The Expanse Season 7: Is it Cancelled or Renewed?

the expanse season 7 release date
The Expanse (2015-2022)

If you have been following The Expanse since 2015, and are a die-hard fan, then you are well aware of all the ups and downs of the show, and now you might be waiting for the Expanse Season 7 Release Date. Of course, any fan will know that there is a high chance of getting a Season 7 as there are nine books in the series from which the show has been inspired. The novels were written by James S. A. Corey, who released the new book in the series “Leviathan Falls” in 2021.

Hence, there is a little chance of hope from the audience’s side to expect that the series will not get renewed. Fans are also expecting that the series will continue with the recent novels, and complete the whole story. However, recently everyone was a bit confused with the end of Season 6. It ended on a perfectly good note, with no hint for the next season. Hence, it is anticipated to find out when the next season will come.

The Expanse Season 7 Release Date

After the end of Season 6, people were more than excited for the next season. However, on talking about it to the team, and a lot of interviews later, it is confirmed that there will be no The Expanse Season 7. Hence, there is no Expanse Season 7 Release Date. This left the fans broken-hearted, as nobody expected that this would end so soon. However, the show had quite a bumpy ride throughout, and at first, the people thought that perhaps the show got cancelled. This was not the case though.

the expanse season 7 release date
A scene from the series.

The show had first got cancelled when it was in Season 3. However, as the show got cancelled, a lot of people felt disheartened. There was a petition to even bring back the show. There were even celebrities who had supported the campaign, which helped the show to get back. Amazon was the prime reason why the show again got renewed back then. Some of the celebrities were George R. R. Martin, Wil Wheaton, Andreas Mogensen, etc. After Season 4, the show got more popular, and hence the rating increased. However, this time, the show is not cancelled. The team had informed us that they need not think about the show as an end, but something that we should have an open mind towards the possibilities.

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The Expanse Season 7 Plot

Well, as we mentioned before, there will be no Season 7 for The Expanse, unfortunately. However, there are a few things that the fans have uncovered regarding Season 6, that does hint at something that might come afterwards. The best example would be the Laconian subplot. Why were Xan and Cara given so much importance throughout when they had not been completely involved in the whole battle. Also, there is Admiral Duarte who after ditching Marco, does not appear anymore. He had talked about facing the Gods, but why give such a line, when you are going to end the show?

the expanse season 7 release date
A scene from Season 6.

All of this was put forward to the team, and they answered that this decision to end the series in Season 6 was something that Amazon and Alcon Television took together. They were aware that this was going to be the last series. This makes us question what if the team wants to complete the show, just like the fans? Back when Season 4 was cancelled, it was the fans who brought back the show. Therefore, there is a high chance that if the fans again demand, the show might come back.

The Expanse Season 6 Recap

Well now that you know that there will not be any more seasons of Expanse, let us recapitulate what happened in the final season of The Expanse. Season 5 had ended with a cliffhanger where we saw that Marco has something big up his sleeve, and is plotting something. In Season 6, we come to know that Marco wants to take over the Inner Planets and create havoc. Hence, for this Earth, Mars and the Belts who are not a part of the plan with Marco, to go ahead to stop Marco from going through the Ring to the Inner Planets.

the expanse season 7 release date
A scene from Season 6.

Soon enough there is an epic battle that is fought between the two teams. In that battle, we lost some of our favourite characters, and also so the rise of some of the side characters. Overall, the battle was a tough one, with Marco at first succeeding very near to the Rings. However, just in time, Naomi in Rocinante gets an idea. She remembers that the Rings are quite dangerous and when certain conditions are not met, they might destroy the ships that are passing through it or are near it. Hence, they decided to activate the Ring, so that Marco could be destroyed from there.

They were successful in stopping Marco from going to the Inner Planets, and even Marco’s support from Duarte is revoked at the last second. As the Ring destroys the ship, Naomi in much pain had already made her sacrifice.

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The Expanse Season 6 Ending

What follows next is that Earth, Mars and Belts come together to become an ally, cause they have faced their first threat. Just like real-life world politics, you need an alliance in space too to protect planets from getting exploited, or it’s easier to prepare for war. However, as the Trade Union was founded, it was getting difficult to choose a President for it. This seems to be the next problem, as Earth and Mars do not want the Belts to be the President as the Inner Planets will be furious about it. In the end, all of them decided to make Holden the President as he was loved by all and was not biased.

the expanse season 7 release date
A scene from the finale of Season 6.

However, in an array of shocking events, Holden, in his first seminar, had resigned as President and given Drummer (from Belts) the Presidentship. This made Avasarala extremely furious about the whole thing. However, she soon realised that to prevent other Marcos from arising, a Belter needed to be given the appropriate representation, but Earth and Mars also needed to save their face. Hence, Holden decided to take the whole responsibility on his shoulder and gave everyone their due credit.

In the very end, we find Naomi and holden excitedly talking about all the new changes that are going to be done in Rocinante and the other ships. Both of them seem to be quite happy and that’s where the series ends. We also come to know that Marco and Naomi’s son, Filip has finally understood that his mother was right, and escape from his father’s ship.

So there is going to be a Season 7?

Well, just as the team had said, we are not to be disappointed that the show had ended. There could be a lot of possibilities. A show with such great potential, and where the novel series is still going on, there is a little chance that the show will be left like that. There is a high chance that if the fans again demand the return of the show, or Amazon decides to help the production of the show more, there could be another season of the Expanse. Another thing that could happen is that they might be moving towards a movie. This is something that is just rumours at this stage. There is no solid evidence as to there will be a movie from now.

the expanse season 7 release date
A scene from Season 6.

However, if there is a movie, it won’t be surprising. Most of the successful galaxy theme shows, do have some movie or the other. Hence, it will be extremely cool to have The Expanse movie, and perhaps it will be able to incorporate all the leftover novels into the screenplay. This would be quite an exciting venture for both the productions and the audience. Yet, it is best not to daydream much about it, as we have a very little clue if there will be a movie or not.

For now, all you can do is to create some pressure over Amazon, to let the show have another reason, or make a petition for the productions to turn the show into a movie. The team does love ideas from their fans and always enjoys it when the fans support the show with everything they have.

You can watch the series, here