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The Gallows Act 2 Ending Explained & Plot Analysis

Hello, internet! Today we cover The Gallows Act 2 ending explained. Firstly, you’re in for one bad movie. If you like spoilers, criticism and really enjoy watching bad horror flicks, we got you covered! For The Gallows Act 2 is exactly that. This movie almost never saw theatres. It was deemed a catastrophic commercial failure and barely made it to the public. Still, there are niches in cinema that love bad horror movies. Ed Wood paved the way for really bad horror movies, paving the way for cult status. But this isn’t one of them.

This movie features materialistic characters unable to provide a competent sense of dramatic personification. After the first scene, the film abandons the discovered footage style and returns to a conventional storyline. Auna (Ema Horvath), a young high school student, moves in with her elder sister so she may join the local high school’s renowned theatrical program. She aspires to be an actress but lacks confidence due to discouraging parents and just having 200 YouTube followers.


The Gallows Act 2 Ending Explained: Spoilers included

So, what do you think? She decides to take on the Charlie Challenge in order to acquire fame. Yes, the film’s narrative is sparked by the protagonist’s weak motive. From here on out, things only get worse. We’re also introduced to Cade, a fellow high school student portrayed by 31-year-old Chris Milligan, and the film seems obliged to give far too many sequences with an inane conversation to sell Auna and Cade’s blossoming relationship. There’s also a horribly misconceived scene in which the whole theatre program applauds a monologue performance that wasn’t all that terrific to begin with.

It is a disservice to both monologues and aspiring performers and is arguably the worst sequence in the whole film if not for the conclusion, which we will cover further down this text. Also, this movie is a horror movie, but the “scares” are exaggerated by the actors. When the characters aren’t talking to one another, the screenplay reminds you that it’s attempting to be a horror film by using jump “scares” with no context or buildup. A loud noise would occur for no other purpose than to startle us, from the sound of slamming the bathroom door to… locking (?) a bedroom door.

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The nasty door scene at The Gallows Explained

If you happen to be viewing this movie, keep an eye out for a bedroom scene with an inexplicable jump “scare” involving the door. The sound effect is more like someone locking the door than a pounding or slamming. However, a character gets surprised, inquires as to who is there, and the door is then opened routinely by a second person. All of my questions remain unanswered.

The Gallows Act 2 is a movie littered with ineptly shot, nonsensical scenes like the one I just described. More than half of the loud noises are fake scares, and when the real frightening moments arrive, they are dragged out for much too long and with no sense of time; it’s almost as if the scenario is continuously in slow motion. Lighting, movement, and frame are all kept to a bare minimum here. Every photo is just not taken with enough attention. Nothing actually progresses to anything. Nothing appeals to our most basic fears.

The Gallows Act 2 Ending Explained

The Gallows Act 2 Ending Explained

The Gallows Act 2 Conclusion is worse than the movie

This horror movie ends with the last twist that serves as the final nail in the coffin. This twist, like the worst horror movie twists, makes no logic, but it goes far beyond that. The surprise in The Gallows Act 2 profoundly disrupts its own internal logic and genre choice. The film’s identity problem of wanting to be a terrible supernatural horror or a lousy thriller is revealed in its closing minutes. It’s the sort of twist that goes back on its own narrative, voiding not only everything that came before it but also serving as a justification and explanation for earlier sequences that were illogical and unworkable. All of this takes place in the last 60 seconds. It’s the most vexing sort of ending, the kind that causes my spirit to leave my body, think, and understand how I just squandered four bucks and 100 minutes of my life.

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