The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Nora Spoilers, Chris Klein As Cicada Reveal

No longer is Central City at peace, it a war zone in the trailer. The Flash premiered on Tuesday night, October 9 in the United States. Flash Season 5 Episode 1 will knit the plot for a mess in Central City. This Season is officially going to be a comeback for The Flash. It promises us new villains, new plot details and it picks up right where Season 4 left off. All characters are a return to form.

The Flash Season 5 Episode 1 Review

The first episode is titled as “Nora.” It detailed on Barry and Iris West-Allen’s daughter from the future. She appears on their door unexpectedly. Barry and Iris have to figure out a way to send her back to the Future; their interaction is awkward in the beginning because let’s keep in mind that this is a female that Barry and Iris haven’t even conceived yet. She is a speedster herself, and she knows a lot about the world of sub-humans, she claims to have studied it all. We see her introduce herself to drunk Flash team and then slowly there’s a bond that’s developing between father and daughter. Nora worships her father; she’s seen struggling to somehow match up to her father her whole life.

Coming back to the Villains and The Central City, Gridlock. This time they have used Gridlock to set plot for Season 5’s main Villain- Cicada. Meta-villain Cicada disrupts Central City and Flash’s life. Sending Nora back and keeping Cicada at bay are the twin challenges that The Flash will face in Season 5.

Fans of the show The Flash, makers have the first Ally revealed the first look of Season 5 Villain, Cicada. We heard numerous reports of Chris Klein being roped in for the part of Cicada. He’s been cast as David Hersch for Season 5 of The Flash. Klein’s inclusion was teased by some people, including The Flash panel at San Diego Comic-Con. A trailer was shortly released after Comic-Con that teased the inclusion of Klein as a Villain.

And now we have a final confirmation in the form of photos of Season 5, Episode 2 that came out earlier this week. CW released these photos from the episode that’s titled as “Blocked” and Cicada has been described as the first semi-immortal metahuman. Cicada possesses the powers to harm other metahumans. Not only that, Cicada is going to be a whiny character on DC’s The Flash who will blame other superhumans for his sufferings.

cicada Reveal

Given how show makers have provided Cicada the ability to disable other meta-humans, his look has seen a sea change. One might be taken by surprise with how Cicada looks in the photos vs. how he’s been described in the series. In the comic books, he’s an old white-bearded man who dons a bald look. In the show, he appears to be nothing like that.

The Flash Season 5: Cast
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora
Grant Gustin as The Flash
Candice Patton as Iris West Ellen
Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon
Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow
Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Disney
Tom Cavanagh as Harrison
Chris Klein as Cicada
Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton
Jesse L. Martin as Joe West
Troy James as Peter Merkel/Rag Doll

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