but reaper said that neither he nor Eun Tak wants to lose him.

The rest of the episode shows how the search for Eun Tak goes and where she went missing. But, later on, Shin finds her through Deok Hwa working in a resort. She also met with a near-death accident. However, Shin saves her. In the episode, Shin also met with Sunny who was his sister during the Goryeo era. Grim reaper has flashbacks about the past regarding the queen after touching Sunny. The Goblin looks at Sunny and Grim Reaper looking at each other intently at the end of the episode.

Goblin Episode 10

Episode 10 begins with the Grim Reaper calling Sunny by her actual name which is Kim Sun. The name is similar to that of the Queen, Kim Shin’s sister during the Goryeo period. Sunny takes the reaper outside the restaurant and asks how he knows the real name. He avoided the question and said he called her Kim Sunny. Grim reaper tries to go away but Sunny catches him. Instantly he turns around and sees her wearing the Jade Ring. He began having flashbacks about their past. Meanwhile, the Goblin is also looking at them intensely.

Kim Shin continues watching them and Eun Tak reminds him that he is staring hole at the pair. Further, Shin also asks about her nature to which she says that the Grim Reaper asked the same question. Sunny asks the reaper some questions while continues staring at her. They both returned to the restaurant and Shin told her name is familiar to him. Kim Sun said to him that her name is Sunny to which Shin says to her that she does not know anything about the grim reaper. He was talking to her about the reaper’s actual identity. However, Kim Shin only earned a glare from the reaper and Eun Tak. Later on, the reaper took the ring from Sunny and said to her that he needs the same for research purposes.

The rest of the episode is about Eun Tak and the Goblin spends time together. Shin also tells his history and fate to the grim reaper. Sunny broke up with the reaper when he cannot say anything about his identity. On the other hand, Grandfather is going to die soon and he also knows about it. Shin is sad but cannot do anything about it. Grim reaper also goes through the phase of the breakup. In the end, the reaper tells Shin that Sunny is the reincarnation of his queen sister. However, Shin does not believe him. But, the reaper narrates about the sister and their earlier incidents.

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Goblin Episode 11

The episode begins with the reaper describing the queen to Shin. The revelation shocked Shin but believed the reaper at last. However, Shin could not wait to meet his sister and rushed to meet Sunny. He and grim reaper reached her restaurant. Shin immediately went and hugged her before the reaper could say anything. The hug startled Sunny and asks the reaper to intervene. He manages to pull Shin away and tells Sunny the truth.

However, Sunny thinking that they are playing tricks on her went along with them. Later, she asks them to leave while laughing at their face. Eun Tak also returns from her delivery and saw the whole thing. However, she stopped Shin while he was running after Sunny. Eun Tak asks grim reaper the truth as to what is going on. Reaper also asks if Sunny is dating someone else. However, Eun Tak says that she could not say anything due to her loyalty. Shin gifts many things to Sunny from her past life. However, she did not take any interest in them and ask him to leave her alone.

The episode ends with Eun Tak again endangering her life once again for helping a ghost. However, Shin saves her at the last moment and punishes the evil man. Grim reaper also cannot help but thinks that the case of Eun Tak is indeed special as she has managed to escape death many times. At last, we saw how the ghost of the evil minister comes and meet Eun Tak. It was due to him only in the Goreyo period that the king betrayed Shin and his sister.

Goblin Episode 12

The episode starts with the evil minster meeting Eun Tak. He says that he finally got the chance to meet the Goblin’s bride. However, she asks all the other ghosts to leave as soon as possible and say to him that is it nice to meet him. She soon goes away and ponders at home that it is the first time that she is seeing a ghost-like minister. But, she did not say anything about the same to Shin. We also see that the Grim Reaper says that the earth has some souls that have to roam for a long time. They have managed to escape the reapers and no longer afraid of them.

The Grim reaper said to Shin that Sunny knows everything about him. Kim Shin and Reaper coincidentally also came to know that Deok Hwa is not the actual person, and someone is actually controlling him. They found him sitting in a club and also create a barrier between them making them unable to reach him. Deok Hwa began by saying the exact words Shin used at the time of death while those of the Grim Reaper at the beginning. However, he says that he gave a Shin at dying so what is he doing now. He also says to the reaper that it was not his fault that the reaper could not remember anything about the past life. The reaper himself made the choice so why is he complaining now.

Well, the episode is particularly an interesting one as Sunny could remember her past life due to the interference of the minister. Shin also came to know about the minister as told by Eun Tak. Moreover, Eun Tak is slowly losing her capacity to see ghosts. Also, the grim reaper came to know about his identity as the King or Wang Yeo. Kim Shin also came to know from the minister and Sunny. He came to find him and hold his collar at the end.


Goblin Episode 13

The episode starts with Kim Shin going to the Buddhist temple for confronting the truth about the grim reaper. They start to hear each other voice while Shin reaches the door of the temple. Shin come and directly hold the neck of Wang Yeo. However, the reaper was unable to remember anything and only if he is the king at the end. But, Shin is very angry at him and said that it was only due to Wang Yeo’s jealousy that he lost everything.

Shin said that he could not kill Wang Yeo even now because he is clueless and does not remember anything. He also said to Wang Yeo it is a luxury for him to not remember which does not have. The King in the past life also told him that Kim Shin does not have heaven on his side. Shin says that once again Wang Yeo wins as heaven is on his side again. He left Wang Yeo alone who falls and cries. He does not know anything about his crimes although he is guilty.

The ending of the episode is quite sad as the evil minister possess the body of Eun Tak. However, Shin and Wang Yeo finally manage to kill him in the end. But, Shin also dies as the sword got removed from his body. Eun Tak and Wang Yeo cry seeing him dying. Shin and Eun Tak declare their love for each other. Further, he also said that he will take permission from the Gods for meeting her in the next snow.

Goblin Episode 14

The episode starts with how Shin holds the hands of unconscious Eun Tak and draw the sword out from his body. He took the sword and kills the evil minister. The sword also disappears after falling to the ground. Eun Tak wakes up and rushes to Shin. They both hold each other and cry. But, Shin disappears soon after the striking of lightning. Everyone close to Shin felt the death of him and his written words gradually begin to disappear.

Eun Tak immediately began to write everything about Kim Shin in her diary. The fairy grandmother says to Shin that his memories are removed from everyone that knew him for their mental peace. However, shin asks God to visit Eun Tak in her lifetime. It seems that Shin is neither on Earth nor in heaven. He will also slowly forget Eun Tak by wandering all alone. The scene moves and Eun Tak is the radio station’s producer-director.

Eun Tak also does not remember anything and neither Wang Yeo. But, Shin is still wandering around in limbo. The rest of the episode is how Kim Shin returns but no one remembers him except Wang Yeo. Shin returns and slowly begins to try to go closer to Eun Tak. She also feels safe with him even though she does not remember him. The episode ends with both of them in Quebec again.

Goblin Episode 15

The episode begins with Eun Tak walking in Quebec alone. A man remembers her before from Quebec. However, she could not find him for asking anything about the matter. She also meets a jewellery vendor. Eun Tak asks if she knows her. The vendor said about the necklace of Eun Tak that she made that for a man from Korea. Eun Tak asks about the man but the vendor said that she will know him as she is the necklace’s owner.

Kim Shin and Eun Tak ended up meeting in Quebec again. They both ended up eating together with Eun Tak treating Shin to a meal. Later on, they walk together and Shin says that he will be her guide. Eun Tak asks if he knows Quebec and he says that he came here with his previous girlfriend. He has been here four times. Eun Tak says that he must love her very much to which he said that they broke up. Shin says that his girlfriend forgot him while he was away for a long time.

The Episode ends with Sunny moving away to a different place and bade goodbye to Eun Tak. Eun Tak also thinks about the guy from Quebec who says you again. She thinks that he is a ghost and also the reason for seeing them again. Eun Tak begins remembering somewhat of her lost memories and also asks about his general clothes. The episode ends with Shin asking Eun Tak to marry him.

Goblin Episode 16

The episode begins with Shin proposing to Eun Tak and asking her to marry him. Eun Tak says yes and she will be his bride. Eun Tak, later on, tells that she is going to marry soon to her mother in heaven. Ghosts also congratulated her for getting married. Shin tore one of the straps of Eun Tak’s friend as she tried to set up a date for Eun Tak. He also goes to her workplace and announces himself as her boyfriend in front of everyone. Shin also mentions that they are getting married soon at the end of the weekend.

Eun Tak also meets Deok Hwa again and has lunch together. Shin says to Deok Hwa that he and Eun Tak are going to get married soon. They both began preparing for the wedding and try out the dresses. It seems that they are very happy and agreed to have a simple wedding. Later on, a love letter goes on air in the radio centre leaving Shin, Eun Tak, and the reaper shocked. It was from Sunny. They came to know that Sunny knew everything all the time but still kept it a secret. In the end, she left everyone to live alone.

The last episode has a bittersweet ending as we saw how Eun Tak died after getting married. Sunny also died and was Wang Yeo’s last job. However, they both took rebirth and had a good life together. Eun Tak also came back to Kim Shin at last. She remembers everything as she did not take the tea given by the reaper at the time of her death.

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